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Carlsen – Karjakin : Game over

This is my last twitter summary of the Chess World Championship 2016. I compiled no less than 22 (!) Twitter reports. Enough is enough! 

Let’s start with two tweets by former world champion Vishy Anand.

@vishy64theking: “Congrats to Magnus Carlsen . Sometimes hanging in long enough is more important than playing best moves.” 

But Vishy did not forget the challenger: “Sergey Karyakin played a great match. Was extremely close & nearly there. Congrats on a great fight”.

Vishy knows what he is talking about . Personally, this match in New York reminded me of Vishy’s match against Boris Gelfand in 2012, because there are some striking similarities: the draws, the boring games, the angry reactions from the chessworld and the exciting tiebreak.  An out-of-form champion had to fight until the very end against a well prepared and motivated challenger in a tiebreaker to keep his title. In the end pure class prevailed. Just like in 2016. 


Gelfand and Anand in Moscow 2012. Picture taken from my blog Mate in Moscow

Another similarity: @olimpiuurcan:” It’s easy to forget that Carlsen was down in this match and written off by some. In many ways, it is a pretty remarkable comeback story.”

We saw the same scheme in 2012, when Vishy lost game 7, but he was able to hit back immediately in game 8. And who does remember the 22 moves in game 12, when Anand played white? Just saying. 

@ddtru: “Karjakin is like Bronstein, Gelfand or Leko. They didn’t win, but they proved it was possible to fight the World Champion”

Another former world champion has something to say as well: @Kasparov63: “Congratulations to Magnus! His lack of preparation angered the goddess Caissa, but not enough to drive her into the drab Karjakin’s arms.

I guess, Kasparov had his 2000 match against Kramnik in mind, in which he was completely outprepared and did not win a single game. I do not understand this tweet, and I am not alone: 

@glarange72: “Only the great GK could manage such a backhanded compliment… “

@isavulpes: “No idea where Garry is coming from with that statement, Magnus won the opening battle in almost every game”.

I think @nicholasiking has a spot-on response: “Didn’t Carlsen consistently get an advantage out of the opening? Seemed like technique failed him more than preparation”.

And I repeat this tweet by @Eljanov: “Sergey is fighting like a lion-huge respect towards him. But the question is still open: for what they spent one million for preparation?”


More tweets after the match: @chessninja: “Russia Today reporting that Sergey Karjakin has finished second in a major international chess event.” @ddtru: “There is another version of this joke: “Carlsen only finished next to last place, while Karjakin got silver”.

A bit harsh, but still funny. Others are happy that the match is over: @srikanth_govind: “Relieved……that the match is over!! The likes of Alekhine, Tal, Fischer will squirm in their coffin!”

Did you find the match exciting, Hikaru Nakamura? @gmhikaru:“First WCH since I became a serious player in which I literally did not follow a game live for more than 5 minutes at any given time.”


@swedishjun knows why:  “Normal reaction from a guy who has been humiliated in blitz a month ago by Magnus”.

@GMwannabee007: “Stop kidding yourself – we all know you’re secretly Magnus Carlsen ‘s biggest fanboy”.

We should not forget one important match detail: @GMAlexColovic“Moral of Carlsen-Karjakin. Always wear white NBA socks for the tie-breaks!” @haraldbb: “White socks with dark suit. Very Letterman. When in Manhattan, do the Broadway”.


@nbaontnt:When you’re the World Chess Champion, but ball is life..”

@mashamener:World champion in white socks: The Magnus “.

@vanadis_u9“Mr Sergey Karyakin had the best preparations for the worldchess 2016 bringing enough socks to last until day 13.”

Many Norwegians are just happy that they get some sleep again: @TarjeiJS:”One fifth of Norway’s population (764.000) followed every single minute of the Carlsen-Karjakin tiebreaks, NRK reports. Wow!”

Ellen Carlsen, @ellenoec: “Tror jeg snakker på vegne av hele familien når jeg nå er utrolig glad for seier og lettet over at nesten 3 uker med søvnløse netter er over!”

Another wow goes out to the brilliant Peter Heine Nielsen:  @itherocky: “@PHChess has been the Part of the World Champion’s Team for the Last 10 years! With @vishy64theking and @MagnusCarlsen” . PH tweeted: @phchess: !“Thanks a lot! Mexico City 2007, Bonn 2008,Sofia 2010,Moscow 2012,Sochi 2014 and now New York 2016 ? Great memories indeed!”

One last tweet to end the coverage of the match: @JimCorrigan“Inspired by #CarlsenKarjakin, I am going to keep playing chess against random bozos on the Internet. And probably losing.”

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Tie break – Games 3 & 4

Take a deeeeep breath, people and reread the tweets of game 1 & 2 here, in case you missed it.

After the dramatic second game in the tie-break, the players and the fans on Twitter got ready for game 3! Are you ready, @anishgiri? “Hit me baby one more time…”

@nsrinath69: “Karjakin is like Rocky Balboa. Carlsen: ‘punch punch until he knocks over’ Karjakin:Take the hits, keep moving forward”.

@GMAlexColovic tweets what probably many chess fans and amateur psychologists think: “With Carlsen knowing that he spoilt it big time, I wonder whether he’ll be able to control his nerves now”.

But according to this tweet,Magnus remained calm…

@GMjtis: “Someone told NRK Magnus wasn’t upset in break after TB2. If true, one of most impressive & surprising things I’ve heard.”

@pookita:He understands there are more games. You cannot spend all of your emotional energy/adrenaline on one game. Smart.”

He just had no time to be upset, Magnus is in arcade mode.

@tinpotgamer:We’ve had three weeks of simulation chess. Tonight we have the arcade version ??” 

An arcade version, in which Sergey did not feel good: @chessidharta:Again some suffering for Karjakin is approaching , mammamia , this is a non stop drama movie, we just don´t know the end!”

Oh, did the game start already? Wake up, @akshchandra! Wow, Game 3 has already started. Think the players deserved a longer break than 10 minutes after that one!”shutterstock_277383077



@FabianoCaruana:Nxf6 and Bxf6 has left Rustam in a state of absolute shock. We’re calling 911″.


@Jonathan_Rowson: “This game showed why Magnus is the stronger player. A broader range of ideas, more versatile, more dogged and aggressive.”

@danielrensch: “Now that was epic. The game many have been waiting for Magnus Carlsen to have. Crushing victory with Black.”

@gajuchess: “Ironically Karjakin’s 39.Rxc7?? was his second move beyond the 5th rank. You can’t win the title playing like this”.

Game 4

And we go to tweets of game 4! Are we ready? @liccorporan:From my smartphone on a bus in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Watching this game. Waooo…”

@eli_1985_mor: “Kudos Champ! Impressed by world champion’s fighting spirit! And finally a Sicilian”. 


@dusanchess: “Big applause in front of the playing hall as approval to 1…c5 in G4!”

GM Yan Nepomniachtchi, @lachesisq:” A very strong performance from Carlsen in game 3, he took the initiative and played brilliantly. Now Sergey should rely on Najdorf!”

@chessninja: “That they all play the Sicilian in must-win games with black illustrates the general level of cowardice in the rest of their games.”

@joshfriedel: “I’m guessing this is one of Carlsen’s pre-match burn lines”.

An interesting question by GM Pavel Eljanov, @eljanov: “Sergey is fighting like a lion-huge respect towards him. But the question is still open: for what they spent one million for preparation?”


@USChess: “One of the most impressive feat of this match: Karjakin and his super team failed to get a single opening advantage. “

Perhaps the superteam focussed too much on defence?  Back to the game!  

@terendle:“Now Karjakin has to channel his inner Carlsen: keep the tension, keep up the pressure and play quickly!”

@Jonathan_Rowson:Sergey’s only hope now is that Magnus gets distracted by an ear worm. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you..Happy”


@dusanchess: “Magnus Carlsen playing safe and solid in G4! Like: “Beat me or we go and celebrate my birthday!”

@jakedarmanin: “There is a greater chance of a dinosaur storm than a Karjakin win.”

@echaguen:Brilliant Carlsen’s last move to win the tiebreak 3-1 and keep his title. Congratulations!”


@eljanovWhole match wasn’t so attractive from point of view of chess content but Qh6!! surely the best last move in history WCC!”

@elgransenor1:Qh6!!! Will keep Ray Keenes column going for years to come”.

@EuropeEchecs: “Good News for Chess: Defending is not enough to get a World Chess Championship Title and Magnus Carlsen retains his crown!”

@Terendle:Very impressive mini-match from Magnus – never in any danger of losing a game”. @dgriffinchess: “It’s over. A worthy champion, and a worthy challenger.”

And one last tweet: @Jonathan_Rowson: “I’m so glad I won’t be tweeting about chess for a while! Apologies to non-chess followers for the last couple of weeks”.