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The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 11

Last day of the Olympiad, last chance to get rid of potential excess baggage before flying home: @ChessNinja:” I’ve got a few Kasparov shirts, bags, & books left if anyone in Tromso still needs some parting swag. Losing Sale! Everything Must Go!”

Last round in Tromsø. Time flies when you are having fun. It is in the nature of things that events like the Chess Olympiad come to an end. Today, an impressive career came to an end.  In yesterday’s edition of your favourite Twitter blog several tweets popped up claiming that Judit Polgar would retire. However,  there was no confirmation of this news by  the “retiring queen” herself. Today however, Judit confirmed her retirement in a tweet: 


@GMJuditPolgar: “It’s been an amazing 25 years! Huge thanks everyone, especially my wonderful family for supporting this long journey!”

@PattyLlaneza: “I hope Hou Yifan retires from women’s chess to make up for Judit Polgar’s retirement from competitive chess.”

@Kasparov63: “Welcome to the retiree club, I am afraid it’s a lot more work than playing chess. Soon you’ll want to play again to rest!”


A somewhat mysterious tweet popped up late last night by @bbalgabaev: “93-58 for Batumi”. What does that mean, Gunnar Bjornsson? @skaksambamd: “Chess Olympiad 2018 will be in Batumi, Georgia”. 

Olympiad photographer David Llada, who cannot be praised enough for the beautiful chess players portraits he made during the event, was not very happy with the result: @lladini: “South Africa sounded a much more tempting option, definitely.” Well, maybe his pals Tarjei and Lennart could cheer him up later: @lladini: “ I was going to stay in for a change, but Tarjei and Lennart are texting me from the bar around the corner. So difficult to say no!” Any news about the Olympiad 2020? “Chinese delegate said that they are going to prepare a bid for a Chess Olympiad 2020″, tweeted @bbalgabaev.

I certainly do not want to continue the “bad chess news day” like yesterday but again, I found some depressing tweets:

@chess24.com: “Hearing that some federations at the Olympiad have refused to pay their players the daily allowance given by the organisers…” followed by this tweet: “Uganda and Seychelles mentioned, with Ugandan players apparently in tears – also Burundi, though they had issues with disappearing players”.

Last round

The top rated games in this last round, calculated by @Megalovic: “R11 high combined Elo Mamedyarov-Nakamura 5530 Kramnik-MVL 5528 Aronian-Navara 5521 Bacrot-Grischuk 5515 Dominguez-Adams 5500″.

Last rounds in an Olympiad are always nerve-wracking affairs. It is not only about the fight for the medals in the team events, but many individual players have to chance to win individual medals and have the perhaps once-in-a-lifetime-chance to score IM or GM results. Add the starting time of 11:00 AM, which is three hours earlier than previous rounds, checking out of the hotels, packing suitcases, do last-minute souvenir shopping and 1000 other things that need to be arranged, and you get a tense atmosphere in which anything can happen.

Gold for China! 

However, on the top boards, the Russian women and the Chinese men had no trouble to clinch home the gold medal. Lets have a look at the winners of the open section first:

@EuropeEchecs: “1st China 2nd Hungary 3rd India, it’s official”  


 @SuneBergHansen:” Impressive performance by China, Big congratulations for a fantastic performance – only one individual loss in 44 games”.

@Ginger-GM: “Congratulations China! Brilliant result, also netted me a sweet £400 smackaroonies :)))”

@OlimpiuUrcan:” On a large board, just below a Carlsen photo marked with an “X,” Chinese strategists tick off a new milestone: winning the Men’s Olympia”.


@2700chess: “Young Chinese Team (20 y.o. Yu Yangyi 2699.8; 21 y.o. Ding Liren 2753.9, etc) wins the World Chess Olympiad 2014!”

@DanielRensch: “Really happy for China for winning them.  They (as a nation) are really doing great things for chess.”

Gold for Russia!

Here are a few tweets about the impressive performance of the Russian women:

@EuropeEchecs: “Tournoi féminin: 1er Russie 2e Chine 3e Ukraine”


@pogonina: “Guess I will be getting a telegram soon! 🙂 “Putin congratulates Russian women’s team with 2014 Chess Olympiad gold”.


“Natalia Pogonina, Alexandra Kosteniu, Sergei Rublevsky, Valya Gunina, Olga Girya, Kateryna Lagno” (picture via @ChessNews).

@SergeyKarjakin: “3 gold medals in Olympiads in a row! Great result of our women team!”

Great team results for China and Russia, but what about the best score on board one? @MarkTWIC: “The prestigious gold medal for top board performance goes to Veselin Topalov. Silver to Adams and Bronze to Giri”. 

I guess that some players will be happy that the Olympiad is over:

@GMHikaru: “Tragic blunder on move 40 to lose a drawn ending….oh well.”

His USA teammate, Sam Shankland had a slightly better result: @GMShanky“The best result of my life was finished with the only real disappointment of the event. 9.0/10, personal gold medal, 2646, but no World Team”.

@GMGawain:Sorry team mates and England fans. Somehow the chess didn’t gel at all this time. At least I know there’s still lots to work on.”

@hansenchess: “Saved my worst chess for the final four games of the Olympiad. pity…..” @GMGawain:”I hear you. At least it’s over”

@gueorgss :“After a promising start,a total collapse (with the exception of Topalov) of the Bulgarian male chess-team in the last rounds”

@2700chess:The biggest rating losers among top players are Kamsky (-24.7), Peter Svidler (-18.8), and Nigel Short (-18.8).”

Of course, there were some upbeat tweets as well:

@GMRobinVK: “The last supper withTeam Holland. Great team, great event, but my play still to be improved! “teamholland

@AnishGiri:Only 12th place for us, but a clear first when it comes to the tea(m)spirit!! Bronze on board 1 for me is pleasant though!”

More to come…..

An neverending number of tweets from India suddenly popped up on my Tweetdeck after it became clear that India miraculously won the bronze medal in the open section. Not only in my timeline, obviously…

@GMJtis:“I am now realizing how many Indian tweeters I follow after the Carlsen-Anand match – timeline full of celebration.”

In the next episode of “The Olympiad in Tweets” I will select more tweets about India, individual performances, the closing ceremony and the usual left-overs.

I have to end this episode today with some sad tweets:

@FabianoCaruana: “If what I’ve heard is correct, someone died during the round today.Puts the chess results in perspective. Condolences to the team and family”. 

@GMHikaru: “Really sad to hear that one of the players from Seychelles apparently died during the last round of the Olympiad today.”

 @ChessVibes: “Closing ceremony started with a minute of silence as it was confirmed that the player of the Seychelles died. Terribly sad.”

The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 8

Chess fans worldwide have witnessed a very eventful and entertaining Round 7 on Saturday. Both top seeded teams and both world champions lost on the same day! Lots of great games to play through, right Mark? @MarkTWIC: “It’s 3am, time for bed. Goodnight all”.

An hour later,  in Tromsø … @chessninja: “So, woke up at 4am instead of 5am today. Not an improvement”. 


Why did you get up so early, Mig? @chessnotes has the answer: “Up & at ’em! There’s an election to win tomorrow. Last full day to make it happen. C-H-A-R-G-E!”

Ah, that is why Mark Crowther went to sleep that late. He had a late night endless chitchat about the FIDE Elections with Georg Mastrokoukos. Must have been a pretty constructive conversation right? @MarkTwic: “Waste of time arguing with GMastrokoukos. Great saying in movie “True Grit” – “You’ve done nothing when you’ve bested a fool.”

Of course, you can discuss for hours on end about this tweet by @Gmastrokoukos: “Kirsan took over a bankrupt FIDE in ’95 with Olympiads and WCC cycle in trouble. Today FIDE $$ healthy, OLs and united WCC cycle.”

@MarkTWIC: “That was part of the problem. The officials responsible for the bankruptcy didn’t go.”

@TarjeiJS added some fuel to the quarrel by tweeting: “It seems very clear that if Kasparov wins FIDE election, Carlsen – Anand will not take place in Sochi in November.” @GMastrokoukos: “If Kasparov ever won, many events would collapse, not only this one. Fortunately, such scenarios are only fiction.”

Et cetera, et cetera.

@Kasparov63:Ilyumzhinov knows he’s in trouble or else why try to prevent fair FIDE election process? Fairness & confidentiality must be guaranteed!”

And it did not take long until another tweet from @GMastrokokous was posted: “Final set of excuses appear by Kasparov for his coming massive defeat. 2 days before the elections he asks to change the regulations!” 

Et cetera et cetera.

You may have noticed, that I prefer to concentrate on tweets about the games and the players in this blog. I could post an endless number of tweets about the FIDE Election, but that would just go beyond the scope of this blog. And is just getting silly at times: @chessninja:Young players from 3 LatAm teams told me they’d been ordered by their captains not to take any Kasparov booth stuff, not even books. Classy.”

Talking about silly: @alinihatyazici: Humour in Tromso, Kasparov will offer draw to Fide President in FIDE elections! “No draw! Sofia rules!” is our answer”.

@TarjeiJS has some quotes from an Interview the two candidates had with @madsAAndersen:

Kirsan: “Kasparov is a destroyer”

Kasparov: “Kirsan is scaring away chess players”.



Oh,  and another info from @TarjeiJS:Regarding theFIDE election, I should mention that the organisers are considering to hire extra security on the 11th.”

Et cetera et cetera. Make up your own mind.

Enough politics for now! If you want to read more about chess and politics, have a look at the A Tempo Magazin, or read my piece “The envelope and the orange capin this blog.

Oh yes, they play chess! 

Let’s go concentrate on chess now, shall we? Good games coming up on Sunday! @Megalovic:R8 high combined Elo Leko-Nakamura 5527 Ivanchuk-Topalov 5516 Shirov-Caruana 5510 MVL-Wojtaszek 5503 Predojevic-Carlsen 5481″.

A particular match we should follow @EinarGausel? “China rating favorites on 3 out of 4 boards vs Azerbaijan in the open section today. Should be a good one.” But do they play in their best line-up?@GMjtis: “Today I am wondering about China’s missing men – does anyone know why Wang Hao and Bu Xiangxi are not in”.

Another game to look forward to: @Majnu2006: “Looking forward to watch the game Shirov vs Caruana. Will the board be on fire?” 

Ok let us have a look at the game. What do you think @TarjeiJS? Couldn’t believe the position after 12 moves on board 1 of Italy-Latvia. 


@MarkTWIC: “What’s the opposite of “Fire on Board”?”

@BasdeMelker spotted some real fire in the Match NED-BRA “Wow! Erwin L’Ami eventually sacrificed an entire rook for 4 ambitious pawns on the q-side!”

@ChessClassic: “Can the Dutch beat Brazil 3-0 again? (Update: NED-BRA ended 3,5-0,5)

Let us have a look at world champion Magnus Carlsen. Has he recovered from his loss against Naiditsch yesterday? He is playing against a 2600+ GM. @Jonathan_Rowson: “You see one side is rated 2604 & think: not bad! But then you notice his opponent is *273* points higher.”

@PoisonedPwnPress: “Carlsen has conjured an advantage in the endgame, and his opponent is short on time”.

I think have read that tweet somewhere before.

Another exciting match @nvmea“Russia – Spain is going crazy guys”. @PattyLlaneza: “Amusing how many Spanish fans are changing their tweets from “how could he miss that?” of some days ago to “go go go!!!” today :-)”. @PoisondPwnPress:” Kramnik played very aggressively against Vallejo, and his attacked fizzled. Dead lost down 3(!) pawns”. 

@Jonathan_Rowson: “Respect to Paco, but sad to see Kramnik so comprehensively outplayed. He hasn’t recovered since candidates tiebreak.” Malcom Pein, tweeting under the handle @telegraphchess: “Kramnik thumped by Vallejo,  Russia obviously cursed after taking organisers to court”

And now for something completely different:


@Andika_Rudy: “What do GMs eat during games? Banana! Indeed, gedhang! Minions everywhere”.

Again, hardly any tweets about the women’s section today. Let’s send @TarjeiJS over to have a look: “And the Russian women goes marching on. Already secured a 2,5-0,5 lead over Hungary, although they are in trouble on board 3”.

We have seen a lot of turnarounds in this Olympiad, and today @telegraphchess found another one: “Amazing turnaround in Guseinov-Ni Hua China set to win the match and open up the tournament !” 

Agreed. From +1.65 to -92.52 (according to the engines on the official website) in 10 moves is a convincing turnaround.

@PoisonedPwnPress: “And just like that, China-Azerbaijan turned into a route. Chinese look unstoppable and take sole lead.”

One USA player seems to be unstoppable this Olympiad and his name is not Hikaru: @playchesscom: “Shanklastic! Shankland 7/7 USA a team of extremes…”@gmjlh: “I have some catching up to do! @GMShanky at 7/7!” @Chessnotes: “R8: Sam Shamkland turning in one of the greatest performances in USA team history (7/7), congrats!”

But not only a young player like Shankland scores heavily inTromsø: we have an oldie but goodie playing for England on board one: @top40chess: “Today at the Chess Olympiad, Michael Adams pulled further ahead in the race for board 1 gold. He’s climbed from world #21 to world #14 so far!” @johnchess: “England lost to Serbia but Mickey Adams won again to maintain his place as best performer on board one”.

Meanwhile, on the lower boards….@thims1985: OFFICIAL: Surinam 3.5-0.5 Nigeria (female) Unacceptable!! And a remarkable tweet from @Tromso2014: “PRESS RELEASE: Five players and two officials from Burundi have vanished from the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø”. 


@PoisonedPwnPress: “Going into the last 3 rounds, teams with 12 points have realistic chances to medal, based on the previous 3 Olympiads.”  @TarjeiJS: “With the 2-2 tie against Spain, we can already conclude that Russia will NOT win the Chess Olympiad”.

Spain-RUS 2-2? What does Paco Vallejo have to say?

@Chessidharta: “Un match fantástico hoy contra Rusia 2 a 2 en Tromso! Y una victoria increíble con negras contra Kramnik .” Muy feliz.

Tomorrow is round 9 with a nice match: @gmjlh: “Norges andrelag mot Russland! @TarjeiJS: “When Russia is facing Norway 2 in the 9th round, it’s a clear sign that things are not quite according to the plan.” Anything else? @Fantasy_Chess: “…and don’t forget the other big match up in Tromso tomorrow! Kirsan vs. Kasparov”. 

@chessnotes: “Tomorrow is the day & the fate of FIDE’s future is in the hands of the member nation’s delegates. Vote wisely!”

One final tweet for today: @Fact:“Twitter causes insomnia, it has become the most common sleep distraction in the world.”


Your blogger wishes you a good night!