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Tie break – Games 1 & 2

Start the day easy, start the day with a tweet: @benaoufa:”It’s playoff day at the world chess championship 2016. It all ends today. Should be a lot of fun.”

We will see. Normally you have fun on your birthday, right?  @lisychess: “Felicidades a Magnus Carlsen en su cumpleaños 26. ? La pregunta del día, será capaz de retener el título en este…  “

@olimpiuurcan has news for us:“Fun fact: Carlsen and Winston Churchill were both born on November 30. Karjakin and Hermann Göring were both born on January 12.”

@anishgiri: “Happy Birthday Magnus Carlsen. Today is the day to do big things!”



@dgriffinchess: “Gary Lineker Did you know you share birthday with World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, who is in playoff for the title in New York tonight?”


And we have a tweet from sister Ellen Carlsen: ellenoec: “Da braker det snart løs med siste dag i årets VM! I dag bør du ikke lure på hva du skal bruke kvelden til..”

Ready for the playoff, or tiebreak, or shootout? Whatever you name it, GM Daniel Gormally is not happy: @elgransenor1: “This world chess championship playoff is messing with my planned Masterchef followed by Westworld viewing schedule”.

What to expect today? Ask @ollie: “What to expect in this afternoon’s Carlsen Karjakin world chess championship tiebreaker”.


@nigelshortchess is in AC/DC mode: “Sergey: it’s a long way to the top. Magnus: highway to hell. If you want blood, you’ve got it. Tie break time”.

…… and Nigel added: “Smoked salmon, white wine and loads of blunders ahead. A perfect evening :)”

@farmergedon: “Red wine here. Plus full engagement of the “Patzer Outraged-Hindsight” ™ function on my chess engine.”

@chessnotes: “Tiebreaks this afternoon; so we’ll have the World Rapid Championship a little earlier than expected this year..”

@AMartinChess: “We face the prospect of the World Championship match being decided by one small mistake in a tough ending, prompted by shortage of time.”

Wise words, did Andrew know what happened in G2? 

@robertris: “Never been that nervous for a chess game! Something wrong with me? 😉 Can’t wait!”

Why wait, let’s go! Game 1

Who plays the first move today? @zachyng:Peter Thiel plays the first move for Sergey Karjakin at the worldchess championship tiebreak round.” 


@USChess: “Space advantage, almost 10 min time advantage & a potential d5 break coming. Black is much more comfortable already”.

@unudurti: “A complex, strategic struggle is unfolding…and will be decided by blundering a piece in about 20 minutes”.

Oh,  and we have some fashion news from @GMAlexColovic: “Magnus wearing white socks and black trousers. Luckily his playing style is much more harmonious.”

@elgransenor1: “Karjakin playing incredibly wimpy chess with all these non-avoidance moves. Does this guy really deserve to be champion”.

Well, the Russians think so and support their Putin pawn, according to this tweet and picture by @imishkuta: “Red Square right now!”


Yes people, they use Photoshop in Russia , too! Nice try, though. 

@olimpiuurcan: “It’s amusing how many are still falling for that Red Square fake image. As it goes these days, we’ll probably see it in a newspaper too.”

@Cazhansen: “OK, draw in game 1, but with the initiative on Carlsen’s side, and now he is White”.

@ChessbaseIndia: “The first rapid game actually lasted longer than the last classical game.”

One down, three to go: Game 2.

Any wishes, after all Christmas is around the corner! @nigelshortchess: “Give us a ridiculous, unsound, perplexing, bewildering Tal-sacrifice please”.

@dzenandautovic: “First game with non Mediterranean-base country opening, will be the crucial one.”

Well, perhaps Magnus likes Italian on his birthday, why not? 

@forwardchess: “Spanish to Italian 🙂 But Sergey has the same time disadvantage slowly creeping up”.




@srikanth_govind: “Greco would be amused to know that people find it ‘more’ interesting to play “Italian” even after 400 yrs….!!”




The players are nervous, so are the viewers: @cengelbrecht: “Karjakin is making me very nervous with his long think times. Magnus is in top form! Seriously good move choices”.

@Robertris: “Magnus putting immense pressure on Karjakin by sac the pawn and play instantly after that! We are going to see blood!”

@GMJtis: “Mags taking the sharpest option. Lots of pressure and a couple of minutes for a pawn.”

@nazipaiki: “This is… ahhhh so exciting!!! Magnus Carlsen close to winning his 1st rapid game! What a match”.

@havanavo: “Perhaps Karjakin would find the best defense here in a classical game. But in time pressure? Don’t see it happen”

Me neither, Hans, what do you think @jakedarmanin: “Black has the kind of position a sadist would long for. “

However, GM Paco Vallejo is not so sure about the outcome and tweeted: @chessidharta “What are we ready to do if Mr Karjak can hold this position?”

@Jonathan_Rowson: “2BvR & 3v3 is probably ‘winning’ in principle, but very hard to prove in practice. Reminded of famous Polugaevsky game.”

@fabianocaruana:”If Magnus wins it’s hard to imagine Karjakin saving the match,so he needs to fight till the bitter end to try and hold this”. @britt_dj: “Proclaiming Karjakin’s doom is premature, no matter how strong a player you are.”

And Magnus was winning,…..@TarjeiJS: “Computer announcing Carlsen with mate in 51 after the 61st move.”


@ollie: Game 2, which was Carlsen’s to win with mate in 51 (lol), is a draw. Holy shit.

Wise words, nuff said! 

@GMAlexColovic: “Amazing… Now Karjakin is 90% World Champion…”d-fence-defense-sign

One last tweet after game 2: @anishgiri: “If you ask me Karjakin has just become World Chess Defense Champion”.