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Tie break – Games 3 & 4

Take a deeeeep breath, people and reread the tweets of game 1 & 2 here, in case you missed it.

After the dramatic second game in the tie-break, the players and the fans on Twitter got ready for game 3! Are you ready, @anishgiri? “Hit me baby one more time…”

@nsrinath69: “Karjakin is like Rocky Balboa. Carlsen: ‘punch punch until he knocks over’ Karjakin:Take the hits, keep moving forward”.

@GMAlexColovic tweets what probably many chess fans and amateur psychologists think: “With Carlsen knowing that he spoilt it big time, I wonder whether he’ll be able to control his nerves now”.

But according to this tweet,Magnus remained calm…

@GMjtis: “Someone told NRK Magnus wasn’t upset in break after TB2. If true, one of most impressive & surprising things I’ve heard.”

@pookita:He understands there are more games. You cannot spend all of your emotional energy/adrenaline on one game. Smart.”

He just had no time to be upset, Magnus is in arcade mode.

@tinpotgamer:We’ve had three weeks of simulation chess. Tonight we have the arcade version ??” 

An arcade version, in which Sergey did not feel good: @chessidharta:Again some suffering for Karjakin is approaching , mammamia , this is a non stop drama movie, we just don´t know the end!”

Oh, did the game start already? Wake up, @akshchandra! Wow, Game 3 has already started. Think the players deserved a longer break than 10 minutes after that one!”shutterstock_277383077



@FabianoCaruana:Nxf6 and Bxf6 has left Rustam in a state of absolute shock. We’re calling 911″.


@Jonathan_Rowson: “This game showed why Magnus is the stronger player. A broader range of ideas, more versatile, more dogged and aggressive.”

@danielrensch: “Now that was epic. The game many have been waiting for Magnus Carlsen to have. Crushing victory with Black.”

@gajuchess: “Ironically Karjakin’s 39.Rxc7?? was his second move beyond the 5th rank. You can’t win the title playing like this”.

Game 4

And we go to tweets of game 4! Are we ready? @liccorporan:From my smartphone on a bus in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Watching this game. Waooo…”

@eli_1985_mor: “Kudos Champ! Impressed by world champion’s fighting spirit! And finally a Sicilian”. 


@dusanchess: “Big applause in front of the playing hall as approval to 1…c5 in G4!”

GM Yan Nepomniachtchi, @lachesisq:” A very strong performance from Carlsen in game 3, he took the initiative and played brilliantly. Now Sergey should rely on Najdorf!”

@chessninja: “That they all play the Sicilian in must-win games with black illustrates the general level of cowardice in the rest of their games.”

@joshfriedel: “I’m guessing this is one of Carlsen’s pre-match burn lines”.

An interesting question by GM Pavel Eljanov, @eljanov: “Sergey is fighting like a lion-huge respect towards him. But the question is still open: for what they spent one million for preparation?”


@USChess: “One of the most impressive feat of this match: Karjakin and his super team failed to get a single opening advantage. “

Perhaps the superteam focussed too much on defence?  Back to the game!  

@terendle:“Now Karjakin has to channel his inner Carlsen: keep the tension, keep up the pressure and play quickly!”

@Jonathan_Rowson:Sergey’s only hope now is that Magnus gets distracted by an ear worm. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you..Happy”


@dusanchess: “Magnus Carlsen playing safe and solid in G4! Like: “Beat me or we go and celebrate my birthday!”

@jakedarmanin: “There is a greater chance of a dinosaur storm than a Karjakin win.”

@echaguen:Brilliant Carlsen’s last move to win the tiebreak 3-1 and keep his title. Congratulations!”


@eljanovWhole match wasn’t so attractive from point of view of chess content but Qh6!! surely the best last move in history WCC!”

@elgransenor1:Qh6!!! Will keep Ray Keenes column going for years to come”.

@EuropeEchecs: “Good News for Chess: Defending is not enough to get a World Chess Championship Title and Magnus Carlsen retains his crown!”

@Terendle:Very impressive mini-match from Magnus – never in any danger of losing a game”. @dgriffinchess: “It’s over. A worthy champion, and a worthy challenger.”

And one last tweet: @Jonathan_Rowson: “I’m so glad I won’t be tweeting about chess for a while! Apologies to non-chess followers for the last couple of weeks”.