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The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 10

Phew, quite a busy day yesterday, don’t you think, Jonathan Tisdall?  @GMjts:” I ended a long day of chess and politics yesterday by randomly tuning into the Borgias, coincidentally, an episode about a papal election…”

@MarkTwic: “How’s everyone feeling this morning? Or is it impossible to afford to get drunk in Tromso? I’m half asleep, late TWIC finish.”

Did you sleep well, @PeterDoggers? “Not a good morning to wake up to.” Why? @ChessNinja: “Aww man, Kirsan killed Robin Williams too?”

 Many tweets about the Presidential Elections popped up on Monday and of course today (Tuesday), like this one:

@ChessNinja: “A simple Venn diagram that explains why Kasparov lost the FIDE election.”


Mig has some good news, though: @chessninja:Only upside today is being able to unfollow Kirsan trolls now that tracking the official propaganda is no longer required for campaign.” 


@GMastrokoukos: “Who is a troll, who is objective and who is in touch with reality has been proven (again) in these elections.”

@Kasparov63:Yesterday’s election was a good day for 110 voters and a bad day for 110 million chessplayers. My thanks to all who supported me and chess.”

@ColCrouch: “It’s a bad sign that the losers of an election blame the voters.”

So what to do now? Any suggestions? @chessclublive:” Never has breaking away from FIDE made more sense. Kasparov could head up a rival organisation, boxing has many…”

Back to chess, back to Tromsø

Enough politics for now, let us concentrate on the games and matches in the penultimate round, the last round before the last rest day on Wednesday. I know that it is inflationary to use the words “big match” again, but Russia vs Ukraine is a big match: @GMjtis:” Russian women were shaky yesterday vs. Armenia – Final and most dramatic hurdle – today vs Ukraine, with Lagno facing former teammates.”

What about the open section @EinarGausel? :“Today it’s France vs China for all the marbles in the open section.” @chessninja: “Dammit, USA-Argentina, my two patrias, paired today in the Open Olympiad. May have to split the list, as they say.” @garylanechess tries to predict the England match (again): “England to beat Sweden 3-1, surely I can’t get it wrong again”. 

Interesting statistics by @AsimPereira: “After 9 rounds,  China Germany & Russia( women) are the only undefeated teams! CHN vs FRA, GER vs IND”. More statistics for you by @MegaLovic: “R10 highest combined Elo Saric-Carlsen 5548 Le-Aronian 5515 Topalov-Wojtaszek 5507 Ivanchuk-Mamedyarov 5487 MVL-Wang Yue 5486”.

The question of the day, by @TarjeiJS: “So how many losses will Russia face in Norway today? The Russian Men, Women and lawyers in court can potentially lose!”

Big story for the Norwegians today:


@Tromso2014: “Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, visited the Olympiad today and made the first move on Magnus Carlsen’s  board”.

Her comment in the NRK Studio after she made the opening move was picked up by @TarjeiJS: “It was actually Magnus Carlsen who decided which move to make.” @PattyLlaneza: “Are you sure the Norwegian Prime Minister played just the first move? The rest is all Carlsen’s doing? Seriously?”

It is quite an unusual  opening Magnus choose today, am I right,  @bennedik? “Magnus Carlsen is playing a rare bird of an opening today.” @sellig1947: “Romantic opening but Magnus playing again with fire. He could get burnt this time.”

@Majnu2006: “Magnus Carlsen in trouble against Saric. I have reason to believe that Magnus is human”. @PoisonedPwnPress: “Carlsen using Chess Olympiad as a bizarre training ground? Get a losing position and then practicing his defensive skills by fighting back?”

@chessnotes: “Seems safe to say that Magnus doesn’t play as well in Norway. Too many distractions?” @Outis6 explains:”It’s all those hot Norwegian chicks. You’d have trouble concentrating too.”

@theclosetgm:Honestly, if Saric loses this game (or even draws it), Croatia should just deport him”. 


Text balloon with lyrics by Morrissey. Taken from the Tumblr blog “Chess and Lyrics”. http://chessurfer.tumblr.com/

Meanwhile,  on the other boards:

@sergiofelter: “Anish Giri playing strong. Good tower attack against Kasimdzhanov”.

@EinarGausel: “Bad day at the office for Ivanchuk. Lost in 26 moves with white vs Mamedyarov.” @tamz029:“Sad to see golden oldies perform badly. Another loss for Ivanchuk, Kramnik out of top 10 and Kamsky out of the 2700-club.”

One “oldie” is doing fine , though: @MarkTWIC: “Michael Adams having a tremendous Olympiad. Maybe even secured gold on one if he doesn’t play the final round.” @anBhanna: I hope he rests tomorrow and gets a medal. he should move over 2750 again after today.”

What is happening in the top match China vs France? @PoisonedPwnPress: “Yu Yangi up a pawn, and maybe more, against Fressinet. Could this be the defining game of the Chess Olympiad?” @ejhchess: “While everybody’s watching Carlsen lose, China might just have won the Olympiad”.


@top40chess: “Yu continues his incredible performance at the Chess Olympiad – he is now at 2696.1, up from world #76 to world #49”

Women’s section

Again, it’s all about Magnus on Twitter today. Enough tweets to write an extra edition “Saric vs. Carlsen in 10 tweets” ! Again,  not that many tweets about the women’s section.

@Tromso2014: “Very tense match today between Russia and Ukraine, with Lahno facing her former country.”


@PoisonedPwnPress: “Ukraine has serious chances to beat Russia in the women’s section. 2 games drawn, Ukraine edge on 2 remaining”.

One of those remaining games was a real nail-biter: @nvmea: “Zhukova has been in time trouble since move 15 and she’s done just about well. Remind me who’s she married to”. 

@PoisonedPwnPress: “Girya’s luck in saving lost positions has run out. Ukraine making things interesting, on the verge of beating Russia!!

@FSTIMJP: “I thought some chess experts claimed a few rounds ago that no one can stop Russia any more. How come lost in r10?”

RUS vs UKR is  a politically charged match: @chesscampeona: “I am happy that the Russian & Ukrainian women could sit to play chess in peace and harmony. Hint, Hint, Putin”. 

@pogonina: It’s a game of nerves. Our team lost to Ukraine 1.5-2.5, but Spain tied China 2-2. We are still 1 match point up going into the final round”.

@Eljanov: “I won my game today but we only drew with Azerbaijan. Natasha made my day! Congrats to our girls!”

Let’s go back to the Norway vs Croatia match (open section)…

 @einargausel: “Slugsfest between Lie and Kozul is still a complete mess. The latter has 4 pieces for Q and R. Both kings naked” , and added later:”Lie got lit up like a Christmas tree by Kozul. Norway loses to Croatia.” What about Magnus? @MarkTWIC: “The list of players with a plus score against Carlsen goes up by one!

And to make the score even worse: @TarjeiJS:Hammer loses too. Norway completely demolished by Croatia in what should’ve been a close match: 0,5-3,5″


@tromso2014: “Jon Ludvig Hammer was the last man standing…”

Bad news for the Norwegians, good news for Iceland!

@skaksamband: “The Icelanders are doing excellent things at Tromso2014 and are leading the Nordic Championship after 10 rounds!” Is that ok with you, @EivindSalen?  “I am happy with that, and hope you can prove again the smallest is sometimes the greatest.”

One more round on Thursday … @ChessVibes : “Top pairings last round, Open: Poland-China, Hungary-Ukraine. Women: Ukraine-China & Russia-Bulgaria.”

@Tromso2014: “The Gold, Silver and Bronze medals”.


Will Sam Shankland win a medal? @ChessVibes: “Good chance Sam Shankland, on 8.5/9, will win gold for board 5 since Palestine’s Christian Michel Yunis, who was on 7.0/7, lost today.” What do you think, @DanielRensch?  “Sam. F*ing. Shankland. That’s all I have to say.”

Rest day

Last chance: @PolariaTromso: “Rest day tomorrow. Half price on tickets to Polaria for all accredited in the Chess Olympics.”

And one last tweet for today:”@chessnotes: “Vishy should lobby hard to get 2014 World Championship moved to Norway. Magnus is vulnerable at home.”

Enjoy the rest day!