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The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 3

A Chess Olympiad in Norway?  How sweet!

@bryansanchezUSA: “Sweeeet! The Chess Olympiad started this weekend in Tromso. Go USA! The geek shall inherit the Earth!! Wooooooo!!!”

the geeks shall inherit the earth

@bryansanchezUSA: “Ohhh… Intelligent, classy, well-dressed people + fit, platinum blondes w sexy Euro accents… Its like james Bond but better!”

Ahum. Back to business:  big news today to start off this report.  @Tromso2014:The team from the Maldives have arrived Tromsø and have been paired against Mauritania in round 3.”

There is still one player missing, right? What is his name again?

@MarkTWIC: “Did they bring Nakamura with them?”

Obviously Nakamura has arrived: @ChessVibes: “Bad news for the Dutch? @GMHikaru has arrived in Tromsø and plays @anishgiri on board one today. :-)” @Manju2006: “That is great news. Our trust in @anishgiri is tremendous. Go Anish!”

@MadsStostad posted this twitpic:


 @SusanPolgar: “You know that Hikaru arrived at the Olympiad when US Captain John Donaldson ran to the store to get him Red Bull :)”

You can see that the battle between the 2700+ players in this Olympiad has begun, not only in the match of the day USA-NED. @Megalovic:” R3 highest combined Elo Aronian-MVL 5573 Nakamura-Giri 5532 Wojtaszek-Dominguez 5495 Topalov-Vallejo 5470 Leko-WangYue 5458″.

@top40chess: “28 of the top 40 players in the world are in action today at the Chess Olympiad.”

We have some big matches today, and @GMJanGustafsson predicts: “ARM-FRA 1.5-2.5 USA-NED 2-2 NOR1-MNE 3-1 GER-ENG 2.5-1.5 POL-CUB 2-2”. 

@johnchess100th anniversary of WW1 and who should ENG be playing at the Chess Olympiad  but GER. Nigel Short on the match: “trench warfare!” 

@AndieHowie13: “I wonder if Germany will win on penalties”


(The Guardian, 25Jun 2010)

You can follow all the top games live on various websites, but in Norway you can follow the Olympiad on National TV as well: @herediacarla:  “Amazing to see the Chess Olympiad on TV! Who said that chess isnt popular? Chess is everywhere in Norway”


No tweets about long lines to get into the playing hall today, but some  “zero tolerance” tweets: @TarjeiJS: “NRK reporting an Iraqi player left the board to get some water, told the arbiter. Returned too late and got forfeited.” And in another tweet: “Said he felt unwell, then told the arbiter that he needed water, returned and was forfeited, according to NRK.”

@manju2006: “This Zero tolerance goes a bit too far in my opinion.”

Back to the games…and the blunder of the Olympiad? 

@jfernandez:“Canadian WIM Starr got mated in 8 moves against a 1500 player from Angola.  That is just awful. 8. dxe5?? my god”. 

@J_Mareeswaran:Canadian WIM Starr made blunder of Chess Olympiad & mated in 8 moves vs 11 yr old Luzia Pires from Angola”


A much better (and longer) game to watch: @allanbeard: “Great game today by Topalov v Vallejo Pons. Played in his style of old. Time control reached; I expect him to convert.”

Toppy did convert. Convincingly.

And the top game ended in an uneventful draw @ChessBomb: “Giri and Nakamura failed the great expectations for a big fight “


Yes, the women: @fallingsnowgirl: “Getting frustrated with the commentators ignoring the women’s games…”.

There were some interesting matches in the women section today, e.g. Russia-France. Armchair grandmasters follow the games: @nvmea: “The evaluation in Milliet – Gunina has jumped to +4. On move 15. Blimey.” USA-China is another big match, with the game Irina Krush-Yifan Hou on board 1: @top40chess:  “Hou Yifan is world #90 right now – but if she loses to Krush today, she drops back out of the top 100”. 

The Russian women after a rollercoaster match: @pogonina:Such a tense match to watch! We saved 2 hopeless and 1 seriously worse position & won 1! Russia-France 2.5-1.5. What about the Russian men, Natalia? @pogonina: “Meanwhile, our men’s team whitewashed Macedonia 4-0. Well done” 

I spotted a few turnarounds today, e.g. in Aronian-Vachier Lagrave: @Josecmd:Is Aronian stoned? White to move, he played Kd3. Totally ridiculous.” In Germany-Argentina (Women) @chess24.com tweeted: “Olympiad Ambass. Melanie Ohme turned her losing position to a winning vs Fernandez”.

Always good to have tweeters around  to spot amazing games and results, also in the lower sections: @theparasg:Looking at R3 results and am shocked to see 4-0 to Kenya vs Fiji. It’s usually the other way round. Well done, Team Kenya!”

Let’s go back to the top matches: @RobertRis: Great day for the Dutch guys as they defeated the USA with 2.5-1.5! Well done @GMRobinVK and @erwinlami!” @PoisndPwnPress: “Akobian collapses in a drawn endgame to give Netherlands the narrowest of victories. Nakamura regretting his early repetition with White?” 

Some poetry by @JonathanRowson: “Watch the way @GMRobinVK‘s bishops ever so slowly crawl into life; like caterpillars who will later be butterflies.” And he found some nice words for Erwin L’Ami as well:” @erwinlami victory today was wonderfully Karpovian, which probably made it even more painful for Kamsky”

Another interesting match: @sagarch: “France 2.5- Armenia 1.5, France looking the most compact of all teams other than Russia.” Any comments from the Armenians? @TarjeiJS: “All Armenian players during Chess Olympiad: “No interviews” 

If you have the time, check the game Almasi-Yu (Hungary-China) and find out why @Unudurti tweeted: “Zoltan Almasi is the saddest man on the planet tonight”.


Another toiletgate coming up? @almodiahki: “Request from the organizers of Tromso2014 to allow the players to use the restrooms at the hotels during the games!”

See for yourself: @ChessBrains: “Olympic toilet”


One final tweet for today: @banda111: “So many games (600!!!) I am replaying them all night long, pure fun!”


0% chance…

During the third round of the Candidates, I observed  a funny conversation on Twitter between two leading Dutch grandmasters Anish Giri and  Erwin l’Ami, concerning the game Svidler-Kramnik.

Erwin l’Ami in Wijk aan Zee 2013.

Erwin, following the game at home, suggested a crazy variation:

@erwinlami: 41.Qc8 e4! 42.fxe4 Qe2 43.Rf3 Rxd6 44.Qe8! f6 45.e5! looks killing, but 45…f5! 46.gxf5 Rf6!! saves. 0% chance this will happen though.

and Erwin added a little later: Svidler played 41.Qc6 which should transpose after 41…e4 42.fxe4 Qe2 43.Rf3 Rxd6 33.Qe8.

@anishgiri tweeted: I bet you on this one.

@erwinlamiTaken! If you win you the bet you get to play 1st board in the Olympiad and I will go and sit somewhere else 🙂

@erwinlamiAh, and if you lose the bet you also get board 1!

@anishgiri: If I lose the bet, Kramnik will not get the board 1 😉

(I admit , I had to think about this last tweet for a minute…)

@fabianocaruana: 45…f5 46. gf5 Rf6 is unbelievable… Times like this I wonder what my thoughts would be playing over the board.

@erwinlamiSo, I said 0% chance…

…and the official website tweeted: @candidatesfideSeems, we believed in your intuition more than you and retweeted as soon as this variation came out. 

@erwinlamiI appreciate your trust! 🙂