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The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 9

Anyone for a game of chess today? Well, it seems that the events on the board will be overshadowed by the FIDE Elections. How would you describe it, @Jonathan_Rowson? : “In a large room in the northern tip of Europe, Superman battles aliens for control of (chess on) planet earth.”

@bennedik: “If you aren’t disgusted enough by politics, here comes chess politics. So sad.”

Bad start of the day in Tromsø. @TarjeiJS: “Good thing there were no games (in the morning) today. There was a power outage in Tromsø, including the playing hall. Power back now”.


@OlimpiuUrcan: “Power outage and UFO arrivals/sightings are often part of the same story in some quarters”. 

By the time you read this report, you probably know the outcome of the  FIDE elections, therefore I will not sort the hundreds of tweets about the elections here. I have selected I number of tweets and created a storyline in the article “The FIDE Presidential Elections in 20Tweets”. 

Round 9

Without further ado, let’s  concentrate on more pleasant things- the games of 9th round of the Chess Olympiad. Why? @2700chess: “9 out of 10 (!) top world chess players are in action today at the Olympiad”. @Megalovic:“R9 highest combined Elo Topalov-Domiguez 5532 Carlsen-Solak 5509 Nakamura-Naiditsch 5496 Gelfand-Leko 5493 Navara-MVL 5484”. 

Great battles ahead today, better watch the games, @PattyLlanaza:“Trying to keep my eyes off Twitter & the Fide Elections and watch the  games. No disrespect to the players, but it’s tough.”

@chessdom: “A LOT of interesting games in the lower matches today, with multiple 2700+”. 

With the lower matches, you mean the Russian men? What do you think Colin Crouch? @ColCrouch: “Board 1 – Ukraine Board 11 – Russia”. @TarjeiJS: “Can’t find the Russian team on any of the top boards. Where are they? Too much scrolling. Oh, there they are!”

Yeah, the Russians are doing fine. @TarjeiJS: “Sensation of the day: 15 y/o IM Aryan Tari draws Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi.”


@ginger_fm“Looks like my old friend, Torbjorn Hansen’ has a great chance of beating Karjakin with Black! Go Torb’s!”. @EinarGausel: “Norway 2 scores three draws vs RUS. Urkedal probably getting gift wrapped by Grischuk, but still a great result”. 

What happened on the top board? @PoisonedPwnPress: “China-Ukraine all draws. Tournament could be even tighter going into the last 2 rounds “.

How is the world champ doing today? @ejhchess: “Looking at Carlsen’s game and speaking no doubt too soon, what games have been lost in Olympiads by reigning world champions?”@EinarGausel: “Carlsen seems to be in serious trouble with white vs Solak. The latter running low on time, though”. @TarjeiJS:” Oh my. Computers going up and down like a yo-yo. Carlsen was lost, but is now winning.”

Women’s section

Let’s have a look at the women’s section: Anything spectacular going on, Claudia Munoz? @chesscampeona: “I am watching the Montenegro women about to beat the American women, of course, barring a miracle. Shocked”. Boris Smolik @nvmea is watching the Russian women playing Armenia: “Massive blunder from Lagno? Russia in trouble.” , and added later : “I absolutely fail to understand Mrktchian’s last moves. Is Gunina gonna win another bad position? Incredible”. 

If you want to have a laugh, follow this account of this Russian geek: @BorisAAO, with tweets like : “Danielian ARM: RUS Lagno.31. SYMMETRICAL BALANCE OF FORCE. =(DEVELOPMENT MOBILITY SPACE). ISOLATED: b4/a6d4. GAME =. WHITE +/=”

Thanks for the explanation!

@pogonina: “Yet another very tense match.  We barely defeated Armenia 2.5-1.5. But a win is a win!”

Back to the open section: how is our topscorer doing today? @MarkTWIC: “Sam Shankland will almost certainly lose his 100% record as he is black against Nisipeanu. But a draw will be fine anyway” @chessnotes: “7.5/8 is pretty spectacular, at any level.”

The St Louis Chess Club is proud,  tweets and adds a great hashtag: @CCSCSL: “@GMShanky remains undefeated after making a good draw against GM Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu! GER-USA ends 2.0-2.0 #ShanksForTheMemories“.

That is enough for today, you just want to close Twitter and switch off the computer when you see tweets like: @ChessVibes: “Meanwhile, Zurab Azmaiparashvili defeated Silvio Danailov 33-18 to become the new President of the European Chess Union.”

Any important news for Round 10 on Tuesday?

@Tromso2014: “Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg will make the first move of R10 of the Chess Olympiad.”

And another bigmatch coming up: @chess24com:“Ukraine-Russia in the women’s event is the match to watch in tomorrow’s Chess Olympiad”

One final tweet for today: @backranktristan: “FIDE unveils new logo”


The Candidates – shake hands!

It has been an intense first week for the players and for the chess community on Twitter. And every day more and more tweets about the event in Khanty Mansyisk are posted, which is good for the future of this blog!

Let’s start with a weather update from Galiya Kamalova, Karjakin’s girlfriend: Кони ШФМ в Ханты-Мансийске!!!)))


In the round 6 report you can read a lot of tweets about handshakes. Or the missing handshake, if you like.

Ah, the handshake: I found a nice quote on the  Bleacher Report website:

“The handshake is not just a universal greeting gesture. It is a measure of a man. Too weak and it’s assumed you stay at home on Friday nights watching Sex and the City reruns while cuddling with your kitten. Respect is immediately lost and the man card is thrown in the ocean, never to be seen again.”

But we don’t need to see this before the start of a chess game, do we?


Or this: 


“The handshake is a common gesture of non-verbal communication to express greetings or seal an agreement. It is instantly recognized as the international sign of goodwill, peace and respect used by presidents, business leaders and ordinary people.”

It is actually interesting to spend an hour or so on the web checking   how “the handshake” is handled in  other sports. On a field hockey website , I found this quote:

“It’s a truism in sport,(…) that once the final whistle goes you leave it on the field and shake hands. You don’t have to mean it, but a mumbled “good game”, “well played” or simply “thanks mate” is what’s expected.”

On Fox Sports I read this one:

“The Kentucky High School Athletic Association, the governing body for all high school sports throughout the state, on Tuesday ordered all high schools to no longer conduct postgame handshakes due to an increase in violence in these postgame events — “more than two dozen [incidents] in the last three years in Kentucky alone” according to the KHSAA.”

And it is hard to believe, but there is even a “Stop handshaking Website”: http://stophandshaking.com.

 Let’s go back to the tweets: Jeroen van den Berg, director of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament: @jvdbergchess: “Frankly speaking I was disappointed that Mr. Kramnik and Mr. Topalov did not shake hands today. Time should heal the wounds. Why not?”

Today, one day after the game Topalov-Kramnik, @SilvioDanailov , who is  president of the European Chess Union and Topalov’s manager tweeted: “BTW,I don’t understand the hysteria about the handshake.If two persons dislike each other,why do they have to fake it and pretend?” #Hypocrisy. And he added later: “Personally,I don’t shake hands or even say hello to Makro&friends “FIDE” for years,feeling great about it. Unfortunately,hypocrisy is fancy”. 

Mark Crowther, @marktwic answered: “because that isnt what a handshake before a game of chess is about”. And he added:” a handshake is about showing you will conduct the game in a sportsmanlike manner and follow the rules.”

Mark obviously refers to the FIDE Handbook , in which you can find this remark  under 09: FIDE Code of Ethics:

“The game and concept of chess is based on the assumption that everyone involved / concerned observe existing rules and regulations and attaches the greatest importance to fair play and good sportsmanship.”

In case the players decide to shake hands in round 13, on 29 March, when Kramnik and Topalov meet again, there is plenty of time to practice the “perfect handshake”. (click to enlarge).


One final tweet: @wwwECesaro: “A real man’s business card is his #handshake