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Carlsen – Karjakin Game 10 – Part 1

Game number 10 in New York already, a very critical game, but why? I found the answer: 

@fireball29de: “Today is really critical, because tomorrow the emotional biorhythms of BOTH players cross zero in opposite directions!!”

Calm down and have some turkey. To celebrate the public holiday “Thanksgiving” in the US,  let’s kick off with a few chess related #Thanksgiving tweets: 


@jtwinner: Just asked someone what his Thanksgiving plans are & he said, “Nothing. I’m just going to play chess on the computer.” #happythanksgiving”.

@cameronhigley:Judson and I just finished an exhilarating game of chess. I was victorious. Thanksgiving has been great!”

@paullbreenturner: “Having a bad day? It could be worse, imagine if you were a Turkey!” 

@kenleyhargettJr: “Family +Turkey + Football= Thanksgiving”.


But today we will change that definition, ok? Replace football by chess and off we go to the tweets of game 10!

@chuckdavie: “Treat yourself this thanksgiving by watching Carlsen-Karjakin. The world’s best chess players.”

@Gurdonark: “American Thanksgiving–sports on television, the Carlsen- Karjakin game on the laptop..”

@ckloote: “Heading out soon for the family Thanksgiving. Hoping the politics stay in the realm of the sane. If not there’s always Carlsen – Karjakin.”

That’s the spirit, young man!

 Tell us more about the match,  @TarjeiJS: Carlsen – Karjakin is an event hosted in NY organized by Russians with all Russian sponsors. Even the vodka in the VIP area is Russian.”

Two questions: how is the turkey in the VIP lounge and tell me something about the opening today? Perhaps Jonathan Bryant with the intriguing Twitter handle @Berlin_Endgame has the answer:” A Berlin – but not a proper one :-(“.  @ejhchess replied: “When will these supergrandmasters accept that 4…d6 is the right move”.

Well, why don’t we ask a super GM? @anishgiri: “Similar concept to game 2 from Sochi match. Worse version of a known position, but still playable. Nice, desperate idea”.

@erwinlami:“I like white after 13.g3 Nh3 14.Kg2. Magnus really getting the type of game he was looking for”.

@ginger_gm: “It seems that Sergei has proven that 1 e4 e5 is basically a dead draw with best play.”

Not all strong players are impressed: 

U-14 world  champ Vidit Gujrathi aka @viditchess from Nasik, India:  “Everyone is praising Carlsen’s opening choice. Looks harmless and more like a bluff. Not impressed!”

@Cazhansen: “Never liked this variation very much for White; the f4-knight always bothered me. Don’t know how much they have prepared”.


If you are confused by the various evaluations of the grandmasters you are not alone: @Berlin_Endgame: “Following strong players on twitter is confusing.”

@nigelshortchess: “We are 25 moves from the time-control. Long thinks. No clear liquidating plans in sight. Magnus can be content”.

Yes, but I wonder how Magnus really feels. @hhajanika: You are running out of time but you have momentum and u know he’ll make you run for it is how Carlsen is feeling right now.”

Thanks. Let’s go back to the biorhythm: @fireball29de: Magnus had a really bad emotional (biorhythm) time since 11/11! Sergey had excactly the opposite! Until tomorrow…

Sergey took some time for his 15th move! @jaspervanpelt:Is Sergey still alive? 34 min for c6″. Or as @kejritrolls puts it drastically:  “30 mins for a pussy move”.

@elgransenor1: “I predict that Karjakin will have a brain freeze, choke and hand Carlsen a win in time trouble”.

@anishgiri: “Sergei fans among my crew are rather concerned about his time management today. Can’t be a good sign.”

@AMartinChess: “If the truth be known ,Game Ten is deadly dull. Might warm up, might not. The symmetrical pawn structure is the killer.”

I started this special Thanksgiving edition with a biorhythm tweet, now let’s close part 1 of the Game 10 section with one more biorhythm tweet: 


@Fireball29deOff course Sergey is emotionally in balance, he leads in WCS and his emotional biorhythm is up since 11/11. But I like him!