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The Olympiad in Tweets – Carlsen vs Naiditsch in 10 Tweets

Carlsen-Naiditsch in 10 tweets

Here is the game Magnus Carlsen (NOR) vs.  Arkadi Naiditsch (GER) at the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø 2014,  summarized in 10 tweets by 10 different tweeters:

1. @TarjeiJS: “More brilliancy from Magnus Carlsen? Sacrificing the exchange to get a strong attack vs Naiditsch. Looking good.”

2. @PlayChess.com. Germany’s 1st board in some trouble vs Magnus Carlsen.

3. @ChessNotes: “R7: Carlsen has let slip the win vs. Naiditsch”.

4. @KingTurtleMusic: “Topsy-Turvy going on in Carlsen v. Naiditsch”.

5. @Ale-Nogal: ” Magnus having a hard time on his game today with Naijditsch !”

6. @MarkTWIC: “In the minute or so it took to compose my last tweet it seems to me Carlsen has completely lost the thread and is in danger”.

7. @Portisdos: “If Carlsen loses, the Olympics will go ahead?”

8. @Jonathan_Rowson: “Gosh. Quite a turn around in Magnus’s game. As mentioned before, he’s a man, not a machine”.

9. @carokann:Carlsen should reconsider his sweet tooth. Water wins against orange juice, too sweet.”

10. @Chessvibes: Arkadij Naiditsch: “I have been as lucky as Magnus Carlsen  usually is.”

Bonus tweet :

@lajalene: “The Man of the Day, he beat the World Champion!”


The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 7

In previous reports I wrote that the number of tweets about the women’s Olympiad is rather low. Of course, it is difficult for the women to compete with the open section, in which you have many players who attract a lot of attention, e.g. Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Vladimir Kramnik to name just a few. We should not ignore the fact  that the level of play in the open section is undoubtely higher and attracts more chess players.

When you look at the tweets more carefully, you may notice that most chess related tweets are written by men, although Twitter in general is used more by women than men, according to several stats.

Number of Chess tweets? Negligible!

In general, I have to say that the number of tweets about the Olympiad is disappointingly low.  For an event that is marketed as “The world’s fourth largest sporting event” the number of tweets about the Chess Olympiad is negligible, bearing in mind that around 600.000.000 (!) tweets are written- every day, which is around 6000-7000 tweets- per second!


One of the reasons may be that  the mass media is not interested in the Chess Olympiad (except in Norway,  of course), despite the fact that August traditionally is an off-season for all kinds of big sporting events. (no football in the big European leagues yet, no NFL, NBA, Grand Slam Tennis, Summer Games etc.) There should be enough space on the sports pages for a short report on the Chess Olympiad!

I wonder if the press team in Tromsø sends out a short daily report and a few pictures to big news agencies worldwide? I checked several Google News editions for a  news item about the Chess Olympiad. You may guess the answer. I know it is cosy in the chess microcosm, but why not think BIG when you have an event like the Chess Olympiad to promote? 

@TelegraphChess: “Recommend incredible TV coverage online via nrk.no.  BBC take note!”

Back to chess…back to Tromsø

Let’s kick off with a tweet about the women’ section! @pogonina: “In the women’s section  only two teams remain perfect after 6 rounds. It is Russia vs China in R7!”


@DusanChess: “Women’s section: we are going to witness “the Gold Match”  – RUS vs CHN!”

@MarkTWIC: “Women R7 sees the big RUS vs CHN match: Lagno vs Hou Yifan, Ju Wenjun vs Gunina, Kosteniuk vs Zhao Xue, Tan Zhongyi vs Girya”.



Any interesting matches in the open section? The Norwegians are doing fine and they seem to have an easy match today: @EllisivReppen: “Norway-Germany! Germany playing without GM Jan Gustafsson, so easy peasy for Norway”.

(Ellisiv Reppen, Norway 2, picture by @chess24.com) 

There are two other well-known grandmasters not playing in the Olympiad, ahum, what are the names again, Jonathan Tisdall?  @gmjtis: “My Indian friends! Why are Anand and Harikrishna not playing in the Chess Olympiad?” And he got a quick reply by @asimpereira: “Anand has always disliked the “random” nature of the Oly format and rarely played. Hari has his own reasons, maybe AICF being one.”

Why are you asking, @GMJtis? “Doing statistics today, noticed that top Indian team would be ranked 4th – so it is a huge difference.”

Talking about Anand: @TarjeiJS:Manager Agdestein speaking about Carlsen-Anand in Sochi. “This is not 100 % yet. We’ve put it on hold for the moment.”

But …,  here and now is Tromsø and there are some big names playing big games: @MegaLovic: “R7 high combined Elo Carlsen-Naiditsch 5586 Aronian-Leko 5545 Topalov-Giri 5517 Navara-Grischuk 5511 Dominguez-Mamedyarov5503″. 

As always, Tarjei J. Svensen does a great job spotting unusual stories and oddities in the playing hall. No reports about “zero tolerance” today, but @TarjeiJS keeps his eyes open:  “I’ve seen at least two women players violating the dress code rules in the Chess Olympiad”. Tarjei, could you give us some details? @outis6: “Come on, man! Your public demands titillation! Preferably with pictures, of course”. @TarjeiJS: I am not sure if I want to go into details. 🙂

@MarkTWIC: “What are the new regulations? It used to be you had to wear worn jeans and a t-shirt that hadn’t been washed for a month.”

@Pookita: “Playing the cleavage gambit doesn’t work against other women. At least not usually :)” 


No, I am not going to post a picture here of  a girl at the chessboard, violating dress codes. Too easy. However, on this day on which the top match in the women’s section was moved over to the open section, to get more media coverage, we saw an afwul lot of beautiful pictures of female chess players by David Llada on Twitter. Wait: Objection, Your Honor! 

@Pookita: “No pictures of young handsome men? We’re just objectifying women today?”  

Ouch, back to the games. Claudia Munoz wants to share a secret with us: @Chesscampeona: “If GM Irina Krush wins Board 1 today, Team USA (Women) will win the match against Armenia. You heard it from me :)”. 

What’s happening on board one in the top match of the day, @MarkTWIC: “Sensation in the women’s match Russia vs China as Hou Yifan is almost certainly totally busted against Lagno in just 14 moves”.

Tough game ahead for the world champion Hou Yifan. How is the other world champ doing? The Norwegian hero is having an easy day at the office according to @EinarGausel: “Carlsen doing the bizz vs Naiditsch. No need for witchcraft today, it would seem. ” @PoisondPwnPress: “Looking at the other boards, seems like Norway is going to need a Carlsen win to take the match”. 

How is the situation in other top matches? @ChessNotes: “Looks like strong Serbian team will be halted in in tracks by China, maybe even 4-0!” And how are the Dutchies doing vs. Bulgaria, @RobertRis? “Looks like holdable ending for Giri, Tivi and Loek are doing very well! 2.5 pnt & 2 MP are within reach!” 

Team USA is working on a comeback: @PoisondPwnPress: “Shankland on his way to 6/6. This could be a crushing win for USA over UZB.” followed up later:” Onischuk and Shankland a combined 11.5/12 for the USA”. 




@sagarch:“Both Akobian and Kamsky have been disappointing. Unfortunately you can bench only one of them.”


Don’t go away!

And sometimes…. things happen faster than you think. Do you have an update on NED vs_BUL for us @RobertRis? “NED-BUL is gonna be 0-4, what an incredible turnaround…Chess is such a cruel game!” His compratiot @majnu2006: “A sad day for the Dutch team “.

(The match ended 3-1)

@PattyLlaneza: “So I stop watching the Chess Olympiad for 1h and when I’m back Carlsen is losing & Russia has lost. Caissa’s ways are mysterious! :-)” 

@MarkTWIC: “Most dramatic day of chess so far. Mixed fortunes for the two Russian teams. Big results everywhere”.

courtBig results? Where? @nvmea: “Yeah it’s just over, Czech Republic win 3-fucking-1 against Russia”. This is quite a dangerous result, what do you think @JokimDawar: “Now we’re waiting for the Russian Chess Federation to sue the Czechs”. 

However, the Russian women had a better result: @pogonina: “Would have been a great day if our men’s team hadn’t suffered such a devastating 1-3 loss. Russia-China 3-1 though!” @nvmea: “Last 4 Olympiads, winners dropped only 3 points on the way (Armenia 2006 even in 13-rounds). Will be tough for Russia now.”

What a day. Did you see any good games today, Jonathan? @GMJtis: “Some spectacular games today. Dominguez with a combination like a boxing finish, great attacking energy from Navara and the Chinese winners.” 

@Tromso2014: “Both World Champions, Magnus Carlsen and Hou Yifan, have lost their games in the same day!”

Time to recover and relax a bit after the games. What about a visit to @PolariaTromso:Half price to all accredited in the Chess Olympics. (For free if you have FIDE rating over 2880.)”

Don’t wanna see the seals? You can go to a party today, although I think not everybody is invited?!

party kasparov

@Kasparov63“Come! We also hired professional musicians! Tromsø party people! Tonight! (Nigel Short on guitar!)”

beerMig Greengard started a series on Twitter with the hashtag #TromsoPickUpLines, so in case you need a pickup line at the party try this one: @Chessninja:I’d love to buy you a drink but a beer here costs the average monthly salary in my country.” 

Or this one, the last tweet for today: @bandwindia: ... Er… My name is Carlsen, Magnus Carlsen…

It’s Saturday Night! Have fun!