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Growing up

Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin literally grew up in the chess world and since they were so talented, they got used to the attention of the media. I started taking pictures of the two players in 2004 and I have seen them both in various events, in Wijk aan Zee, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Dortmund and other cities. Here is a small selection of pictures I took over the years.  


All pictures © Chess in Tweets. 

Carlsen-Anand in Tweets: Game over

The world chess championship 2014 is over. After his win in the 11th game world champion Magnus Carlsen tweeted:

@MagnusCarlsen: “A big thanks to everyone who supported me on this interesting journey. Two down, five to go.”

His opponenent also tweeted after the last game: @Vishy64TheKing: “As i sit down tonight there are many thoughts and one thought comes to mind. Last december I thought to myself You are not a quitter.”

and added: “And I can say I feel proud to have played in Sochi. I enjoyed the journey.Magnus played a better match. This is his moment. Congrats”.

An ex-world champion congratulated Carlsen: @Kasparov63: “Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen for defending his world championship title, and doing it in style today with a great win!”

and added: “Magnus said “2 down, 5 to go,” referring to my 7 successful world championship matches. (6.5 really.) I wish him the best of luck!”

Interestingly enough, Carlsen admitted in an interview on Tuesday that Kasparov helped him, among others: @chess24.com:So Carlsen’s seconds/helpers: Adams, Fressinet, Nielsen, Hammer, Kasparov, Nepomniachtchi, Potkin (+ Eljanov helped in Chennai). Not bad :)”

and added: “Now we just need Vishy to admit he was chatting to Kramnik on Skype every night :)”


 More reactions from top players: via @chess24.com: “Aronian: “I’ve never seen a World Championship match with quality games. They’re over-prepared so they commit mistakes during the games”.

A statement by  Hikaru Nakamura aka @GMHikaru:Also to clarify about the WC match since everyone is going insane. I simply thought Carlsen’s quality wasn’t as dominant as last year.”

A future challenger tweeted: @fabianocaruana: “Congrats to Magnus on another big success! Unfortunately,I was traveling today and missed watching the decisive game.”

Talking about challengers: @elgransenor1: “What’s likely is that Carlsen’s next challenger will be someone even younger than he is. Caruana and Giri are both huge future threats.”

@TigerKatten: “I’m rooting for real candidates matches next time around, in order to find the most challenging opponent for Magnus.”

And a tweet by @SilvioDanailov: “Another black day for Makro&friends “FIDE” This is only the beginning”

Norway went nuts, of course. @TarjeiJS: “2,7 million Norwegians (half of the population) watched at least a minute of Carlsen-Anand  on tv. That’s +16 % compared to 2013”

 @palewire: “Norwegian news has system for readers to make Magnus Carlsen themed Xmas chess sweaters”


Closing ceremony

There was a closing ceremony on Tuesday. Why can’t the winner of the match get his medal  and trophy after the last game? Is it really necessary to organize a 30-minute ceremony, two days after the last game?

@anandcarlsen14: “Medals awarded to the players by President Putin are made by FIDE/Agon and Adamas, Russia’s premier jewelry company”.


@kajasnare:Putin making Carlsen wait … 30 min delay.

@TarjeiJS:” I can imagine at least one person who is bored to death now. 34 minutes delay and counting”.

@MarkTwic: “I don’t know about other people but I’m kind of getting bored now”.

@dscaper: “Russia and FIDE still haven’t figured out the most important man in the room should be the World Champ, not the presenter.”

and added: “Magnus should get up and walk out – not there for Putin.”

After Putin arrived, the ceremony finally started: @makvikne: “Carlsen, Anand and Putin on the stage together; Inspiration for the next Chess musical?”

@ChrisBirdIA:Carlsen gets a nice shiny gold medal, a big trophy and a Christmas wreath, just in time for the holidays”.

@Pookita: “I know it’s tradition but that wreath belongs on a door somewhere – or maybe on a horse that just won”.

What do you think? Here is a picture by @chesspro_ru: 


@seitenschach:“Probably something Magnus Carlsen wanted to avoid: Putin speaking at the closing ceremony “.

@MarkTwic: “Closing ceremony. I’m sorry but that final part, dear god what have we come to.” 

But Vishy disagreed: @vishy64theking: The ceremony had 2 great performances by young artists. The rock guitarist all of 13 years was excellent”.

One more picture of the closing ceremony, by @rezoich: 


 And where will the next world championship be played?

@chessmike: “Kirsan Ilyumzhinov announces 2016 World Chess Championship will be in USA.”….

……@Pookita: “Says the same man who was going to find 20 million dollars to invest in chess.”

One last tweet about the world championship: @Imbiebsrainbow:I don’t regret the time I spent, the undone homework & sleepless nights-it was just awesome.”



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Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Game 10

Do we really want to look back at the shortest game of the match? I don’t think so: @ChessLive_es: tweeted “Decepcionantes tablas en la 9ª partida del mundial CarlsenAnand.“, and added this wonderful cartoon by Wadalupe:


@agostobrizuela: “I  get the impression that Magnus Carlsen is out partying every night during this world championship match.”

One more tweet about the Berlin defence: @nigelshortchess:When I become FIDE President, the first thing I will do is ban the Berlin”. 

@harrypillsbury: “When I become FIDE chess president, I will reinstate the zonal system and the 24 game WCM every 3 years“.

Game 10 – the tweets

Let’s go to the game. What to expect? @ginger_gm: “Expecting some violence today after two rest days. Maybe we will see a Nimzo on the board!?”

@bennedik: “Game 10 prediction: Anand castles long against the Queen’s gambit line from game 8”.

Wrong guess! @vishalsareen: “This is it.. Grunfeld Qb3.This is the game we all wanted! Let’s see who is better prepared! This will be strictly homework”.  


Lots of top grandmasters follow the game on Twitter: Anish Giri, Fabiano Caruana, Erwin L’Ami and Paco Vallejo, to name just a few. Here a a few tweets about the opening:

@anishgiri:“Very peculiar choice by Magnus, I don’t know who can come up with the idea to play this line in the must-not-lose situation.” 

@fabianocaruana: “The gloves are off”. @rajachess: “Well… Close to equality. But press by white!” @chessidharta: “Vishy pressing again . Magnus seems to have problems against 1.d4”.

@erwinlami: “One thing is clear; 1.d4 is virtually an ‘only move’ when you play a World Championship match.”


@sethuramanchess:After 19 Ng5,The look says it all .I am coming for you”.

To be honest…the most exciting moment in the game was when Magnus played the very unexpected move 19… Bxg2. Twitter went wild!

@pogonina: “WHAT? Carlsen has spent over 30 minutes and then played this Bg2 move which I classified as a blunder by the kibitzers?!”

@diagramworthy: “19…Bxg2?! This I did not expect and it does not look convincing. Why would Magnus favor this over the alternatives?”

@poisondpwnpress: “Whaaaaaat! … the World Champ has some guts, that’s for sure. Crazy!”

Robin van Kampen aka @GMRobinVK keeps cool: “Did we just witness a transmission error?”


@FabianoCaruana:“I think someone just wanted to give a few million people a collective heart attack”.

@gmjlh:“Somewhat of a shock in the Carlsen camp as Bxg2 shows up on broadcast, but luckily some kind of relaying mistake!”

@pogonina: “Carlsen played Bg2, smiled, took out a Men in Black stick, partially erased our memories and went for Bd4 instead”.

@robertiamthelaw: “Carlsen is bending space-time by playing 19…Bxg2 and 19…Bd4 at the same time.”


@TarjeiJS took this picture“Exciting!”

Really? Let’s ask GM @BenFinegold and check some of his tweets about the game:

“Sitting at Starbucks watching Vishy try to tie it up. Looks like 3-4 Tall blondes for me… er… Blonde roast!”

“Commentators smoking too much crack. White much better. 1-0 coming.”

“As I said all along.. draw.”


@ChrisBirdIA: “Anand needs to go back to something other than the DRAWing board.”

@erwinlami: “Missed the last 1,5 hour of play. Cool defense from Magnus. Leaves me wondering if Vishy missed anything big along the way.”

@anishgiri: “And the gloves are back on”

@TerEndle: “Well, a decent enough try from Vishy, but just not enough. It’s a better match than last year, but it’s slipping away from him”.


@ChessMike, who uploaded this picture: “Is it me or did Magnus Carlsen learn some of same facial expressions as Kasparov too?”

@Chessninja has some statistics for us: “Only players to score a win in the final game to level a WCh match: Kramnik 2004 v Leko; Kasparov 1987 v Karpov; Lasker 1910 v Schlechter.”


(source: www.chesshistory.com)

@oneindia: “Games 1: Draw 2: Carlsen 3: Anand 4: Draw 5: Draw 6: Carlsen 7: Draw 8: Draw 9: Draw 10: Draw (Carlsen 5.5 Anand 4.5)”

One last tweet for today: @vinodharidas:“Ugh. I feel like smashing a chess board”.


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Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Game 9

Another game, another Berlin, another draw: for the sake of completeness I compiled this edition of Chess in Tweets for posterity.

I want to open this edition with a quote by Bobby Fischer:

“But the thing that was great about Capablanca was that he really spoke his mind, he said what he believed was true, he said what he felt. He wanted to change the rules [of chess] already, back in the twenties, because he said chess was getting played out. He was right. Now chess is completely dead. It is all just memorisation and prearrangement. It’s a terrible game now. Very uncreative.”


Chess24 commentators doing a Magnus!

Game 9 in 9 tweets

1. @Jaircabra: “Tired of waking up at 6am, but I know next game will be worth it!”

2. @LarsNygaard: “Magnus managed remis while half asleep yesterday. He should have a good chance of winning today.”

3. @chessidharta: “I wouldnt mind chess without the Berlin Wall”

4. @ggzz212002: “Thanks Vladimir Mourinho Kramnik for inventing this boring nightmare.”

5. @elgransenor1: “Has the Berlin defence killed chess???”

6. @Ped989: “Fischer was right. Chess is dead. Boring Berlin, boring same system every time. Shite.”

7. @erwinlami: “This draw doesn’t count. I didn’t tweet anything yet”.

8. @kasparov63: “Berlin aside, I also learned that this is a dangerous path. Giving up quick draws with white is a betrayal of Kaissa & she does not like it!”

9. @MagnusCarlsen: “Well, that was fun, wasn’t it”


One final tweet tweet for today: @HoangNGhiaLe: “Carlsen failed to become the youngest Champion, but he still has the chance to be the youngest ex-one.”


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Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Game 8

After the long game on Monday, it seemed that the chesstwitter community had enough of chess and twitter for a while. Obviously most followers had to go to bed or had dinner, and logged off, since the number of tweets after the game had finished was negligible.

@category5Moron: “7 hours and still no pompom show yesterday, nor a drinks break. They should introduce half-time in chess”.

@MarkTwic had a rough day at the office on Monday: “Did anyone grab the games from the Chinese rapid event this morning? Was so exhausted after yesterday couldn’t get up to do it.”

The editors at the Dutch service “Teletekst” must have been sleepy as well, when they compiled this page:


Spot the error! Dutchies @peterdoggers and @anishgiri tweeted: “Ask them why it’s so hard to correct this mistake (green text)”. “Told them days ago.”

As usual, a number of tweeters predicted the opening: @terendle: Will we see another new opening from Magnus today? I say no – perhaps a repeat of the QGD, but obviously a different line!

@GMJanGustafsson: “Random predictions: -1.d4 -Another Queens Indian -Draw”, followed up by: “Did I predict a Queens Indian? I meant to write Queens Gambit of course :)”

@garylanechess:As I predicted a Queen’s Gambit. A safety first approach by Magnus.”

@nigelshortchess: “Looks like a typical condom variation from Magnus: to be used once and thrown away”. 


@TarjeiJS: “Nigel Short is making headlines in Norway with the “condom opening” tweet.”

9….Re8. A new move? Let’s check twitterland:

@chess24.com9…Re8 and the jacket comes off!

GM Abhijeet Gupta aka @iam_abhjieet tweeted: “Inside news: Vishy does know about this Re8 move,Lets see how good his memory is”.

Talking about memory: this tweet gives me the opportunity to post a scan of a lovely ad I have in my archive: 


He may need these pills to remember the games @GMJanGustafsson found with 9….Re8: “The greatest predecessors to play 9…Re8 are Janowski 1898, Marshall 1927 and Zviagintsev 2013. That counts as offbeat”.

@FabianoCaruana: “Surprised Carlsen is playing such a risky variation.No doubt he analysed it,but it’s hard to account for all White’s options”.

However, Magnus seemed to feel comfortable and went to sleep:


@pogonina: “Magnus shows his sharp interest in the position by falling asleep already (facepalming?)”

@anishgiri: “Magnus seems/acts hangover. Might not stop him from making an easy draw though”.

@joshfriedel: “Judging by the nap Carlsen is taking, it looks as if he still thinks he is playing a Berlin”.


@enthousiastchess: “♫ ♬ Wake me up when the endgame comes ♩ ♪ ♫ ♩”.

@wigum: “I’ve heard about walkover in some sports, but sleepover? Fantastic, I just love this man.”

@pookita: “The real Magnus is fully awake and calculating at the board in some other reality stream.”


@rajachess, aka world class grandmaster Teymur Rajabov: “World Champion has the right to sleep”.

Easy day at the office for the handful of journalists  in Sochi?

After two hours of play @TarjeiJS tweeted: “This should soon be over. The journalists are already preparing for the press conference and a short day at work”

@Berlin_Endgame: “If I was Carlsen / Anand I’d play this on for another three hours just to annoy the muppets who whined yesterday.”

@vishalsareen: “Is this game one of the reason why the phrase ‘Damp Squib’ was construed the way it is?”

@nigelshortchess: “A very dull game. Anand was surprised and ducked the critical continuations at an early stage. Not fatal, but tempus fugit”.

@Jonathan_Rowson: “Vishy won’t be too troubled by today’s game. He’s clearly in a better place than last year psychologically and knows he still has a chance.”

@GMRobinVK: “Magnus looked extremely tired today, incidentally he also has to take a doping test.. hm…”. 


Does the doctor check if Vishy took some of the memory pills?

@sellig1947: “Magnus keeps mumbling during press conferences.Barely audible.Is he on drugs? We shall know very soon ;-)”

“Is the FIDE President subject to any doping tests, or indeed any assessment of his fitness for office?” asked @backranktristan

Rest day- not only the players need a day off:

@MarkTwic“I can’t say I’m all that sorry there’s a short day today. Very long day yesterday with the game and TWIC magazine. Tense game ahead.”

There is a rest day on Wednesday: @reachsvara: “Ever since that Apple was bitten, “What will you do during Rest Day?” has ALWAYS puzzled mankind”. 


Ellen Carlsen tweeted: @ellenoec: “Can’t complain about a draw with black, guess both players were quite exhausted after yesterday’s game.. And so are we ;)”

One final tweet for today: @ETFroggy:“These two chess players might be pretty good but they don’t have as cool a name as Levon Aronian”-

Enjoy the rest day!


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Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Game 7

Half time in Sochi! After an exciting sixth game and a quiet restday on Sunday we re heading into the second half of the match. Without further ado, let’s go to the tweets of game number seven.


@gunner697: “Another morning of chess action. My wife just shakes her head.”


(Gif from www.giphy.com)  

Where are you going to watch the game, @garylanechess? “Visiting a friend during game 7. What is the correct amount of time to wait before asking for the password of their wifi? “


As always, many tweeters predicted the opening: @bennedik, who obviously loves the Sicilian: “My prediction for game 7: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.c4 Nf6 6.Nc3 Qc7”.

What do you think, @nigelshortchess : “No need to panic for Vishy . A draw would be a good result today. He still has time”.

@robertis: “Anand is in big trouble playing the Black pieces  I fear the match can be practically over after today…”

Some tweeps don’t care about predictions: @elgransenor1: “Could make a prediction or comment about Carlsen vs Anand today, but as they aren’t tweeting about me I can’t be bothered.”

The opening

We have a plea from an Anand fan: @ananthb86: “Vishy please don’t make my already sad Monday sadder :(“

@elgransenor1: Oh no not another Berlin… ZZZZZZZZ


@bennedik: “While the Berlin is certainly superior to the opening in game 6, I still would have preferred to see another Sicilian. “

@nigelshortchess: “This spectators who were hoping for a Muzio Gambit, have been disappointed”

@garylanechess: “My prediction came true Anand played the French. Well, sort of. Carlsen is happy to play 100 moves hoping Anand sleeps.”

@Marktwic: “Maybe my article on game seven will write itself. Berlin Draw! and err that’s it.”

Heading into the middle game, @FabianoCaruana tweeted: “Magnus is playing safe and solid – slight edge and a bit of suffering for black, but usually this ends in a draw.”

A slight edge for white, maybe more @GMJanGustafsson? “Is today gonna be the biggest contribution to bringing down the Berlin wall since David Hasselhoff?”

In an interview with German magazine TV Spielfilm in 2004, US actor David Hasselhoff was quoted as saying, “I find it a bit sad that there is no photo of me hanging on the walls in the Berlin Museum at Checkpoint Charlie” – a comment he later denied having made.

Back to the game….. is black still ok?

@Jonathan_Rowson: 28. Ng3. Tense. No exchanges any time soon. Could be one of those games that seems deadly dull until it completely catches fire. @nigelshortchess:” It is a surprisingly awkward position for Anand, despite the limited material. The odd imprecision and he could be in trouble”.

@ecm_man:Kasparov was a killer, whereas Carlsen is a torturer on the chessboard”.

Norwegian chess reporter @TarjeiJS is getting nervous (or bored) and shows us around the venue:  “Taking a walk outside the press room”.


A crucial move was played when Tarjei was on the way, and of course the move was played during the commercial break: 28…Ne5

@Olimpiuurcan:The directors behind this official live broadcast surely know when it’s the exact wrong time to go for a break.”

Ne5. Sounds familiar.

@athreyaa:“No No No Vishy – You were supposed to play Ne5 in the last game. Not today. 😀 :D” and  @GMJanGustafsson agrees: “I can’t shake the feeling Ne5 was a better idea in game 6 than in game 7”.

@balaajim: “The irony Ne5 would have won the last game, this time it could be the losing move”.

@TerEndle: “So, now a very tricky ending – and a must hold for Anand if he’s to have any chance in the rest of this match!”

@hansenchess: “Not sure what to make of the endgame. Will sit back, relax, and try to learn.”

@Chessnotes: G7: If you need real entertainment laughs, watch engine evals wheeling around trying to get a handle on this position. 

Boring? Take up draughts!

@TarjeiJS: “Carlsen trying to bore Anand to death now. This game may take another 150 moves or so”. @avinair: “Amazing how such a long match gets boring even for the players”. @KeyurK2: “This is boring…Can we have a blunder please ?”


@Jonathan_Rowson: “The game is likely to last beyond 100 moves, and there’s an outside chance it might get to 200 moves.

@spandalai: “Its a war of attrition. Likely draw, but with Carlsen you never know. Intriguing stuff”.

@vermynhath:Why are people moaning – “dry?” “arid”???. If you cant enjoy this, take up draughts.This is chess at it’s purest. Fantastic”.


The game went on and on and on…..


@ollie: “Nearly six hours, and 73 moves, into this one….”

@erwinlami: “Very impressed with the tough decision of going 70…bxc4! and absolutely sure that Vishy will be holding this game now”.

@aakaashn: “I don’t see Anand losing this game in this universe.”

@thelittlehart: “Now is the time for the janitor to come in to the room rattling the keys.”

@madsstostad:Begynner å bli trangt om plassen.” Mads added a screenshot of the evaluation:


@FabianoaCaruana: “I once had to defend rook+knight vs rook against Karjakin for 100+ moves,and it wasn’t much fun.It’s normal to play this out.”

@erwinlami: “Nowaydays when RNvsR appears in elite-events, and commentators say draw, one guy will point out ‘Hold on, Carlsen won this once against…'”

@therealLOTR: “After this game ends in a draw, I hope someone from the audience kicks MC in the nuts for wasting everyone’s time for so long”.

@Berlin_Endgame: “I’m willing to bet, btw, that those who are complaining about Carlsen playing on have never had to hold anything like this in a serious game”.

@pogonina: “Magnus should have made a few more moves to beat the record for “the longest game in WCC history”. Just 4 more moves! Ouch”

@MarkTwic: “What was the game length precisely? I went out for Fish and Chips and of course missed the end.

@chesscampeona:A picture is worth a thousand words!” and added this picture:   


@Jonathan_Rowson: “Vishy showed his considerable defensive class today and will feel fortified by the decisions he took, and the final result.”

@anishgiri: “In a twisted way, this game might actually inspire Anand and give him some wings!?”

One last tweet for today: 

@susanpolgar: “This is heading for the quickest draw of the match. Anand can save energy to focus on the last 5 games.”



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Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Game 5

A short edition of Chess in Tweets today after a quick game.

@reachsvara: “Early Dinner for all around?” 


There was a rest day on Thursday, but there was still a  lot of chess going on in Sochi on Thursday and Friday:  @chessblog: “Tal Memorial as two-day Superpowered Blitz in Sochi”. 


One of the players had a busy schedule , particularly on Friday: Peter Svidler aka @polborta: “11 more rounds of blitz, and then back to the booth for G5 of Carlsen- Anand. I can definitely see the day ending in a stiff drink (or three)”.

@fstimjp: “11 rounds (of blitz) is quite tough to play.” Really?

One of his fans obviously had a drink or two: @harrypillsbury: “A beer, world championship game and Peter Svidler’s astute commentary. The most fun you can have with your clothes on!”

Who won the blitz? @ChessVibes has the answer: “Mamedyarov wins the prestigious Tal Memorial Blitz event and its $20,000 first prize. Grischuk got close, but ended second.”

@RobertRisNot bad for two days working 😉 @MarkTwic: “Easier money than the Grand Prix!”


The final table, provided by @ChessVibes. Click to enlarge.

@fstimjp: “What happened to the good old days with 5 min, no increment, and an analogue clock, Insa or Garde?”


Game 5

Ready for game five? Just before the game started, Simon Williams aka @ginger_gm tweeted: “About to go live with Irina Krush in 5 minutes. Can’t wait for the action!”

Ahum, Simon, we are talking about chess, aren’t we?  😉

@ShekharGupta: “If u love any sport at all, go to Carlsen-Anand now! This incredible slugfest of mind more thrilling on Twitter than any live cricket on TV”.

@anishgiri: “Curious what strategy Magnus will choose today. Fixing his solid QGD or jumping from the frying pan into the fire again.” @Jonathan_Rowson: Magnus playing quickly means? A) He’s in preparation & knows he’s fine B) He’s improvising but thinks he’s fine c) He’s bluffing. “

@nigelshortchess: “We have gone about 10 minutes without someone calling me a “faggot” Good day so far”.

@anishgiri: “Early to say, but looks like Magnus did his homework this time. If Anand is unfamiliar with it, a quick draw is likely”. @GMRobinVK: “Not a very exciting game, but good preparation by Magnus. Maybe he’ll end up a tiny bit worse but this will be drawn”.





@chesscampeona: “I don’t want to “read” or “hear” the word draw so early in the game.”




@fstimjp:“Black is slightly awkward.” Any symbol for that?”

@GMHikaru: “Carlsen is worse, but he should draw relatively easily. I don’t understand the commentators at all.”

@anishgiri:“Wow, surprised, Anand doesn’t even try, though wasn’t all that much anyway, probably.”@FabianoCaruana : “Anticlimax” .

@Wish4Vishy: “Game 5 is a hurridly played Draw”.


@GMJtis: “So, decent day at the office for both. MC has shown good prep at last, VA got something anyway, but didn’t make much of it”.

A quick game, and a dull press conference, according to @closetgm: “I really have to switch off from this Carlsen – Anand press-con. What a dry uninteresting affair! “

The keywords today: dry, uninteresting, anticlimax: where do we put this game in tomorrow’s paper? @shawshankone has an idea:

“Jr Reporter: Sir the Carlsen-Anand game was fabulous

Sr R: Any fights?

JR: No

SR: Abuses?

JR: No

SR: Skirts?

JR: No

SR: Put it on last page”

Last tweet for today: @LennartOotes: “Jeez, literally did nothing work related today but staring at a computer screen. Really need a positive work attitude”.




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The Olympiad in Tweets – Hangover edition

First news on Friday, just after the Olympiad was over:

@europeechecs: “It seems that FIDE website http://www.fide.com  has been hacked”.


Since the day after the last round and closing ceremony was a travel day for most players and journalists, the number of tweets concerning the Olympiad was alarmingly low.  Everybody seemed to be at the airport: 


@ChessVibes: Early morning scene at Tromsø airport.”

Breaking: Now we know the real reason why Magnus Carlsen left Tromsø an day earlier!

Nice tweet about Magnus here by John Saunders: @johnchess“An article about the Chess Olympiad auto-translated from Norwegian referred to Magnus Carlsen as the “Norwegian wood champion”.

@backranktristan: “After his Olympiad he probably is pine-ing for the fjords… ” 

What did you do on the airport, @GMHikaru:” Had a lot of fun playing blitz with some of the African players at the Tromso airport!”

Some people obviously had a party after the closing ceremony, what do you think Jonathan? @GMJtis:“Looked out my hotel window this morning, saw full set of clothes and a pair of boots had landed from above. Someone’s been partying”. Sounds like @LennartOotes to me: “Had a wonderful time at the Olympiad. Thanks everyone! If someone happens to find my voice (maybe in no24), please send me a pm.”

Did you like the closing ceremony, Gunnar? @skaksamband:Good closing ceremony but it seems that No way forgot to have a bar at he venue! 😉 

A couple of people stayed another day: @GMJanGustafsson: “Still in Tromso. “All players left the Chess Olympiad. No.24 is now full of of middle-aged locals. Feels weird.”


@chess24com:“Would like to report that Tromsø is now a sleepy Arctic backwater again, but there’s a cycle race”.


Of course, loads of tweets on the timeline about the winners of the Olympiad popped up, e.g. this tweet by my dear friend Yochanan Afek, @afekchess:Big chapeau to medal winning teams especially the Chinese and Indian. A well deserved reward for tremendous efforts over the recent decades!”

@acciochess:”India won bronze at the chess olympiad! Lucky to have witnessed the history being created. 🙂 Congratulations team!”

Yes, India won bronze, and the Twitter timeline was suddenly full of Indians celebrating, @ChessNinja: “India winning bronze without Anand or Harikrishna is incredible. Also highlights bizarre pairing system in use. Played only 1 top 10 seed.” @polpodge: “How crazy the pairings were. China played 7 of the top 15. India 2. Thoroughly deserved top spot. Thoroughly undeserved 3rd.”

The press in India was overexcited, what do you say @asimpereira?


“According to The Hindu newspaper, India won a historic Silver!! News based on tweets?? = Blunder!!” 

@ChessNotes:“Certain @vishy64theking & @HariChess must now face scrutiny for not playing. India almost certainly could have taken Gold.” @orengross: “Whether 2nd or 3rd India had an outstanding tournament, especially not having their two top players”. 

@TraderDXB: “I am not sure if @vishy64theking and @HariChess had played for India, we would have done any better!”

But Vishy has to prepare for Sochi 2014: @Skrinath_Govind: “Vishy wins Candidates; India wins Bronze in Olympiad…. awaiting icing this already exquisite cake in Sochi”.



@SubhashishNandi: Often China, India are uttered in same breath as fastest growing economies; now both are fastest growing chess powerhouses!”


@Times_Chess:China wins Chess Olympiad in Tromso. A sign of things to come.”

We should not forget the winner of the silver medal in the Open section: Hungary!


@GMJuditPolgar: “The Happy Hungarian Team with the SILVER MEDALS!!! :)”

@ejhchess:” I’ve now made about a dozen attempts to work out how Hungary’s tiebreak score was arrived at and still not got the right figure”.

The Russian women know how to handle medals:  


@Pogonina: “Kateryna Lagno showing the right way to treat Olympic medals!”

@TarjeiJS:I wouldn’t say the Russian women team got a loud applause as they got their gold medals.” @PoisonedPwnPress: “Lagno controversy, Russia suing the Norwegian chess federation, Norway imposing sanctions on Putin … Not surprised.”

@ChessinT: “Natalia Zhukova responded to the “loss” of Kateryna Lagno: “Getting rid of parasites is a painless process”

And what about the Russian men? @SunebergHansen:Russia must hire a mentalcoach now! It was sad to see Svidler as the weakest link, think he is history in the national team”. 

Why, Russia was just a bit unlucky, right Sergey? @SergeyKaryakin: “In a hard tournament we tried our best, but were a bit unlucky with the tie-breaks.”

@Kasparov63: “Russian men got a “category prize” in Tromso? What is that? Consolation prize? I don’t remember us needing those when I played on the team!”

In case you wonder why I do not add tweets of Chinese players, the reason is simple: Twitter is blocked in China, North Korea and Iran. However, in the site statistics I noticed that many people from China visit this blog!

Tragic end of Olympiad

Im this final report about the Chess Olympiad 2014 I have to include some sad tweets (again). You may have read the news that two players died on the the last day of the Olympiad, and many tweets about this tragedy popped up. Here are a few:

Teymur Rajabov @rajachess: “Condolences to the families of two chessplayers,died in Tromso, Kurt Meier’s from Seychelles and Alisher Anarkulov’s,Uzbekistan”.

@SilvioDanailov: “My sincere condolences to the families of the two players who passed away on the last day of Tromso 2014. Sad finish for such a great event”.

@SuneBergHansen:“Chess is the most dangerous sport! A game takes hours and you can play untill you die, therefore dying during a game is ‘normal”.

Ellen Carlsen, @ellenoec: “Are two dead people and one disapperead team unusual happenings at a Chess Olympiad?”

One final tweet and a picture by @chess24com:


“The last remnants of the Chess Olympiad are almost gone from Tromsø”. 

Time to relax now, Garry? @Kasparov63: “Resting with family after very long and tiring FIDE campaign. I didn’t win, but my team and I did a lot of good to promote chess.”

@bbalgabaev: “It’s true. We are waiting for you in 4 yrs time. It’s real pleasure to beat such opponent like you. Sorry, not to beat, to crush”

More chess coming up… 

Some players do not seem to get enough: @erwinlami: “No rest after the Olympiad! Today gave a simul in Heemskerk -a town close to Wijk aan Zee”.

And @2700chess tweeted on Saturday: “Shirov (2712.0) lost his first round game at the Riga Technical University Open 2014 to Armbrust Florian (2268, GER)”

@theparasg: “Feels like the Chess Olympiad got over too soon. Where will I get my daily fix of fandom now?”

Well, Paras, the St. Louis Chess Club @CCSCSL has very good news for you: “We’re 2 weeks away from the strongest chess tournament in history. Will you be in STL to witness it?”

No, but I am sure many chess fans will follow the event on Twitter!



The Olympiad in Tweets – Bad news day

@EnniscorthyChess: “Oh no, Chess Olympiad is on a rest day….. What will we do?” Any plans for today @LuisBlascioCruz: “Today Rest day. Day to make contacts and to enjoy the city”. 

Let’s have a look at the last rest day on Wednesday. It must have been quite a depressing day in Tromsø, according to the number of “bad news” tweets!

Let’s kick off with Paco Vallejo, who went to a Carribean party, according to the hashtag:  @Chessidharta: #Caribbeanparty 2 am – “may i ask u smth personal” – Sure! – ” is it true that u had 60 girls in 2 months? ” ‘WTF . Kids Alcohol is bad. ” 

Alcohol is bad, true, what about the music, Eric Hansen? @hansenchess: “Very mediocre music at the parties this Olympiad. Quite dissapointed!”

Perhaps Sabrina can tell us what is going on? @SChevannes: “Why can I hear what sounds like God awful karaoke coming through my bedroom window in Tromso 2014.  Can anyone else hear it?”

Oh dear, sounds like it is not a good news day today? Any FIDE news to cheer you up, Nigel? @NigelShortChess:  “I have had a glimpse of Hell. It resembles an endless FIDE General Assembly”.

@kevinbonham:“Today’s FIDE congress is going so slowly bryologists have discovered six new species of moss growing on”


Didn’t you get a job offer from FIDE, Nigel: @SteveGiddins: “Is it true you have accepted Kirsan’s African job offer?” 

@NigelShortChess: “Yes. Having appointed me as Director of the $500,000 Africa fund 2 days ago, he now says he doesn’t have the power to do so :)”

No power, no funds, no money?  Any news about the 20M? Let us check the FIDE website. Oh wait…: @mikhail_golubev: “Still no news at Fide.com on Ilyumzhinov’s 20 mln USD announcement. It’s logical: why to post every empty promise of the boss?”

Come on, give me some more bad news: @TarjeiJS: “Carlsen will NOT play the last round of the Chess Olympiad and will be leaving Tromsø tonight.” Tarjei added a twitpic from NRK later:


Yeah, keep them coming: @Echecs64:RUS-FRA, worst last round pairing for ze Frenchies. Who will be out? Fressinet? Tkachiev?”

Big bad news item of the day: @ChessVibes:Biggest news of today is the retirement of Judit  Polgar……. (especially when confirmed…)

@times_chess: “A great honour for Times Chess that greatest female chessplayer in the history of the game has chosen “The Times” to announce her retirement”. @GMJanGustafsson: “Wow, Judit Polgar is retiring, is this for real?”

@MarkTwic: “If it turns out to be completely untrue then The Times has a huge amount of explaining to do.”

Any more retirement news, Hikaru? @GMHikara: “Is it my imagination or does this Olympiad feel like the end of a generation with many great players retiring or not competing again? “

@MarkTWIC: “I’m not sure everyone will retire but this feels like an pivotal Olympiad to me too”.

@GMHikaru: “Well, Kamsky has also said that this is his final Olympiad.”



@GregoryChess:“A short list of retiring players in my opinion: Polgar, Kamsky, Anand, Kramnik, Gelfand, Shirov, Short, Adams, and Ivanchuk.”

All the bad Olympiad news packed in one tweet: @portisdos: “Carlsen say that will not play the last round. Polgar announce her retirement. Kirsan crush Kaparov and Short sing a song. “

@GregoryChess:Is Susan Polgar retiring? LOL”

Ok, one positive tweet for you to end this depressing report. Some people seem to have fun in Tromsø: 


@pogonina: “Pogoplane”.

One final tweet for today: Did you have a good day, Mig? @chessninja: If you try to tip housekeeping in this Norwegian hotel by putting money on the pillow, you come back and they’ve left it in a little stack.”

Better stop now. Good night!

The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 10

Phew, quite a busy day yesterday, don’t you think, Jonathan Tisdall?  @GMjts:” I ended a long day of chess and politics yesterday by randomly tuning into the Borgias, coincidentally, an episode about a papal election…”

@MarkTwic: “How’s everyone feeling this morning? Or is it impossible to afford to get drunk in Tromso? I’m half asleep, late TWIC finish.”

Did you sleep well, @PeterDoggers? “Not a good morning to wake up to.” Why? @ChessNinja: “Aww man, Kirsan killed Robin Williams too?”

 Many tweets about the Presidential Elections popped up on Monday and of course today (Tuesday), like this one:

@ChessNinja: “A simple Venn diagram that explains why Kasparov lost the FIDE election.”


Mig has some good news, though: @chessninja:Only upside today is being able to unfollow Kirsan trolls now that tracking the official propaganda is no longer required for campaign.” 


@GMastrokoukos: “Who is a troll, who is objective and who is in touch with reality has been proven (again) in these elections.”

@Kasparov63:Yesterday’s election was a good day for 110 voters and a bad day for 110 million chessplayers. My thanks to all who supported me and chess.”

@ColCrouch: “It’s a bad sign that the losers of an election blame the voters.”

So what to do now? Any suggestions? @chessclublive:” Never has breaking away from FIDE made more sense. Kasparov could head up a rival organisation, boxing has many…”

Back to chess, back to Tromsø

Enough politics for now, let us concentrate on the games and matches in the penultimate round, the last round before the last rest day on Wednesday. I know that it is inflationary to use the words “big match” again, but Russia vs Ukraine is a big match: @GMjtis:” Russian women were shaky yesterday vs. Armenia – Final and most dramatic hurdle – today vs Ukraine, with Lagno facing former teammates.”

What about the open section @EinarGausel? :“Today it’s France vs China for all the marbles in the open section.” @chessninja: “Dammit, USA-Argentina, my two patrias, paired today in the Open Olympiad. May have to split the list, as they say.” @garylanechess tries to predict the England match (again): “England to beat Sweden 3-1, surely I can’t get it wrong again”. 

Interesting statistics by @AsimPereira: “After 9 rounds,  China Germany & Russia( women) are the only undefeated teams! CHN vs FRA, GER vs IND”. More statistics for you by @MegaLovic: “R10 highest combined Elo Saric-Carlsen 5548 Le-Aronian 5515 Topalov-Wojtaszek 5507 Ivanchuk-Mamedyarov 5487 MVL-Wang Yue 5486”.

The question of the day, by @TarjeiJS: “So how many losses will Russia face in Norway today? The Russian Men, Women and lawyers in court can potentially lose!”

Big story for the Norwegians today:


@Tromso2014: “Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, visited the Olympiad today and made the first move on Magnus Carlsen’s  board”.

Her comment in the NRK Studio after she made the opening move was picked up by @TarjeiJS: “It was actually Magnus Carlsen who decided which move to make.” @PattyLlaneza: “Are you sure the Norwegian Prime Minister played just the first move? The rest is all Carlsen’s doing? Seriously?”

It is quite an unusual  opening Magnus choose today, am I right,  @bennedik? “Magnus Carlsen is playing a rare bird of an opening today.” @sellig1947: “Romantic opening but Magnus playing again with fire. He could get burnt this time.”

@Majnu2006: “Magnus Carlsen in trouble against Saric. I have reason to believe that Magnus is human”. @PoisonedPwnPress: “Carlsen using Chess Olympiad as a bizarre training ground? Get a losing position and then practicing his defensive skills by fighting back?”

@chessnotes: “Seems safe to say that Magnus doesn’t play as well in Norway. Too many distractions?” @Outis6 explains:”It’s all those hot Norwegian chicks. You’d have trouble concentrating too.”

@theclosetgm:Honestly, if Saric loses this game (or even draws it), Croatia should just deport him”. 


Text balloon with lyrics by Morrissey. Taken from the Tumblr blog “Chess and Lyrics”. http://chessurfer.tumblr.com/

Meanwhile,  on the other boards:

@sergiofelter: “Anish Giri playing strong. Good tower attack against Kasimdzhanov”.

@EinarGausel: “Bad day at the office for Ivanchuk. Lost in 26 moves with white vs Mamedyarov.” @tamz029:“Sad to see golden oldies perform badly. Another loss for Ivanchuk, Kramnik out of top 10 and Kamsky out of the 2700-club.”

One “oldie” is doing fine , though: @MarkTWIC: “Michael Adams having a tremendous Olympiad. Maybe even secured gold on one if he doesn’t play the final round.” @anBhanna: I hope he rests tomorrow and gets a medal. he should move over 2750 again after today.”

What is happening in the top match China vs France? @PoisonedPwnPress: “Yu Yangi up a pawn, and maybe more, against Fressinet. Could this be the defining game of the Chess Olympiad?” @ejhchess: “While everybody’s watching Carlsen lose, China might just have won the Olympiad”.


@top40chess: “Yu continues his incredible performance at the Chess Olympiad – he is now at 2696.1, up from world #76 to world #49”

Women’s section

Again, it’s all about Magnus on Twitter today. Enough tweets to write an extra edition “Saric vs. Carlsen in 10 tweets” ! Again,  not that many tweets about the women’s section.

@Tromso2014: “Very tense match today between Russia and Ukraine, with Lahno facing her former country.”


@PoisonedPwnPress: “Ukraine has serious chances to beat Russia in the women’s section. 2 games drawn, Ukraine edge on 2 remaining”.

One of those remaining games was a real nail-biter: @nvmea: “Zhukova has been in time trouble since move 15 and she’s done just about well. Remind me who’s she married to”. 

@PoisonedPwnPress: “Girya’s luck in saving lost positions has run out. Ukraine making things interesting, on the verge of beating Russia!!

@FSTIMJP: “I thought some chess experts claimed a few rounds ago that no one can stop Russia any more. How come lost in r10?”

RUS vs UKR is  a politically charged match: @chesscampeona: “I am happy that the Russian & Ukrainian women could sit to play chess in peace and harmony. Hint, Hint, Putin”. 

@pogonina: It’s a game of nerves. Our team lost to Ukraine 1.5-2.5, but Spain tied China 2-2. We are still 1 match point up going into the final round”.

@Eljanov: “I won my game today but we only drew with Azerbaijan. Natasha made my day! Congrats to our girls!”

Let’s go back to the Norway vs Croatia match (open section)…

 @einargausel: “Slugsfest between Lie and Kozul is still a complete mess. The latter has 4 pieces for Q and R. Both kings naked” , and added later:”Lie got lit up like a Christmas tree by Kozul. Norway loses to Croatia.” What about Magnus? @MarkTWIC: “The list of players with a plus score against Carlsen goes up by one!

And to make the score even worse: @TarjeiJS:Hammer loses too. Norway completely demolished by Croatia in what should’ve been a close match: 0,5-3,5″


@tromso2014: “Jon Ludvig Hammer was the last man standing…”

Bad news for the Norwegians, good news for Iceland!

@skaksamband: “The Icelanders are doing excellent things at Tromso2014 and are leading the Nordic Championship after 10 rounds!” Is that ok with you, @EivindSalen?  “I am happy with that, and hope you can prove again the smallest is sometimes the greatest.”

One more round on Thursday … @ChessVibes : “Top pairings last round, Open: Poland-China, Hungary-Ukraine. Women: Ukraine-China & Russia-Bulgaria.”

@Tromso2014: “The Gold, Silver and Bronze medals”.


Will Sam Shankland win a medal? @ChessVibes: “Good chance Sam Shankland, on 8.5/9, will win gold for board 5 since Palestine’s Christian Michel Yunis, who was on 7.0/7, lost today.” What do you think, @DanielRensch?  “Sam. F*ing. Shankland. That’s all I have to say.”

Rest day

Last chance: @PolariaTromso: “Rest day tomorrow. Half price on tickets to Polaria for all accredited in the Chess Olympics.”

And one last tweet for today:”@chessnotes: “Vishy should lobby hard to get 2014 World Championship moved to Norway. Magnus is vulnerable at home.”

Enjoy the rest day!