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Congratulations, Vishy!

Immediately after the game Karjakin-Anandin round 13, in which Anand scored the important draw he needed to clinch home the Candidates 2014, hundreds of  of “Congratulations, Vishy” tweets popped up in my Tweetdeck. I don’t want to quote all the “Tiger of Madras, “Eye of the Tiger” and “Roaring Tiger comeback”  tweets, but I know that Vishy enjoys and appreciates every single tweet. Here is a selection of tweets from well-known players, organizers and fans.

@chesstings:”Congrats to @vishy64theking … I’ll actually miss waking up at 2am for #candidates2014

A sidestep: Aruna Anand wrote a touching piece called “The Champion’s League” in “Culturama Online”, earlier this year: 

“For me, he is just Anand, a simple person who loves Mexican food and has a trained sense of humour. To the world, he is Vishy, a celebrated five-time world chess champion.”

You can find the whole article here: http://culturama.in/13966/. The picture that goes with the article was made by your blogger, in Sofia 2010.

In my picture archive I found a very nice old shot by Boris Dolmatovsky of Vishy and Vlady. I spotted the picture at a special chess picture exhibition in the “Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow 2012. Vishy Anand (24 at the time) and Vladimir Kramnik (18) played the final in the PCA rapid tournament Kremlin Stars 1994. Kramnik convinced Anand to play the Candidates 2014 at a dinner in London, during the Chess Classic.


@candidatesfide: “Anand wanted to cheer Kramnik (after a loss to Nakamura), but the dinner ended with Kramnik cheering Anand up! (about Chennai)”

To the other tweets: I already showed a number of “Congratulations Vishy” tweets in the round report of Round 13, e.g. by Garry Kasparov, Ellen Carlsen, Anish Giri and Pavel Eljanov.

Let’s kick off with a very nice drawing by the great “Wadalupe”, who posted this one after Round 13: @ajedrezconhumor: 

homenaje a anand

Remember “Wish4Vishy”? Before the start of the world championship in Chennai, one of Vishy’s main sponsors NIIT started  this social media campaign. Several tweets by @Wish4Vishy popped up: here are two tweets:

@Wish4Vishy: “The world thought he was history while he created history in the arena of Chess!Our MindChampion is the king! #VishyTheKing

“A remarkable story of resilience and hardwork. A mark of a true champion. #VishyTheKing“.

Jeroen van den Berg, tournament director of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament tweeted:

@JvdbergChess: “Congratulations for @vishy64theking with his impressive victory in the #Candidates2014!”

A number of Grandmasters sended tweets:

Rustam Kasimdzhanov, a former FIDE World Champion, who worked with Karjakin in Khanty-Mansiysk and used to be a second of Anand, tweeted:

@kasimdzhanov: “Both my students did ok in #Candidates2014 :)”

@fabianocaruana: “Congrats to @vishy64theking on a spectacular win and comeback. Carlsen and Anand’s roles have oddly reversed a year later”.

@GMJuditPolgar: ONLY A TRUE CHAMPION can be able to do something like this! Wow! My deepest congratulations to Vishy!”

@jonathan_rowson: “Vishy had to be extremely patient for a change in his fortunes. This is a *recovery* though; it’s not yet a ‘comeback'”.

French grandmaster Sebastien Mazé is looking forward to his match against Anand :-))

@mazetovic: “Congrats to Anand ! We will have an interesting rematch “.

Here is a tweet by Anna Burtasova, Chess TV editor. The website candidates2014.fide.com writes:  “Anna brilliantly hosted the press-conferences and even managed to translate after Peter Svidler in time.”

@chessterra: Congrats @vishy64theking on stunning victory in #Candidates2014 with one round to go! Bravo!”

And of course, hundreds of tweets from India, celebrating their hero. A selection:

@bxj55“Vishy should get Highest Indian award for displaying great skill and mental strength in this tournament.”

@mightysachan: An Inspirational comeback from Vishy after he lost to Carlsen badly at home. He is one of our unsung heroes.

@traderDXB: “Someone just inboxed me saying “Only Indians think Anand is great” Yeah “Only Indians” is good enough, we are 1.3 billion.”

@IndiaFiles:Vishy, its been painful for quite a while but you’ve now given us a reason to smile for maybe not all is lost yet. Congrats.

@indianwizkid: Baap baap hota hai” #vishy response to all those who underestimated him”.

@adatar: “Anand wins #Candidates2014 with 1 round to go. Big punch on face of idiots like me who wanted him to gracefully retire after loss to Carlsen.”

@rpattabi: “@vishy64theking played and won the candidates after 19 years! What a player beating another generation of top WGMs!

And of course, many chess fans are looking forward to the rematch in November:

Another great one by Wadalupe @ajedrezconhumor:

anand challenger again

@knshima: “If something can beat Spassky v Fischer match, then it is Anand v Carlsen in 2014”

@johnsaunders: “After his #Candidates2014 victory, Vishy Anand’s incentive for beating Carlsen will be to join Kasparov and Fischer as an über-champion.” 

@nohanThilagaraj: “I hope Vishy will learn the chess equivalent of “Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique” #KillBill

A bonus picture: here: I shot this in 2013 at Tata Steel. Vishy in his already legendary “comfyshirt!”