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Carlsen-Anand in tweets – Kick off

The world championship 2014 between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand kicked off on 7 November with an opening press conference, the drawing of lots and the opening ceremony.

Let’s hope that the match will be of a significantly higer level than the  events that happened on the first day. Dear oh dear, the way FIDE presented its premium product today, the world chess championship match, was embarrasing.

What happened?

The opening press conference:


Twitpic by @anandcarlsen14:Journalists waiting for the start of the press conference”. 

On the far left we discover Hans-Walter Schmitt, Anand’s neighbour in Bad Soden, Germany. In a month he will start his new job as Santa Claus.

Nice opening statement by the FIDE president, spotted by @PoisondPwnpress: “We want to recreate the feel of chess in the 60s” So, steeped in the Cold War. At least they are honest! 

Talking about the Cold War:

@mikhail_golubev: “Pity that no other place for the world chess match was found than Russia, an international aggressor and terrorist’s supporter”, and added: “Just wondering whether there is any place on the Earth where the top chess players would not agree to play for a good money..”

What happened during the press conference? Nothing really exciting, I am afraid:

@dalkegeetz:World chess championship opening press conference brings same celebratory tone as an autopsy conducted mostly in Russian”. 

@gmjtis: “Someone should ask a unifying question, like which Monty Python sketch is their favorite. Or test if they know them verbatim.”

@unudurti sums up the only thing you need to know about the press conference in one tweet: “Only point of interest in the presscon (unless u r into sets made out of mammoth tusks) “A-Team” entrant Grzegorz Gajewski”.

Well there was another highlight, spotted by @geoffreyborg: “Family Carlsen in support”

carlsen sister

Ok, one more quote, picked up by @chess24.com: “Anand asked what his wife is for him: “She’s a kind of wife” :)”

Next up: the opening ceremony and drawing of lots, with some awesome opening music: 

@DScaper: “Magnus and Vishy walk to the stage to the Dallas theme – I think Vishy is now wearing cowboy boots”.

@telegraphchess: “It was Dallas that Kirsan took the stage to – Unless my ears playing more tricks the translator is trying to suppress hysterical laughter”.

@dalkegeetz:“Happy for any explanation why the president of FIDE walks on WCC’s opening ceremony stage to the theme song from Dallas”.

@dalkegeetz: “When FIDE finds out this opening ceremony rehearsal was live streamed to the web someone’s gonna get canned”. 

@Dscaper: “Whole FIDE opening cerem’ is a laughing stock. The only music they had was an 80’s Film & TV Themes CD.”

@Chessbase: “They used the theme from “Dallas” when Kirsan came on stage. A tribute to JR, or the sponsor Gazprom?”

@pookita: “Well, if you’ve ever been to Texas, you’ll recognize it as full of aliens.”

But there was more music: Picture by @surovlive: 


@Salimhafezi:”Magnus Carlsen seems bored with all that music.  Do you think its compulsory to attend for the players?”

@chesscampeona: How weird. In the opening ceremony they just said they don’t know who invented chess. I thought Kirsan knew that….”

@GMJtis: “Boil a few vegetables and when you come back the ceremony’s been and done”.

@Dscaper:Now the opening ceremony is a disco – Magnus looks like someone has run off with his missus.” and added: “Boris Spassky has just left. Thing about ex-World Champs, you can get out of awkward situations without excuses.”


Picture by @anandcarlsen14: Boris Spassky interviewed by Russian media”

Finally, the most important part of the opening ceremony, the drawing of colours. Picture by @europeechecs.


@MarkTwic: “I’m not sure who has white in game 1 is all that significant but how precisely with a magician do you know the draw was fair?” and @pookita answered: “That poor dove that got spray painted black! PETA would not be happy about that ;)”

@bennedik: “Prediction for game one with Anand playing White: 1.d4, because a)The Berlin b) All of his seconds are 1.d4 players.”

@pogonina:Who will be the 1st to score? In 53 out of 67 top level chess matches the 1st player to win a game prevailed in the entire match -GM Krogius”

Last tweet for today:

@PoisondPwnpress:Nothing like some dubstep to get ready for a chess match”

chess24.com your playground

The Olympiad in Tweets – Round 5

Last round before the first rest day. Any plans for today Lawrence?

@LawrenceTrentIM:Carlsen-Aronian, Kramnik-Topalov & Bermuda Party later, gonna be a great day!”

Hmm, I wonder if his commentary of the Aronian-Carlsen game will be completely neutral? @GMJanGustafsson:“Lawrence Aronian in good spirits before meeting Magnus Carlsen in Round 5”.


Any predictions? @garylanechess:“I am going for an Aronian win over Carlsen today so the Armenian can prove he can be one day a World Champion”.

Talking about commentators: @jasonrepa: “Do us all a favor and remove Gausel from the commentator’s desk. The heavy breathing into the mic is intolerable.”

The other highlight of the day is the encounter Kramnik-Topalov. Earlier this year I wrote an article called “shake hands” on this blog. If you are interested, have a look.


@EuropeEchecs: “Gens Una Sumus” except for Kramnik and Topalov today. As usual, they won’t shake hands it sounds funny, but it’s not”.

@megalovic:” R5 highest combined Elo Aronian-Carlsen 5682 Kramnik-Topalov 5532 Gelfand-Dominguez 5513 WangYue-Giri 5463 Le-Adams 5450″. @top40chess: “27 of the top 40 players are in action at the Chess Olympiad today. Caruana,  Grischuk and Fressinet resting.”

Tania has a day off as well, probably getting ready for the Bermuda Party. @TaniaSachdev:Tea and snickers,Watching Troms2014 live on Norwegian tele! Aronian-Magnus Kramnik-Topalov and other interesting match ups. Rest day bliss!”

Big games and matches ahead. @echecs64 has a funny tweet about the French team: “How French will lose matches in Tromso ? Very simple. Deprive them from Japanese restaurants :)”. @garylanechess has a tweet about the English team: “England will surprisingly easily beat Vietnam. They always try their hardest before the notorious Bermuda Party”. Gary spotted another interesting pairing: “Surely the big match is Canada versus the USA. If the Canadians grab a 2-2 draw it would be a moral victory!”


China has a tough match coming up against The Netherlands: @nvmea:“Chinese should have borrowed Hou Yifan from the women team for today against Giri”.

The games

@ChessBase: “Kramnik-Topalov, Aronian-Carlsen, and so many monster games. Where to focus one’s attention?”

Everybody tuned in? @JonathanRowson: “Determined not to tune in to the Chess Olympiad until work is done. Chess helps you concentrate, but it’s the mother of all distractions.”

And how about Twitter, Jonathan? :-)) @Chess Classic: “Not even close!”

Not surprisingly, the first tweet after the start of the round: @chess24.com:“No handshake in Kramnik-Topalov.”


Will these men ever grow up? Sigh. @DanielRensch: “To be honest, getting kind of tired of the topic…” Peter Doggers on the subject of Kramnik & Topalov “no hand shake”. Totally agree.

Roving reporter @TarjeiJS is wandering through the playing hall looking for mates in three or other oddities. Of course he found something:  “Libyan player losing on zero tolerance for the 5th time in the event. I don’t think he’s here, only 3 of their players here.”

Some more interesting games and players on the lower boards: @davidmelandri63:“13 yr old Anton Smirnov on board 4 for Austalia is on his way to win his 4th match out of 4”. 

@abdallahkhalouf: “GM Viktor Bologan(2654) dropped a piece against a FM (2307) from Lebanon at move 20! Upset of the round?!” (The game ended in a draw, although the computer showed a +1.5 score for black (Faisal Khairalla) in the final position.)

There was a blunder in a top game, between two 2700+ players, and its Ivanchuk, who is playing a very unfortunate Olympiad, in the spotlight:


@Chess24.com:Blunder of the day: After fxg5 Rxe5 Ivanchuk resigned vs Kasimdzhanov”. @MarkTWIC:“Ukraine lose to Uzbekistan. Ivanchuk completely lost the plot in a drawish position inexplicably losing a pawn, then a piece”.

@JonathanRowson:I’m glad I’m not Ivanchuck’s psychotherapist”.

Meanwhile, in the press room: @ChessVibes: “@bbalgabaev left flyers in press room countering statements from Kasparov. Press officer now removing them. “Campaign elsewhere.”

Back to the games of the day: @kumbham:“Topalov seems to be getting Kramniked move by move….”And what’s going on in the match Norway-Armenia? @PoisondPwnPress: “Movsesian and Hammer draw, Aronian still trying to squeeze blood from the Carlsen-stone, Agdestein barely hanging on.”

We should not forget the women’s section, but unfortunately there are not that many tweets, probably due to the attention the tweeters have for the top matches today. “Why is there so little coverage of women’s games? Almost seems it is a mens only tournament..”, @miaupiau666 complains. There are some interesting games, though e.g. Mammadova-Krush in Azerbaijan-USA: @fallingsnowgirl:  “The french defense has not been treating Krush very well this olympiad! Maybe she should go back to the Sicilian…”

@nvmea: “Chinese women making incredible mess of it again, hard to understand some of the moves”.


Back to the top games: here is a picture just before Topalov resigned his game against Kramnik. Was he distracted by the camera?


@jokimdawar: “Cloverfield-like camera work at the Chess Olympiad. Hello Veselin.”

And the other big game ended in a draw: @TarjeiJS: “Aronian-Carlsen 1/2-1/2. Kasparov: “It was a draw when I entered the tournament hall two hours ago.”The draw was not enough for Norway to beat Armenia:  @PoisondPwnPress: “After 5.5 hours and 79 moves, Agdestein succumbs to Sargissian. Good effort from Norway, no shame losing to 3rd seed and defending champs.”

Another top match finished. @goranurosevic:“Serbia held Azerbaijan 2-2 and stays on top of open section! Perunovic beat Radjabov”

What about the Dutch team, certainly a black horse in this event: @RobertRis:2-2 versus China is a good result for the Dutch! 8/10 MP going into rest day, everything still possible!”

Lots of 2-2 results today as you can see, e.g. in Russia-Bulgaria, Germany-Qatar, Vietnam-England and USA-Canada! @chesscampeona:“I honestly thought the United States would defeat Canada in the Chess Olympiad today…the big ouch.” @SusanPolgar: “US lucky to tie Canada. Nakamura was near losing”.

It took a while before all the games in the women’s section were over: @theparasg:“Interesting to note that most remaining games in the Women’s section are on the top boards. Do weaker players play faster?” 

The Russian team was lucky today: In the game Khotenashvili-Gunina, the Georgian woman played the incredible 57. Qc7, losing on the spot. @pogonina:Valya Gunina! What an amazing comeback!!! Russia-Georgia 2.5-1.5″ @nvmea: “Georgian women have been the most unlucky team for several years and today has cemented it…”

Bermuda Party

@ChessVibes: “Tomorrow is the first rest day, and tonight the (in)famous Bermuda Party!” @TarjeiJS: “How many U25 y/o will bring their passport to prove they are over 18? If not, risk not getting in to the Bermuda party!”

bermuda party

Enjoy! Looking forward to some spicy tweets and twitpics!