Carlsen-Anand in tweets – Kick off

The world championship 2014 between Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand kicked off on 7 November with an opening press conference, the drawing of lots and the opening ceremony.

Let’s hope that the match will be of a significantly higer level than the  events that happened on the first day. Dear oh dear, the way FIDE presented its premium product today, the world chess championship match, was embarrasing.

What happened?

The opening press conference:


Twitpic by @anandcarlsen14:Journalists waiting for the start of the press conference”. 

On the far left we discover Hans-Walter Schmitt, Anand’s neighbour in Bad Soden, Germany. In a month he will start his new job as Santa Claus.

Nice opening statement by the FIDE president, spotted by @PoisondPwnpress: “We want to recreate the feel of chess in the 60s” So, steeped in the Cold War. At least they are honest! 

Talking about the Cold War:

@mikhail_golubev: “Pity that no other place for the world chess match was found than Russia, an international aggressor and terrorist’s supporter”, and added: “Just wondering whether there is any place on the Earth where the top chess players would not agree to play for a good money..”

What happened during the press conference? Nothing really exciting, I am afraid:

@dalkegeetz:World chess championship opening press conference brings same celebratory tone as an autopsy conducted mostly in Russian”. 

@gmjtis: “Someone should ask a unifying question, like which Monty Python sketch is their favorite. Or test if they know them verbatim.”

@unudurti sums up the only thing you need to know about the press conference in one tweet: “Only point of interest in the presscon (unless u r into sets made out of mammoth tusks) “A-Team” entrant Grzegorz Gajewski”.

Well there was another highlight, spotted by @geoffreyborg: “Family Carlsen in support”

carlsen sister

Ok, one more quote, picked up by “Anand asked what his wife is for him: “She’s a kind of wife” :)”

Next up: the opening ceremony and drawing of lots, with some awesome opening music: 

@DScaper: “Magnus and Vishy walk to the stage to the Dallas theme – I think Vishy is now wearing cowboy boots”.

@telegraphchess: “It was Dallas that Kirsan took the stage to – Unless my ears playing more tricks the translator is trying to suppress hysterical laughter”.

@dalkegeetz:“Happy for any explanation why the president of FIDE walks on WCC’s opening ceremony stage to the theme song from Dallas”.

@dalkegeetz: “When FIDE finds out this opening ceremony rehearsal was live streamed to the web someone’s gonna get canned”. 

@Dscaper: “Whole FIDE opening cerem’ is a laughing stock. The only music they had was an 80’s Film & TV Themes CD.”

@Chessbase: “They used the theme from “Dallas” when Kirsan came on stage. A tribute to JR, or the sponsor Gazprom?”

@pookita: “Well, if you’ve ever been to Texas, you’ll recognize it as full of aliens.”

But there was more music: Picture by @surovlive: 


@Salimhafezi:”Magnus Carlsen seems bored with all that music.  Do you think its compulsory to attend for the players?”

@chesscampeona: How weird. In the opening ceremony they just said they don’t know who invented chess. I thought Kirsan knew that….”

@GMJtis: “Boil a few vegetables and when you come back the ceremony’s been and done”.

@Dscaper:Now the opening ceremony is a disco – Magnus looks like someone has run off with his missus.” and added: “Boris Spassky has just left. Thing about ex-World Champs, you can get out of awkward situations without excuses.”


Picture by @anandcarlsen14: Boris Spassky interviewed by Russian media”

Finally, the most important part of the opening ceremony, the drawing of colours. Picture by @europeechecs.


@MarkTwic: “I’m not sure who has white in game 1 is all that significant but how precisely with a magician do you know the draw was fair?” and @pookita answered: “That poor dove that got spray painted black! PETA would not be happy about that ;)”

@bennedik: “Prediction for game one with Anand playing White: 1.d4, because a)The Berlin b) All of his seconds are 1.d4 players.”

@pogonina:Who will be the 1st to score? In 53 out of 67 top level chess matches the 1st player to win a game prevailed in the entire match -GM Krogius”

Last tweet for today:

@PoisondPwnpress:Nothing like some dubstep to get ready for a chess match” your playground

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