The Candidates in tweets – round 3

Round 2 was a really good one with exciting games, but what to expect in round 3, the round before the first rest day?  The pairings: Andreikin-Karjakin, Svidler-Kramnik, Topalov-Aronian and Mamedyarov-Anand. Will Veselin Topalov play for a win on his 39th birthday today? @ChessinT wonders : “Is this the last shot at the World Championship for some of these guys?”

A quick look back on round 2:  @Jonathan_Rowson tweeted: “Aronian’s game said “just in case you forgot I’m the favourite…” Kramnik’s said: “Me too.” 

European champion Alexander Motylev

In case you forgot: there are more chess events in the world, e.g. the European Individual Chess Championship in Yerevan, Armenia. After his loss in the second round, @SergeyKaryakin still had something to celebrate on Friday: “Congratulations to my great coach Alexander Motylev! Brilliant play and result!!” @JuditPolgar tweeted: “Congrats to Alexander Motylev for his victory at the European Championship! He was fighting as a lion, himself!” She posted a sweet picture:


Jon Ludvig Hammer@gmjlh , the Norwegian GM who played in the tournament  tweeted: “Lost one rating point and won 45 euros. But still happy after a superb last-round win!” The champ himself was surprised: via @Chess_News he said: “Не могу представить, как я стал чемпионом. Это настоящее чудо”.

Round 3

A bit of a sleepy Twitter start today. Chessplayers (and watchers) are obviously notorious longsleepers. Well then, it’s Saturday, it’s ok to sleep a little longer!  After 45 minutes of play the first assessment from @Chess_Anyone: “In all 4 games black has played very solid systems today”. @Devangshudatta: “All interesting positions with potential but no clear evaluations yet”. @AnishGiri was surprised about the Kramnik game: “Historical day today. Kramnik is not prepared. #writinghistory

Interesting games, interesting tweets: “This commentator girl has a so sexy voice!!! ;)”, according to @Eduardo-Mara. He is talking about Viktorij Cmilyte, who is commentating with her husband, Peter-Heine Nielsen for the official website. I have to quote PH from his Facebook site where he posted a hilarious story:

“Woke up this morning by my sister telling me I overslept my plane to Siberia. Having arrived jetlagged from Brasil 12 hours before, guess predictable. Googled Siberian cities, found a connection to Surgut and now on my way to Khanty-Mansyisk in a taxi ( with wifi!) Will be in time to do commentaries for the Candidates Tournament in 10 hours from now. Unless I oversleep…”



@AnishGiri: “Listening to commentary by PH Nielsen and Cmilyte. Lucky guy, paid for spending quality chess time with his wife. 🙂#jealous“.

Viktorija has to answer Twitter questions like: @jonbobahn. “Viktorija, thx for the very pleasant commentaries. When does the 1st woman enter a candidates ?” There are also some critical voices: @Finlip: “Dear commentators, please stop giving us computer lines. We can check them ourselves”.

In the game Mamedyarov-Anand, black had a pleasant position after the opening:  @reachvsara: “Compared 2 recent past years to his games at #Candidates2014 so fa, looks like de activ Vishy’s back’- PH Nielsen. Glasses on, Gentlemen!” @candidatesfide agreed: “Anand has a pleasant position after an inaccurate 17.e5 by Mamedyarov”. 

And Anand quickly went on to win the game. @chessvibes: Yep @ShahriyarMamedy has resigned and so @vishy64theking will go into the first rest day topping the standings”.  Appreciation by @anishgiri: “The killing precision of Anand resembles the way I remember him from 2008. #foreveryoung ” @Unundurti tweeted: “What was surprising was the speed of White’s collapse in Mamedyarov-Anand”. @Ragnsvan: Impressed by @vishy64theking . “Nice comeback,and now topping the standings. Who did really believe this some weeks ago?”

“Massive win for Vishy. Are we going to see Carlsen-Anand Part 2?” @LawrenceTrentIM.

And the other games? Dutch grandmaster @erwinlami: “Svidler is about to secure the title of Russian champion for the 8th time! Seems to be doing very well against Kramnik.” @chess_anyone tweeted: “Topalov – @LevAronian is going wild ! But it seems @LevAronian has huge activity for the unbalanced material”.

Andreikin vs. Karjkakin ended in a draw. An uneventful game, really and no interesting tweets about the game to be found. They can go into the rest day now, but what to do?life-of-pi-poster2 International Correspondence Chess Master Martin Bennedik has a good idea: @bennedik: “The other players should all watch Life of Pi on the rest day. A tiger is always dangerous”. 

Another game ended in a draw: @chess-anyone: “Topalov @LevAronian is a draw by repetition. After some nice tactics, both players played well and the result is logical”. 

One more game left: @TarjeiJS:” It does actually look like Svidler is doing well vs Kramnik! What a result that would be for Peter!”@carokann: “Well this type of position might be not one for Svidlers style. So Kramnik might survive this”. An exciting game for the Twitter community, @chessvibes: “Svidler & Kramnik both made the time control with seconds left. @polborta is still the one playing for two results”.

And the game continued: @chessvibes: “Will Kramnik find the study-like 45…f5 46.gxf5 Rf6! or not? Peter Heine Nielsen: “It’s a huge moment for both players”. Super Grandmaster @fabianocaruana explained: “To explain the move, it’s prophylaxis against e6 and Qf7. If 46…Qe4 then 47e6 wins. 46…Rf6 47e6 Qe4 seems to draw”. Simon Williams @ginger_gm: “Unbelievable defence by Kramnik! …f5 and …Rf6!!”. 

So the game ended in a draw: @carokann: “The worst is yet to come for Svidler. Confessing in pressconference”.

Another interesting day at the Candidates. I will leave you into the rest day with a tweet by @haley_connorWhat score would you guess for Kasparov in this tournament if he just showed up and played with no preparation?”


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