The Candidates in tweets – round 2

A new day, a new round. In round two we will follow the games Kramnik-Karjakin, Svidler-Andreikin, Topalov-Anand and Aronian-Mamedyarov on Twitter.

Hashtag confusion

@aarjun17 tweeted to @nastiakarlovich, press officer in Khanty Mansyisk: “There is a problem with this hashtag #Candidates2014. The same tag is being use in tweets related to the Indian elections”. It gets even more confusing when Anand (india!)  is trending on Twitter in India: @rajkashana: “Still too early to say anything about the outcome. Glad to see Vishy back in form and hope he sustains it. #Candidates2014“. @LennartOotes tweeted: “Tournament website did choose for #CandidatesChess“.

Round 1 comments

Anand had an impressive start in the first round with his win against Aronian. @DanielRensch, Vice president of stuff for @chesscom and @chesskidcom: “Wow! @vishy64theking played like a champion today!@Kumbham: The Tiger has new dentures !”

And what did the world champ have to say? Via @TarjeiJS, the essential source for chess related tweets from Norway, we read:  @MagnusCarlsen to @vgnett: “Impressive play by Anand today. But you can’t draw any conclusions after only one round.”

Round 2

Obviously, there are still some bugs on the official site. @LennartOotes asked:  “Khanty Mansiysk challenge of the day: how to reproduce this position with @candidatesfide official live board”


Lennart, did you notice the ad on the left: “Asus, Master of home entertainment?” A very , ahum entertaining position, don’t you think?

What was really going on in KM? @LorinGhiman observed: Kramnik keeps his odd habit of showing up at the game with his things in a plastic bag.”

After less than 45 minutes @AnishGiri tweeted: Aronian-Mamedyarov #omgunbelievable.  @ChessVibes tweeted: In round 2 #CandidatesChess Mamedyarov blunders and should already be losing against Aronian”. Natalia Pogonina @Pogonina agreed: “Aronian – Mamedyarov looks like a potential miniature (1-0). Black is getting his queen trapped.”

This spectacular game got a lot of attention, but what was going on in the other games? Toppy-Vishy: @IndicRace: “Anand looking supremely confident. A planned change in style of play finally working?All his defects spotted and cleaned up?” The same user was a bit worried about the health of his compratiot: “Anand coughing, Siberia has taken its toll?” @Reachvsara: “Tiger of Madras, playing Black, in a Yellow Shirt, has offered a Pawn on move 10, prowling around nonchalantly :-)”

Kramnik-Karjakin: @Chess_Anyone: “Kramnik is already 50 minutes up on time and has tremendous compensations for the sacked pawn”. No tweets about Svidler-Andreikin after 90 minutes of play, but then @AnishGiri tweeted: “Svidler is playing terribly beautifully! #masterpiece.” 

Trivia of the day: “The “thing” Topalov wears on his wrist #Candidates2014 is a Balcanic celebration of spring (red&white strings woven together)“, tweeted by @LorinGhiman

The wristband did not prove to be enough to win against Anand: @ChessVibes: Impressive liquidation to a drawn pawn ending by @vishy64theking vs Veselin Topalov in round 2. @Reachsvara: “Confident 46…Rg2 & Vishy draws: `This is the difference between Grandmasters and Super Strong Grandmasters!’ @VCmilyte at #Candidates2014“.

Peter Svidler won his first game of the tournament: @ChessinT tweeted: “Gustafsson: “I think Andreikin might throw in the towel here – I don’t see a move”. Svidler obviously dominated the press conference. @ChrisBirdIA,  a chess arbiter and chess organizer from Boston reacted: “Watching Svidler analyze his win from today. Poor Andreikin should be allowed to leave, he can’t get a word in edgeways.”

@ChessVibes:“The end of @polborta-Andreikin reminded of McDonnell-De La Bourdonnais. Funny: that was also a Kalashnikov!”

After his loss in the first round against Anand, Aronian won today: @TarjeiJS: “Aronian, Armenia 1-0 Mamedyarov, Azerbaijan. The Shakh trapped his own queen early on.” More Twitter poetry comes from @OlimpiuUrcan: “After he got his knight trapped on b2 v Anand, Aronian’s aesthetic two-knight dance (14.Ne4!!) snared Mamedyarov’s queen.”

The last game of the day was Kramnik-Karjakin.  @Pogonina: Interesting exchange sacrifice by Kramnik. He is objectively better, but the position is quite complicated.” @ChessVibes: “And… Kramnik also wins, against Karjakin. Young players in trouble today. Wonderful 2nd round”. From the official Twitter account @candidatesfide: “The strong novelty helped Vladimir Kramnik to claim the first win in the #Candidates2014“. 

Isn’t it great that the official Twitter account does not use the recommended  #CandidatesChess? Sigh.


After two rounds, it was time to speculate about the shape of the players.  Mark Crowther is worried about Topalov: “Even when people have been saying good things about his game he’s almost gone out of his way to say not.” Another tweet: Topalov just looks like he doesn’t believe in his chess anymore. That’s the vibe I’ve been getting off him for some time.”

@MarkTWIC is also worried about Aronian:  I’m also still a bit worried about Aronian, he doesn’t look in good shape even after today’s gift. Time trouble again.” @TarjeiJS  is worried about Andreikin: ” Great to see that the event may be more open than many have predicted. The only one I will rule out 100 % is Andreikin.” 

Andreikin does not have a Twitter account, but I read a nice quote via  @OlimpiuUrcan: “Andreikin [on preparation]: “I don’t want to reveal all my secrets, [be]cause I don’t have many.”


There was some irritation on Twitter about the commentary on the official website:  @DavyDavy196 tweeted:  “Please tell the Danish commentator to stop talking once in a while and not run on so”@SusanPolgar replied: “He’s paid a lot of money to talk. Otherwise, it would not be commentary :)” 

During the press conference after the game Svidler-Andreikin, things heated up in the game Kramnik-Karjakin, but….”Kramnik-Kariakin in time pressure and we still watch the press conference of Svidler??” @VassilisKokkakis tweeted. “I want to see the games, not the press conference.”, tweeted by @cshsanchez. “Unbelievable. Pple want to see live chess not someone giving a lecture on a game that has already finished”, tweeted by @PeterWarne29, later he added@NastiaKarlovich “can we please record the Press Con and show them after lives games have finished? thanks”. 

Last tweet for today: “Two rounds of #Candidates2014 and I’m already dreaming about #Anand-Carlsen rematch.. :)”, by @hjbhatt






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