The Candidates in tweets – round 14

After 13 rounds of top level chess, we have reached the final round of “The Candidates 2014” in which we have the pairings: Anand-Svidler, Aronian-Karjakin, Topalov-Andreikin and Mamedyarov-Kramnik. 

Kudos to Douglas Berger, who will be happy that the event is over: @philochess: “Woke up at 4am for 3 weeks to watch. Great tournament and coverage! Congrats to Vishy on a brilliant comeback!”

Teymur Rajabov is also following the final round from Baku. @rajachess: “Last round,not decisive at all. We will see if @vishy64theking will fight today,he is first with one round to go! #curiosity “. @garylanechess: “The last round games at the candidates are going to be draws so they can get ready early for the party at the closing ceremony?”

@india_zero has one wish for the final round: “Can I expect at least one game with insane sacrifices and wonderful fireworks”. @drsaurabh19: “I think we will see unhibited and fearless chess play in this round as all the players are under no pressure”. Jovan Petronic @fstimjp is not very optimistic: “Predicting two new three-fold repetitions in round 14 Chess Candidates, starting in five minutes time. Hope I’m wrong.”

A quick sidestep to a running gag on Twitter about the #comfyshirt: “Anand’s lucky shirt is national treasure.Hope we have our best intelligence to stop the Norwegians frm”, tweeted @BalaajiM. No comfyshirt today for Anand: Anand wearing suits today like a WC challenger, tweeted @BekMirahmedov. 

I guess that these comfyshirt or lucky shirt tweets were initiated by a tweet of your blogger:-)) In the first round I watched the game Anand-Aronian, recognized the shirt Anand was wearing and tweeted: “Trivia: @vishy64theking wears his lucky shirt. He wore the same shirt in his game against @LevAronian in Tata 2013. He won”.

Tweeting about clothes is @nemrod23:” @NastiaKarlovich your level of preparation to this tournament is impressive. 14 rounds and 14 different outfits I believe!”

Round 14

To the games: One of the most indefatigable tweeters during the Candidates is here to comment the first moves: @reachvsara:“Vishy has taken it easy, mass exchanges from a Marshall, retire early for meal with Sandipan Chanda #DinnerAfterStorm“. @rajachess: “Anand is better and even if he draws he will find an exact moment when nobody else is giving press-conference”.

FIDE president Ilyumzhinov plays the first move in the last round.Picture taken from

The game did not take very long. After 34 moves and 90 minutes of play,  Anand and Svidler finished their tournament.  @dilipvanaman:Vishy secures 8 1/2 points/14 rounds. Coincidence ? Same points as @MagnusCarlsen in the 2013 Candidates”. @bandrinath: “+3 – 0 = 11. Who would have thought? A polite slap to all those who said “he” is over!!”  @unudurti“In effect, Anand needed only 6 Whites. Respect”.

@olimpiuUrcan: “This Anand v Svidler dry last round shows why Anand is a 5-time world champion & Svidler is just a 7-time Russian champion.”

Not long after the Baden Baden teammates Anand and Svidler agreed to a draw, there was another quick draw: @ChessVibes:Vladimir Kramnik and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov just finished their #Candidates2014 Tournament with a draw.

Two more games left in the Candidates 2014: @rajachess:“Topalov-Andreikin ‘you kill me or I kill you’ game. Big fight.” There was also lots of action in the other game:  @Jonathan_Rowson:”Something completely chaotic about Aronian-Karjakin game, like round 14 in a Rocky movie, with wild punches, and no ducking.”

But the Twitter community seemed to have seen enough chess these past three weeks and there were not that many tweets about the last games. @baariish: “Last round of #Candidates2014 Aronian-Karjakin & Topalov-Andreikin is gng ON & ON & ON! waiting for their final result :p wind up soon ~.~” @susanpolgar: “Topalov pushing as usual. Aronian in danger of losing w/ white v Karjakin. Imagine if Aronian loses & finish last. Who would have thought?”

Top grandmaster Teymur Rajabov has a remarkable tweet: @rajachess “It doesnt matter if your engines will show +0.65 instead of 0.45 or so, most of the positions with eval +1 here are drawish.”

@MarkTWIC: “Topalov draw Andreikin. Topalov one of many who need to go away and think after a disappointing result.” @susanpolgar: “Topalov drew and assured of last place. Who would have thought? Wow!”.

Finally! We had to wait three weeks for the “wow”.

One more game to go: @NastiaKarlovich tweeted: “Seconds of @LevAronian Maxim Rodstein and Tigran Gharamian are waiting for Levon and playing blitz”, and added this twitpic:


@dilipvanaman:”Is @SergeyKarjakin trying to use his age today ? @LevAronian is 10 yrs older. His tactic didnt work with Vishy.” @OsorioBaharona:  “Is Karjakin applying the Carlsen Method? Pressing in the endings to get opponents into making errors?”

And Karjakin won the last game, after 7 (!) hours of play: @pogonina: “Aronian – Karjakin 0-1.Game of the day today, a rollercoaster. Sergey clinches clear 2nd place”. 

@SergeyKaryakin is the Rahul Dravid of chess.. very patient and boring..but also very efficient :)”, according to @gultistan.  “Very much impressed by @SergeyKaryakin …already can see a future on board rivalry with @MagnusCarlsen“, tweeted @pranavdes. 

The final standings:


@rajachess: “Exciting event and certainly the best system to determine best contender for the title. #chess #qualification

To finish the coverage of the last round, here is a selection of tweets from the twitter community to the commentators and organizers:

@Sighpie tweeted: “My thanks to you Peter and to Viktorija for your excellent commentary. Human analysis and humour beats silicon every time :)”

Picture from the livestream on the website, by @DeepMikey

@siddyg: “Thanks Peter Anna, and Viktorija for the fantastic commentary – Do you think this dream team will be commenting again soon?”

@vveggalam: “Commentary was not only insightful, respectful & professional but also interviews were terrific. Thank you.”

@unudurti: “Our thanks to all the fine folks who worked behind & in front of the scenes in Khanty-Mansiysk!It has been a great few weeks”. @asimpereira: I think two people have given their best performance in the Candidates, Anand and Peter Nielsen! Nice commentary!

And if you want to know more about the people behind the scenes, go here.

@elle_dore:Loved every day of the action & v. much appreciated all commentaries: funny, serious, Russian, English, Twitterish <3″

One last tweet for today:

@Jonathan_Rowson:Apologies to non-chess followers for outpouring of obscure tweets over last few days. Believe it or not, #chess is sometimes really exciting “



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