The Candidates in tweets – the last rest day

After a very intense 12th round in the Candidates, it is time for  the 4th and final rest day of the event. Just two more rounds to go in this fascinating Candidates tournament. I expect a Twitter chess boom this weekend! Talking about chess boom:

@candidatesfide: “Chess boom: Candidates tournament 2014 with record breaking interest”. “Intruiging to note that the highest visitors to the homepage/webcast of FIDE #Candidates2014 are from Germany even when no player is German.” noted @subhashishnandi. 

nochessToday is a rest day at the #candidates2014. For me this means a distraction free workday. Which is nice.” tweeted @tnttoon, Antoon Frehe. No #Candidates2014 today. No excuses to skive :-< tweeted @MarkFPWatts. 

After round 12 and on the rest day, there were a lots of interesting discussions and tweets about the games and the players. You might have missed a couple of tweets, so I am happy to select a few here. 

I have found a tweet by ACP Board Director @YuriGarrett: ““Now is the time for Anand to show steel nerves. You bet he has some.”

And the answer by Jeroen van den Berg, director of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament @jvdbergchess: “One of his nicknames is Mr. Tata Steel, so I suppose Vishy has nerves of steel.”

After round 12, Garry Kasparov tweeted about the Candidates. You have to look carefully in his timeline, because he mainly tweets about political issues. But here are a number of interesting, chess-related tweets by the 13th world champion. His account is @Kasparov63.

“Indian chess fans very happy now with Anand sure to qualify. But considering result of first match, Norwegians likely a close second!”

Anand will be underdog to Carlsen, clearly. But chess history has shown rematches have their own dynamics. Rarely a repeat of first.”

“Losing the championship title can invigorate a player. Anand showing that here. Kramnik did too. Being champ, being the favorite, not easy”.

Armchair grandmasters

Maybe you remember this tweet by @Chessnor yesterday? #Anand forced a draw in a winning position! What! Is @vishy64theking a coward or lazy?” Not a very elegant tweet, to say the least. The good thing about Twitter is, that other users can respond: @siddyg: “It’s easy for us to sit aorund with our computers and judge vishy, but he made a very good practical decision.” @lionsofsavuti: “Humans get tired.He ain’t a cmputer.let us accpt tht evryon s diffrnt.he has his freedo to play as he want”. @traderDXB: Guess it is easy for armchair engine-backed experts like @ChessNor to call Anand a coward.” And @chessnor responded to the tweets: “You are correct! Was getting frustrated that vishy did not win”. 

@TarjeiJS, the best source of information if you want to know something about chess in Norway, obviously had some twitter debates with Indian chess fans after round 12 and on the rest day:  “I’ve never seen so many angry tweets directed at me from Indians, after what I consider a rather uncontroversial tweet about Anand.” Tarjei, what did you tweet then?

“I can imagine that an #AnandCarlsen rematch is the 2nd best for the world-wide chess publicity that we could get? Not a bad thing.” Logical question by @kedharf1: “why 2nd? “. And Tarjei answered: “2nd because I think Carlsen-Kramnik would be bigger, taking their rivalry into consideration.” @Nsrivatsa1989: “You talk as if Kramnik-Carlsen is Fischer-Spasky; MC and Norway are recent in chess history and VK is a dead player now”. And he added: “Right now Carlsen-Anand in the biggest rivalry; generational; grave digging during the candidates cannot make MC-VK a bigger one”.

Tarjei became a tweet from Chess Magazine B&W from India: @bandwindia: “Indian chess fans live in a cave — true ;)” “Hopefully not all of them. :),” answered @TarjeiJS. @Nsrivatsa1989: “Yes, and some journalists are so cut off from reality that they live in Ice caves “. @bandwindia answered both: “you got that 😉 checkmate without a game!!!”

When you go through the literally thousands of tweets about the event, it becomes obvious that some tweeters get over-excited during the games. (which is good for this blog, BTW) If Abraham Lincoln would have had a Twitter account, he would have tweeted this advice:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

One final tweet: “A day without tagging ” #candidates2014 ” is not a day worth living :D” by @Aru_Amit! 

What is he going to do on Monday?


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