The Candidates in tweets – round 10

It was a quiet day on Twitter on Monday. Not only the players in Khanty Mansyisk needed a rest day after Sunday’s fireworks, obviously! There were hardly any entries under the hashtag #Candidates2014. Well, round nine was exciting, wasn’t it Mr. Kenmure?


Picture posted by @garylanechess during round nine:“Arbiter Jamie Kenmure having fun at the Candidates. The highest ever honour by an Australian arbiter I think”.

There were a number of interesting tweets on the restday, though. @johnchess: “I’m loving born-again Vishy Anand, playing chess the way we always knew he could play. Botvinnik 1961 comes to mind”. @TarjeiJS reports from Norway: “Haha, manager of @MagnusCarlsen says he has been contacted by a lot of Indian journalists the last few days.” 

Top players are looking forward to round 10: Dutch GM @anishgiri: Looking forward to the final stage of the candidates starting tomorrow! #haterestdays #unlessiamplaying“.

Interesting hashtags by Giri (again!)

A top ten player, who would have loved to play in the Candidates is Hikaru Nakamura: @GMHikaru: “Not really following the candidates that closely, but Vishy seems to be the most consistent player by a wide margin.” But Hikaru is following other sports:“Fabulous win by Barca!! Messi proving once again that he is simply the best player in the world!”

Teymur Rajabov (that is how his name is written in his Twitter profile, Wikipedia says “Teimour Radjabov “) has an interesting hashtag in one of his latest tweets: @rajachess:When I see the chessboard,I feel happier than anyone else in the world. Thats what  I feel bestgameonearth

Don’t we all agree with Teymur? Let’s go to the games. The pairings for round 10: Karjakin-Andreikin, Kramnik-Svidler, Aronian-Topalov and Anand-Mamedyarov. 

@MarkTWIC:R10 Funny thought occurs to me. The players will be getting up and starting to prepare. I’ve not gone to bed yet!” @rachapalli tweets: “Long sleepless night ahead for us in Canada.” @teotsorb: “10th round could be more excited than 9th! Still 5 rounds & nothing decided. Younger players look better in 2nd half”.

@hjbhatt wonders: “Mystery of the day:”Which shirt will Anand wear for his today’s game against Shak?!” On the rest day I found a wonderful tweet by @chessclublive: “Strong Look for Chess: What shirt should Anand wear today? #LuckyShirt“. And they added this Twitpic which I would like to show you here as well:


Vicente Pessoa has chess for breakfast but is also carefully watching at the shirts, @vicentepessoajr: “Watching from Brazil since 6 a.m. You should note Levon’s shirts as well! They are also very exotic!”

Round 10

 “Looking forward to more superb commentary with Peter’s outside the box creativity and Victoria’s pragmatism – a great team!” tweeted @AlanByronOdeon. Stuart Conquest agrees @stuthefox:”First class live commentary by @VCmilyte and @PHChess at the #candidates2014 – definitely a good partnership!”

“In only 5 moves, Kramnik and Svidler seem already out of book. Who said chess was a finished game ?”, observed by @Chess_Anyone. “After 5…c6! is Svidler slightly better with the Black pieces as early as move 5?” @erwinlami. His wife Alina tweeted: @alinalami: “I don’t even have to ask @erwinlami anymore what’s going on in the @candidatesfide. I just log in on Twitter:)”

Psychological games prevailed in Anand-Mamedyarov: @TusharSarda: “will Anand and Mamedyarov agree to a draw by repetition?”  No!. …”GM Mamediarov just gained a ton of extra respect by refusing the 3-fold-occurence draw rule”, according to @FSTIMJP. However, just a few moves later the game ended in a draw: @indicrace: “Comfortable draw for Anand inspite of home prep by Mamedyarov.Never in trouble in this tournament, Anand!”

Not much to say and tweet about this game. “A normal draw.”, Mamedyarov said in the press conference.  So let’s focus on the other games. The Karjakin-Andreikin game also quickly ended in a draw, without much to tweet: “Karjakin- Andreikin 1/2 I guess Sergey didn’t manage to find a way to improve his position”, according to @Chess_Anyone. Karjakin had something to celebrate on the restday: @SergeyKaryakin“Поздравляю свою любимую девушку @GaliyaChess с днем Рождения!!!”. He added this twitpic:

Happy birthday, Galiya!

Chess author and journalist Steve Giddins @GiddinsSteve: “Looking increasingly like a day of four draws in the Candidates.”

Then suddenly, a tweet by @anishgiri:What a cheapo!! Kramnik-Svidler Bxh2!. #toocheap. “Kramnik’s gaffes in this #Candidates2014 have been as big as the mammoths residing in Khanty-Mansiysk’s Archeopark”, tweets @OlimpiuUrcan, and Olimpiu.G. Urcan, who is a Chess History writer and a Chess Cafe columnist added: “Kramnik’s gaffe (overlooking 32…Bxh2+) is the type of move café blitz addicts are encouraged to undo since there’s no fun in such a win.”

@Jonathan_Rowson: “Just saw what happened to Kramnik. Ouch! Blunders are so profane, but they decide most games, even at the very top.” @PeterWarne29:” I’m devastated for Kramnik right now. I really hoped he would have one last shot at the title”.


@TarjeiJS tweeted this picture from the Norwegian paper @dagbladet: “Shocking big blunder by Carlsen challenger”. 

Kjempetabbe = blunder. Aha. Chess friends all over the world will have to learn these typical chess expressions in Norwegian by heart. Thanks to Tarjei, of course. :-))

And there are several other tweets about Kramniks blundering,but I think you get the point. Let’s go to the last game of the day: Aronian-Topalov. Twitterworld was so full of the blunder of the day,that this game did not get much attention. However: Mr. Saravanan from Chennai tweeted and gets the “hashtag of the day” award:  @reachvsara: “Now we say from here in Chennai, that India n Bulgaria are natural friends 🙂 #VeskoDefendWellVishy’sLeadAtStake. His compatriot  @asimpereira tweeted: “and he did draw; not before giving some anxious moments to Indian fans!”

@OlimpiuUrcan: “Win, lose or draw, Aronian’s gusto for playing is revealed by his pirate-like grin when revealing a few subtle swindles.”

The end of round 10 was an important one: @MarkTWIC: “The Russians have finished all their games against each other.” @Pookita: “So the “conspiracy” involved vaulting Anand to the top? :)” Grandmaster Jonathan Tisdall, @GMjtis: “Well, I hope all those silly Russian conspiracy theorists are hanging their heads and apologizing”. 

@pogonina: “Fatigue is clearly starting to kick in. 14 rounds is a long distance. Wonder how the two Ks used to play unlimited matches”

@Ammu_Maanu: “Anand still leads by a full point at the end of Round 10 of #Candidates2014 . Not a bad day at office for the Tiger from Madras :)”

split trousers bowler postcard
Artist: Arthur Thiele



And I will leave you with a final tweet from “The Week in Chess” editor Mark Crowther: @MarkTWIC: “Confirmed the important story of the day. Svidler did indeed have a split in his trousers during play today”. 


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