The Candidates in tweets – round 1

And off we go! The Candidates tournament in Khanty-Mansiysk took off on March 13 with the games Anand.-Aronian, Andreikin-Kramnik, Karjakin-Svidler and Mamedyarov-Topalov.

A special day for Vladimir Kramnik: @chessblogs (Dennis Monokrousos) tweeted: “Happy Birthday, Vladimir Kramnik: The 14th world chess champion turns 38 today”.

“Believing in Aronian – Dreaming about Kramnik – Hoping for Svidler – But what if it’s Karjakin?” Tarjei J. Svensen, the Twitter king from Norway @TarjeiJS. 


Do you remember the unusable black and red Chesscasting pieces of last years’ Candidates tournament in London? Horrible! The official website uses a normal wooden-like board and pieces that are ok. Nothing special, but at least you can tell a rook from a queen! However,  the start of the live transmission was a bit bumpy. Top GM Anish Giri @AnishGiri  tweeted:

“Transmission of Candidates is so bad, have to use my opening expertise to guess who is playing who and with what color! :)”

Mig Greengard @chessninja added:

“So, the official site of the Candidate tourney off to a smashing start, with the games labeled differently on the two live coverage pages.”


Andreikin and Kramnik had a slow start with an uneventful draw, but Anand had a good position, according to Giri:

“A ‘comeback’ for Anand already in the first game would be sensational. Aronian is too careless, will he be punished?”

Venkat Saravanan, a strong IM from India @reachvsara: 23.c4! sounds great news for #AnandFans regarding his form at the #Candidates2014 🙂

I took a closer look at the official website, switched on the live games and what did I see on the cam: Vishy wearing a familiar shirt, so I tweeted:

 “Trivia: @vishy64theking wears his lucky shirt. He wore the same shirt in his game against @LevAronian in Tata 2013. He won”. 

Aronian-Anand, Tata Steel 2013. (click to enlarge)

Lyrics: Donovan- “I love my shirt”

I received a lot of retweets and found a nice comment: 

@passedpawn tweeted: “If I were Levon I would go and change my t-shirt and put one with MC’s pic on it.”

Meanwhile. the situation in in the Karjakin-Svidler game was unclear: “22…Bc4 !! From @polborta is such a beautiful and powerful move ! Peter is seizing the initiative now”, tweeted by @Chess_Anyone, whereas commentator Lawrence Trent tweeted via “I fear for Svidler.”

Not a surprise, that the game ended in a draw. “Svidler and Karjakin claiming that they both expected their opening today but neither remembered their preparation”, Mark Crowther @MarkTWIC tweeted.

Mamedyarov-Topalov also ended in a draw. Hard to find tweets about this game! Both players do not have a Twitter account! But I guess they have fans?

“3 games end in draw. All eyes on Anand vs top seed Aronian. Vishy has a very good (and rare!) advantage against Aronian”, @AsimPereira tweeted. Pentala Harikrishna @HariChess agreed: “Anand clearly winning against Aronian!”

When the last game was over, @Fabiano Caruana tweeted: “The players came out swinging in the 1st round of the Candidates, but only @vishy64theking profited from an impressive technical display.”

@TarjeiJS tweeted: “What a start for Anand beating Aronian! Must’ve given him a massive confidence boost. Who would’ve thought?” “Vishy! The Asian Tiger is back!” tweeted Theo. Tsorbatzoglou @teotsorb. 

That’s it for round one! Comments welcome.



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