The Candidates in tweets – round 9

Before we go to the games of the 9th round, let’s see what Garry Kasparov has to say on Twitter about the Candidates tournament so far.

Garry Kasparov, at a press conference during the 2012 world championship in Moscow.

@Kasparov63: “As an retiree, always good to see the oldest player in the field doing well! Those who said Anand should retire should be embarrassed.”

“I said Aronian & Kramnik were the favorites before the event so I am not going to change now!”

“People who say chess is “overanalyzed” don’t like to analyze! As for Go, it’s impressive. Deep patterns. Was just at event.”

Round 9

The games today: Anand-Topalov, Karjakin-Kramnik, Andreikin-Svidler and Mamedyarov-Aronian.

@ChessClubLive:“So what are you doing this Sunday? I’m listening to Kylie Minogue on a loop and watching #Candidates2014

Peter Warne has other plans this Sunday: @peterwarne29: “I’m literally going to do nothing today #Candidates2014 #MSR #SonyOpenTennis“, and added: “did go to church of course! #catholic“.

“Today is the little-known Siberian festival, “National Bloodbath Day”, according to @unudurti. 

And it was worth watching the Candidates today since there was some early excitement in the game Karjakin-Kramnik:“Looks like Kramnik sacrificed a pawn, but computer thinks it’s a bluff. Karjakin clearly better?” tweeted @TarjeiJS (does he ever sleep?)  Simon Louchart added @MyChesstrai: “Did Kramnik blunder against Karjakin allowing Qxb7 ?”” Kramnik doesn’t seem too happy with his position, I wonder what he overlooked when playing dxc4″, @Chess_Anyone tweeted. “I think Kramnik needs a strong cup of espresso”, @jimji87 suggested.

“Maybe #Kramnik has sent a twin brother to #Candidates2014 ? His plan: Play terrible openings then miraculously survive the middlegame.”, according to German-Spanish journalist David Moreno @AtleicoDave. Justin Horton @ejhchess: “Watching the chess without a computer or commentary. Am I right in thinking that Kramnik is taking a terrible pasting?”

Picture from


A word to the commentators and the great live pictures we get from the playing hall: @jonbobahn: “Pls. give some praise to the camera men, we get really amazing insights, mostly always on the spot.”

@chessterra answered:“Remote controlled silent cameras in the hall dont bother the players,and our director Tatjana doing an amazing job!”

Viktorija @TataSteel 2012.


And a word to the commentators Viktorija Cmilyte and Peter Heine Nielsen: @Bjoern_Ziemann: “Who play against Carlson has not been decided  Certain is: The comments of Viktorija  and Peter are masterly.” 



The live stream from the official site is popular: @hadacostac: “Don’t you think they walk a lot instead of being concentrated on their own game?Peter is going to open a hole in the floor!” @palonsofig: “So funny watching Anand, Svidler and Krammnik all three looking at Mamedyarov-Aronian game like… WTF??” @hdacosta: “Maybe if Peter spends more time sitting, he could achieve a better game against Andreikin”. 

Back to the games: @anishgiri: “8 players playing for a win=4 fun games! #thatstheequation“. “R9 – As the games leave the opening stage, I’d venture to say that this looks like it could be a very good day for Anand.”, according to @dgriffinchess. Grandmaster Abhijeet Gupta @iam_abhijeet from India tweeted :” As predicted Madras Tiger is roaring again with white pieces!” But Gupta also keeps an eye on the other games: “Azerbaijan-Armenia(Shak-@LevAronian) match is definitely more interesting than ind-pak match of last night!” 


Interesting tweet here from @kkarra99:  “What’s happening in Mamedyarov-Aronian game? “Have 7% battery, can’t watch the game 🙁 “. 

Enough battery to tweet, obviously?!


Meanwhile, in Karjakin-Kramnik: “Karjakin and Kramnik working on a plan to put spectators to sleep.” according to @TraderDXB. Grandmaster Pavel Eljanov @Eljanov: “It’s fun that after Kramnik’s statement that 3.Qb3 yesterday was complete trash he quickly collapsed today in similar harmless line”, followed up by: “OK, he is not completely lost yet but his play looks strange to put mildly #modesty“. 

It was difficult for the Twitter community to evaluate Anand-Topalov:  @tbreug: “Anand might lose today since his e5 pawn is hard to defend. If Aronian loses too we will have a scoreboard reset.” And almost at the same moment @traderDXB tweeted: “Looks like Topalov just messed it up in Rd9 :)”. Just a few minutes later @hjbhatt tweeted:  “I was going to switch of the live stream but after 31. h6 by Topalov Stockfish is suddenly giving a big advantage to Vishy!!”

@susanpolgar: “Aronian and Kramnik dug themselves a huge hole. Anand steady and pushing. This round can potentially be the turning point.” @EuropeEchecs: “Of course it’s too early, but the revenge Anand-Carlsen seem appearing on the horizon…” @TaniaSachdev: “Kramnik and Aronian completely lost positions. Vishy solid and better just as he likes it.. Go Vishy!!”

I would love to show you some tweets about Andreikin-Svidler  but there were almost no comments about that game. The only sensible tweet I found was: “Andreikin-Svidler draw, 30 moves“, by @candidatesfide. @carokann:“Andreikin shut Svidler up during their press conference. The true shocker of round 9 for me.  Maybe Peter is reading tweets.”

The next game to finish was Mamedyarov-Aronian: “Vishy looked very shocked when he came to know that Aronian resigned”, according to @Midzorgies. “Mamedyarov is a great player, great ideas!!!”, tweeted @Luisrf75. @unudurti: @ShahriyarMamedy played a blinder of an innings as we say in cricket”.

@dgriffinchess: “R9 Aronian can still smile at the press conference. A class act, as always.” @amyleebiz: Strength is when you have so much to cry for but you prefer to smile instead.” #inspirations

Two more games to go:@MathCasualty: “Both Topalov and Kramnik are both stubbornly clinging on with little hope of saving their positions”. However, the games did not take that long anymore:  “What a stunner! @vishy64theking now in a great position to win #Candidates2014! Who would have thought at the start‽ Now, this is inspiring!” @kau. @MarkTWIC:Anand has played very much within himself. Some of the others have played like children who’ve eaten too many smarties”. 

And what do the Norwegians think? @aegirr:Det går mot Anand-Carlsen, Anand knuste Topalov i dag- Carlsen er kanskje glad for å ikke møte Aronian eller Kramnik”. 

Agreed. Google translate is my friend.

Your blogger tweeted:  @ChessClassic: “Anand wearing his comfy shirt again. Looks good! #luckyshirt“.  @balaajim answered:” If Anand wears his lucky shirt against Carlsen next time around the crown will return to India :P” @kgopz: “This shirt is lucky for him, with this he had beaten Aronian the other day !!” @unudurti: “Long live the Comfy Shirt!”

#luckyshirt. Screenshot taken from by @DeepMikey
#comfyshirt. Screenshot taken from by @DeepMikey

@sandeeproy1: “This is surreal for Anand. As if all Hindu Gods came together to remove his adversaries and give him the lead”. Asim Pereira did what he had to do on Sunday: @asimpereira: “Wow, come back from Church and what do I see..Aronian lost, Kramnik about to lose and Anand winning. God must be Indian!!” @unudurti: “Revenge is a dish best eaten with sambar Anand-Topalov 1-0”

Kramnik played a few more moves, but resigned after Anand and Topalov finished their press conference. @MarkTWIC: “Karjakin 1-0 Kramnik. I think they call this moving day in golf. Qualification is now very much in Anand’s own hands”. @AntSouz: “Phenomenal! Another great display of fine art! “Congratulations to Karjakin”. “Karjakin is an amazing player, his last two games were awesome, he made a huge come back after slow start.”, tweeted @midzorgies.

It was again exciting to follow the games live,  chess fans who live in a completely different time zone  have to catch up with the games later. Daniel Rensch, “vice president of stuff” for @danielrensch: “Wow! I woke up to the #Candidates2014 results! As shocking as it may be, @vishy64theking deserves full credit! As do Karjakin & Mamedyarov!” 

@Eljanov:With short but confident steps the wise man Vishy is close to become inaccesible now.”@anbhanna: “and Magnus is licking his lips…”@generickid1: “Magnus vs Anand II: the least anticipated rematch in history?!” Jacques van Delft, @jacquesdpa: “After today’s games I need a day’s rest as well….. Well done Viswanathan Anand!!

But there are five more rounds to go and TWIC editor Mark Crowther @MarkTWIC has a Sunday Message: ” Before anyone anoints Anand as the winner of this event they should remember how bonkers things went in London at the end”.

Mr. Venat Saravanan, who is not only watching chess, but also watching a 2-year old getting older in Chennai: @reachvsara: “True, but we in India find it difficult to find our mouths easily expand to wide grins every so often :-D”

I will leave you into the third rest day on Monday with one final tweet for today: Top GM Teymur Radjabov comments on the games so far: 

@rajachess: “Very fighting chess everyday, alot of mistakes,countless missed possibilities,blunders,oversights, love this game.”

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