The Candidates in tweets – round 7

15:00 in Khanty Mansyisk, 11:00 in…Istanbul! Why do I mention Istanbul? Chess fans in Turkey, who wanted to log in on Twitter today, faced a big problem:  Twitter was blocked in their country and the hashtag #TwitterisblockedinTurkey was trending on Twitter. If you want to know more about the story, just follow this hashtag. Via @alinihatyazici, Vice President of FIDE and Chairman of FIDE Chess in Schools commission, I received this tweet and picture: @bekirbasarozer: “The country banned from tweeting is also where users enjoy twitter most”. 


Well, dear Twitter users in Turkey (there are about 10 Million!): you can still read this blog to enjoy the best tweets of round 7 , so let’s go to the games.

Round 7

The pairings today, which complete the first half of the tournament: Svidler-Anand, Andreikin-Topalov, Karjakin-Aronian and Kramnik-Mamedyarov. Will we see a similar tweet like the one from Nigel Short at the end of the day by one of the players in the Candidates? @nigelshortchess who is playing in the Kolkatta Open: “Sometimes one loses a game despite being able to predict almost all (and occasionally all) the opponent’s moves”. 

A crucial round (heard that one before!) according to @vishalsareen: “Its two black games for Anand and then life will be easy. Candidates is getting to a stage where survival will be the key”. 

@GMGawain obviously enjoyed the start of the round: “Oh what fun. We have 2 4.d3 Berlins already in round 7 of #Candidates2014 Kramnik-Mamedyarov looking like the interesting game of the round”. How to make things more exciting? @olimpiuUrcan tweeted: “A way to make Karjakin overtly optimistic in that Berlin v Aronian: turn on a TV with CNN looping bits of Putin’s speeches”. Jonathan Bryant,  who  picked the very nice twitter name @Berlin_Endgame tweeted: “Today at the #Candidates: bottling the Berlin Ending is all the rage 🙁 Tcha.”

Karjakin-Aronian is a game which is hard to handle for the Twitter community: @chess_anyone:“Looks like Karjakin knows perfectly what he’s doing… and it seems Aronian too.” A Berlin in Svidler-Anand too: @anBhanna: “Svidler’s (white) side of the Berlin is quickly falling apart here.” 

@anishgiri: “Impressive prep by Anand, position is in his style as well. So far everything goes his way.” A question quickly came from @techraderin: “Whats his style? i mean can you explain a bit more in detail?” … and the reply by the Dutch Number 1: “His style is watching his hands making moves by themselves. :)”

Not only the Anand game was quite spectacular, as was noted by @vishalsareen: “Anand’s queen sac, Andreikin’s intent, Lev’s technique and Mr. Chess (Kramnik) going wild. Haven’t seen a better thriller.” 

Wait: a queen sac? Twitter smokes. David Llada asked a question to Jonathan Rowson: @lladini:What was that! I’m freaking out :-)” @jonathan_rowson: I’m a little rusty, and don’t trust my own judgment much, but for what it’s worth I think Black is at least ok and maybe better.”

Maybe, maybe not. The queen sac was dicussed by @erwinlami: Wondering what Vishy missed. Can’t imagine he would consciously go for this queen sacrifice instead of 20…Rxf2.” @anishgiri: ” Svidler bluffed Anand somewhere, now Levon has good chances to join the lead.. exciting”! @asimpereira: “The Engine thinks that Anand has squandered multiple opportunities to seize the advantage, and is now equal. *sigh*”

@chess_anyone: “Anand probably saw 20…Rxf2 but he loves chess so much, he wanted his opponent to think he could get away from his claws.”

Meanwhile, almost unnoticed on Twitter, Andreikin won against Topalov: @TarjeiJS: “What a roller-coaster for Topalov. From outplaying Kramnik to going all kamikaze against Andreikin. Losing now”. @hpanic7342: “Despite his score, Andreikin has played great in #Candidates2014, and today’s game against Topalov is a masterpiece. #MarchMadness“. “As a Kramnik fan I can’t help but feeling Schadenfreude :)”, tweeted by @ralph_moritz.

@unudurti: “Andreikin’s king ran up some serious frequent-flyer  miles!”


A different view from @anbudan_bala: “Topalov played the lousiest game of his life & lost to Andreikin who simply waited for him to commit suicide on the board”

The next result came in: Svidler-Anand: @kartheekNerella: “Its over…Vishy has drawn with Svidler….a nail biter!” @MarkTWIC: “Svidler draw Anand. No doubt Svidler will self-flagellate at the press conference.” @Indian_zero: “Why am I thinking that Anand deliberately went for a draw?”

Time for the press conference: @vishalsareen: “Press Conference with mute command please #Candidates2014 You cant understand anyway – Russian and English spoken. simultaneously!” @unudurti noticed: “Anand manages to get in “discombulated” before Svidler. Of course.” @jonathan_rowson: “Svidler is always entertaining, charming and instructive, but he does talk *a lot*”. @olimpiuUrcan: “Anand giving the computer mouse to Svidler equates with letting the press conference initiative go into dangerous hands.”

A tweet from the fashion police to Peter Svidler: @kkarra99: “Dear Svidler, please get rid of that ugly earring, my eyes hurt from looking at it”. 


(Screenshot from the official website by @DeepMikey) 

Two games left: @anishgiri: “Karjakin is about to grischuk Aronian!”, whatever that means. What’s on in the game Kramnik-Mamedyarov? @fuadviento: “Come on #Mamedyarov, he is cornered #Kramnik aKa the clock cheater. Time to have fun.” @mridulcs: Kramnik seemed to keep his lunch with his table, he is bit hurrying, but his decision is not like that, what you guys say?”

“2 games left… Houdini giving the exact same evaluation of -0.81 for both games on chessarena. Strange coincidence.@rashminp observed. @pogonina: “Ouch! Kramnik had a quite nice position in the middlegame. Struggling for survival now. Karjakin is in trouble too”. Seems like a bad day for Mother Russia: @teotsorb: “In @candidatesfide will be proved again that there is no “home” advantage in #chess.”

Aronian was better: “But 47…Qc4! is an incredibly difficult move to find. I think this will still be a long fight”, according to @erwinlami. But he found it: “You fucking genius, you found Qc4! @LevAronian Bravo!” Kudos from David Llada @lladini. @Fuadviento, obviously a Karjakin fan tweeted: “Karjakin is doomed now. Shame”. 

Aronian went on to win the game: @Jonathan_Rowson: “Aronian was impressive. 1…e5, solid solid solid, slightly better, turns the screws, killer instinct, holds his nerve”.

One more game,and an exciting one: @bennedik: “What? Is? Happening?”. Well Martin Bennedik, this is what is happening: @pogonina:Omg…Mamedyarov spends just a minute at a critical moment and blunders. He is lost now. What a rollercoaster.” and she added: “Shakh has that classical “not interested in the game anymore; but where did I go wrong?!!” look on his face”. @chessvibes: “Kramnik beat Mamedyarov in a topsy-turvy game”.

Yes, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the games in this event. After the games finished,  @Berlin_Endgame tweeted:“Me earlier: ‘no way Aronian’s winning this, Anand’s going to notch another point and Kramnik’s going to deliver a smooth crush”.

And it is also difficult for a chess journalist to write a report after such a crazy  round: @MarkTWIC: “So now I have to write something sensible about today. What’s the headline?”

“Wow, what a round in Khanty! Exciting chess, great games, blunders…! Looking forward to Aronian-Anand tomorrow!” tweets GM Yannick Pelletier @PelletierChess. @pogonina pointed out“Important: if Anand draws Aronian in R8, Vishy will virtually be 0.5 points ahead of Lev due to a better tie-break score”. 

One final funny tweet for today: @PeterWarne29: “Can someone please take Mamedyarov’s shoelaces away from him? Thanks”






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