Carlsen – Karjakin Game 6

The fifth game in the match between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin was interesting, but again a draw was agreed.

@chessninja: “Most consecutive draws to begin a world chess championship: 8, Kasparov-Anand, 1995. Carlsen – Karjakin now at 5.”

I found this video on You Tube about the match in 1995, 21 years ago. It was broadcast on Eurosport! Please listen to the (German) comments by GM Eric Lobron. Great to see the games and the footage again, fantastic to see the high-tech 3D board.


The armchair grandmasters are not amused about the draws: @andeesprout: “Chess has become joke over the past week. 5 remis in 5 straight matches”. @itsjulian23: “Man, Carlsen Karjakin is getting more draws than your average Miracle player on Day1 of a GP.”

@kiniagi: “I hate draws, i won’t watch tomorrow”.

That’s a pity, because some strange things happened in New York on Thursday. Anything special in game 5, Venkat Saravanan? @reachsvsara:“I saw Tigran Petrosian all in flesh yesterday, on the board of Carlsen Karjakin when the Black King ran from g8 to c8”.

Game 6

Let’s go to game 6. is it going to be a long game again? @GMjtis:Espen says the Norwegian PM has texted and hopes for a shorter game, the government is frazzled after so many long nights.”

@davidhowellGM: “Looking forward to the World Championship match tonight. I predict a safe solid draw after a couple of strange games.”

We saw another Ruy Lopez in game 6. What can you tell us about the opening, @nigelshortchess: “Magnus Carlsen has played the Marshall Gambit – named after the great American, James Marshall Hendrix  #voodoochile”.

@sinfuz is happy: “I love the smell of gambit in the morning”.

@MarkTWIC: A very sharp Marshall Gambit in the Ruy Lopez. Quite a rare line but high level. Game could burn out quite quickly.

@susanpolgar:” I have a feeling that this game may be short because w/ correct play, many ways for forced repetition of moves”.

GM Robert Hess shares some background information with the chess twitter-sphere: @gmrlh: “I helped GM Alex Onischuk prepare a similar line against Karjakin back in 2010. Maybe Magnus Carlsen learned from us? “

@Cazhansen: “It seems like both players are fully booked from home in this line. But the question is why Karjakin allowed this.”

The boys moved fast, maybe too fast, even for @anishgiri:”Things moving at such a quick pace, we might not make it to my daily midnight wisdom.. #toostrongtoofast”.


@reachvsara“We are not watching a game at Carlsen – Karjakin, but a memory contest of Line Moves from two sets of Silicons”.

@terribleteacher: “Dead draw in Carlsen – Karjakin game 6. Too much computer analisis has made chess dull.”

@jonathan_rowson: “I’m afraid it’s going to be a fairly dull draw again. Not so much because of opposite bishops, but the lack of pawn breaks.”


@nigelshortchess: “Don’t complain. The first K-K match was arse-numbingly tedious for months on end. This is better “.

However, the chess twitter community was not amused. A selection of tweets: @danielrensch: “How can I describe how un-enthused I am right now about that last Carlsen – Karjakin game? Karjakin needs to try harder with White. Period.” @NorwayChess: “If not exactly short and sweet, then at least short. Enjoy the rest of your Friday out there”. @amartinchess: “A bit of imagination from either player would do the match a lot of good.” 

@diabloroma:” Another draw – the 6th in a row. Thunder and lightning, it’s not really exciting…”


And one last, slightly puzzling tweet from German scholastic chess activist and journalist @stefanloeffer, who covers the match for the German quality paper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: “Playing 24 moves of preparation, kicking the door, loosing the grip on the position, @MagnusCarlsen wrecked his image in less than 24 hours.”

I hope that his articles are better than his tweets.

Enjoy the rest day. @TarjeiJS: “No Carlsen – Karjakin today, what in the world am I supposed to spend my time doing in this city? #NewYork”


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