The Candidates in tweets – round 5

A player who played such a crucial role in the Candidates Tournament in London last year,  celebrates his 45th birthday today, 18 March: Happy birthday, Vassily Ivanchuk!

Before I am going to follow and filter the tweets of round 5, I want to come back to the transmission problem many users in Germany seem to have when watching the livestream via YouTube. Dutchman Lennart Ootes, who is familiar with the latest technology and who is very experienced in the field of live transmissions tweeted me: @LennartOotes:” @ChessClassic All @YouTube live streams are blocked for Germany. We use @Livestream and @candidatesfide have their Digicast service.” 

Of course, it is possible to watch the Candidates live in Germany. @nixkapier tweeted: “no problems with the live stream when opening the stream directly from the FIDE Candidates2014 site”.

And it would be a pity if you cannot watch the games in round 5 today! The pairings look promising: Andreikin-Anand, Karjakin-Mamedyarov, Svidler-Topalov and Kramnik-Aronian. @MarkTWIC: “Round 5 looks like it could be a pretty key one for everyone in the field. Very interesting pairings”. Jesper Knudsen thinks it is time for Karjakin to show some action. @KontaktKnudsen: Is it close to getting all in for Karjakin? Think he has to show some courage today. Maybe his time has not come yet”. @arunmanick observed: “Round:5 Russia (White) Vs RestOfTheWorld (Black) Interesting !!

The twitter community is ready for the games , and the players are ready: @carokann: “Don´t we chess players not love our plastic bags? What about the locals? The playing hall ist crowded, I guess! However,  Galiya Kamalova @GaliyaChess tweeted this picture from the playing hall:

The crowd in Khanty Mansyisk is going nuts!

@chessvibes: “Meanwhile playing hall almost empty. Internet important these days, but they would like to SEE us on the edge of our seats!

Now that world champion Magnus Carlsen models for G Star RAW, fashion has obviously become an item in the chess world:  @indicrace oberves: “Aronian finally comes dressed like a serious chess player”. @sorbosander asks: “Is there a specific dress code for these tournaments or can players wear what they like?”

naked chess
Jennifer Shahade playing “naked chess”.

Round 5

After about 45 minutes @chess_anyone tweeted: “Karjakin – Mamedyarov is already close to a draw, a bit puzzled by @SergeyKaryakin ‘s preparation so far”. More action coming up  in Topalov-Svidler: “14…Ne5 is already a huge threat from Veselin intending Ng4 ! Is Peter already in trouble ?” @OlimipiuUrcan: “The highly aggressive piece of preparation by Topalov against Svidler (round 5) is worthy of greater attention.” @AnishGiri: “At Svidler-Topalov looks like somebody got outprepared. Look at the clock and guess! #trickquestion“. However, there are other opinions on Twitter: @drsaurubhBhatia“Topalov’s castle is completely destroyed and there is a potential a-pawn advance by Svidler. Is Topalov in trouble?”

@AnishGiri has obviously woken up and added a creative hashtag to his next tweet:“Kramnik managed to get a nice position even with a modest 4th move! Impressed!”


I tweeted to Giri: “Creative hashtag. Impressed!” and the Dutchman  replied: “Yep, good chances to go worldwide trending?”

Top GMTeymur Radjabov, after about 90 minutes of play, made a spectacular statement . @rajachess:  #Candidates2014 good games”. 

Of course, we have the daily commentator bashing on Twitter as well: @Iversityl“Why can’t Nielsen pronounce words like “logical”? Lovestruck and irrational perhaps?”. @gaurav-a-knight:“Got a lot of regard for you Mr. Nielsen. But with all due respect, you don’t have to be disagree every time with GMVictoria.”

I think PH will figure out a way to make up for it.

And a question to PH: @anandkumarn: “Can Peter say some interesting incidents from him being Anand’s second during WC matches?”  A question by @IndicRace:Will the players be disqualified if they speak to another player sitting in another table?”

Back to the games: The games Karjakin-Mamedyarov and Andreikin-Anand did not get much attention on Twitter. But play-live-challengesomebody is watching the games: @MagnusCarlsen: “Following the @candidatesfide closely today. Good luck to all the competitors in round 5!” He did not forget to tweet about his app: “@PlayMagnus hit 100,000 downloads today! Wondering: Will my next World Championship competitor use it for training?” @candidatesfide tweeted: “Yesterday at the press conf Karyakin said he didn’t use it for preparation. Mistake?))”. And Magnus answered: “that might very well be the case :-)”. @candidatesfide: “we will let him know your opinion:-)”

@anishgiri is also following the games closely: “Topalov and Kramnik, who I was praising, both letting a thin edge slip, now take over is in sight…” A more straightforward tweet from @srenplovgaard: “Topalov’s position is a mess now…”. Interesting observation from Claudio Mendicute @albionado2:“I think @LevAronian is being too optimistic at #Candidates2014 his g5 and b5 resembles his game vs @polborta in London”.

As predicted, the game between Karjakin and Mamedyarov was the first to end today: @chessvibes: “Karjakin and Mamedyarov draw their game in round 4. Lots of excitement in the other encounters”.  @GMGawain: “Hmm I disagree with commentators saying defenders have pretty easy draws. Svidler good winning chances. Kramnik+Anand can play on a while”. Gawain Jones added later: “But commentators’ job never easy:) At this point should say I’m commentating for @ChessICC tomorrow with Danny King”. 

Ok, so let’s check: What about Andreikin vs.  Anand?  @asimpereira: “Anand does not seem to have any advantage any more. Andreikin will hold the Rook endgame. He should have kept the Bishop!” As predicted, the game ended in a draw, but: @oanaogigante: “According to computers the last move of Andreikin was a blunder that could have lead to a defeat”. @gabkhach: “I’ve always wondered how do the players know whether the opponent is offering a draw or is resigning when extends his hand.”

A bit awkward,  when you offer a draw and your opponent thinks you resign!

Twitter was buzzing over Kramnik-Aronian: @asimpereira: “Kramnik Aronian game is so incredible, that even  Anand and Svidler have left their respective games to watch the fun”. @Unudurti: “The Clash of the Titans is living up to its billing!” Another way to express that there is an exciting game going on: @awalela: “Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Kramnik -Aronian.Gory scenes!”

Talking about movies: @YonathanMiller: “When is there gonna be a really great movie about chess?? Tired of seeing unrealistic scenes where people get checkmated in 1 move.”

And what about Svidler-Topalov? @skakblog:Topalov looks like he’s going to self-ignite!” @oanaogigante: “It is a pity the aggressiveness of Topalov is not paying off”. So let’s move on to the press conference then?


Or maybe not: @carokann: “suffered too many press conferences with Svidler. I stick with a rook endgame of Kramnik-Aronian”. Dion Lindsay wonders @dionl“: Is there bad feeling between Topalov and Svidler? At the press conf S is giving T no chance to speak and chair doesn’t help.” @carokann; “I would rather have wine with Kramnik than beer with Svidler. Or, one of his awful power drinks”. @pookita: “He’s brilliant and funny but man does he love the sound of his own voice :)” and added later: “It wasn’t really meant as an insult – he’s just chatty. Pretty odd for a chess player :)”

@albcrascal: “Please, could anyone unplug russian translator microphone??

One more game running: @candidatesfide:The last game Kramnik – Aronian should objectively be a draw, but Aronian still has to solve some problems in the endgame”. @Unudurti:”If Kramnik wins from a drawn position, then karmic balance restored after drawing in winning position in last”. @Chess-Anyone : “If Levon loses this game it’ll be very hard from a psychological pt of view. Not sure that he’ll be able to recover from it”. @reachvsara trying to create the best hashtag of the day: “Curious, Kramnik’s Endgame play. But Holmes! he ain’t winnin! That’s EXACTLY what’s curious!” #MysteryOfTheVladWhoDidntbark

So the logical result was a draw. @chessvibes: “Kramnik-Aronian ends in two bare kings and mutual smiles after a superb fight where White might have missed a win”. And the players analyzed after the game:  Anna Burtasova, @chesterra: “Kramnik and Aronian still discussing their game in the playing hall 🙂 One of the most interesting moments to see this!”

The janitor wanted to join the conversation, observed on the live-cam by @olimpiuurcan:  “Only in Khanty-Mansiysk’s halls you expect the janitor to step in with a bucket & a mop while two of world’s best dispute a rook endgame.”

A great day at the Candidates, time to evaluate the games played so far: @MarkTWIC: “Seems players are heading for positions where mutual errors are possible instead of trying to control everything”.  Grandmaster @fontainerobert: “Surprised to see Anand giving up the draw so quickly, unlike Kramnik who deserved to win today. Great fights to come”

One more tweet, one more question:

Halldor Bragason @bluesice asks: is the next Candidates in Iceland ?? map iceland🙂




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