Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Game 11

And here we go again. One more game? Two more games? Good news for chess fans like @walterzuey: the world championship match 2014 is almost over.

“I awake @ 5am even on Carlsen – Anand rest days. Maybe I should do something w/ my life”. 

Talking about rest days:  we don’t know at what time press officer @NastiaKarlovich got up on the rest day on Saturday, but we know what she did: “Climbed 2300 m and mind the signs. Free day in Sochi”, and posted this picture: 


Let’s go to game 11.

@SilvioDanailov: “If Magnus Carlsen doesn’t win today,the whole match will be pretty disappointing.Nothing to remember really except the result”.

As always, predictions galore:

@TarjeiJS: I have a feeling Magnus will want to finish in style and go for a win. But without too much risk. Can he?  @Jonathan_Rowson replied:”I suspect you’re right- I imagine he’ll be in a ‘win the game’ rather than ‘don’t screw up the match’ mindset.”

@reachsvara: “Considering Magnus played sharp in game10, today he may do same. Both players confident playing other’s strong points”.

@vishalsareen: “Last chance to complicate matters with black? Anand will have to be charged-up and go for it”

@kajasnare:”This sounds arrogant, but the world championship title will be so much more impressive if Carlsen gets it with a win to day

@garylanchess:Carlsen will teach Anand a lesson today. A slight edge and lots of moves before he is champ again”, and added this picture: 


@vinodharidas: “Don’t know if I want to watch Carlsen-Anand tonight. Can’t bear Vishy losing or drawing this one. Which is most likely with Black against MC”.

@abhimanyurati: “One thing is very clear, if Vishy goes on to equalise, it will be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of any sport!”


Comeback? What do you think,  @EinarGausel:I think Vishy might give 1…c5 another whirl. 1…e5 will be a clear indication that his only goal is survival.

@harrypillsbury: “Probably impossible. I’d really like to see a Benoni: Son of Sorrow2”. 

And what does @bennedik predict? Sicilian, what else?” Game 11 prediction: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 a6 5.c4 Nf6 6.Nc3 Qc7 Third time’s a charm?”

The game – Berlin ….again!

@bennedik was wrong,  and former (?) Anand second Surya Ganguly tweeted @suryachess64: : “Chennai express goes all the way to Berlin again!!” 


@BenFinegold: “So many inane tweets and comments about Anand-Carlsen.  Although, that is how I got so many followers, therefore.. Berlin, omg… terrible.”

@Unudurti: “Sad reality: So much information that you can’t really prepare more than a few openings at Carlsen-Anand level. Hence the repeated Berlins.”

@opiegonefishing: “Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin Berlin”.

@GMAlexColovic: “Why are people always apologetic and annoyed whenever the Berlin appears? It’s bad for the image of chess acting like that!”

Your blogger is happy with the Berlin, and takes his last chance in this match  to post this great song by Fischer Z (the name, oh…the irony).

@anishgiri: “Exciting, with the setup Anand chose, the chances of the match ending today double, but so do his slim winning chances..”

Twitter is discussing about the Berlin, the audience in Sochi must go mad as well. Let’s ask @TarjeiJS:“Not very crowded in the audience today. I counted 15, Carlsen & Anand’s team memers excluded.”

Come on Tarjei, this cannot be true. It is one of the most anticipated chess games of the year! Show me a picture:

playing hall

No words. Playing in Sochi is a shame. Better go back to the game.

@nigelshortchess:Slightly better for White. Strong knight in the centre of the board. Black has no development. Easy stuff”

@reachvsara: “Let’s be politically wrong &ask Magnus, the question asked to Vishy in 2013: “You prepared nothing concrete against Berlin?!”

Interesting tweet by Carlsen second Jon Ludvig Hammer during the game, @gmljh:”Don’t let the opening’s name fool you – this position is extremely sharp. Give white four free moves, and he’s killing black on kingside!” and he added: “Same applies for Anand – give him a couple of moves and he’ll crush through on the queeenside.”

Ok, maybe a move like, let’s say b5 would do the ‘crush’ job? Let’s aks the grandmasters watching on Twitter:

@Vachier_Lagrave: “Very strange decisions by Carlsen from the very start up to allowing the b5 break. Now he will need a world of cleverness to save the day”.

@GMLars: “23…b5! is a strong move but especially psychologically, showing VA is ready to go for it. Probably still about even, though”.

@reachvsara added a picture:  “I would love to see ahead and invent the question “Where were you when …b5 was played?” 


The decision?

@Jonathan_Rowson: “26…Rdb8. Vishy continues playing the most solid moves, after 27.Rb1 I’m not sure what he plans, but 27…Rb4!? is possible.”

 @GMHikaru was the first tweeter who was critical about Rb4:Rb8-b4 seems rather strange. Be7xf6 seemed better as Nepo suggested. Unfortunately, I think Carlsen is going to wrap up the match now.”

@ChrisBirdIA:I did wonder if the DGT folks were messing with us again once …Rb4 appeared on the broadcast”.

@VinodHaridas: “Vishy has gone bonkers. But not in a good way :-(“

@rajachess: “Rb4 and then cxb4 looks really dubious he could wait with this plan for longer. Hmmm…”

@erwinlami: “Not clear to me why Vishy didn’t go for 26…Be7xf6 with a very substantial advantage.”

@SuryaChess: “Very bold play by Anand.I am just not sure if this was needed at this moment.I hope I am wrong & Anand knows what he is doing”.

@hansenchess: “Anand senses the urgency. However, his execution could be rusty since he hasn’t had enough sharp games this match”.


 @TarjeiJS: “Team Carlsen in a good mood surrounded by Norwegian press.”

And we have a tweet from team Carlsen, from Ellen Carlsen aka @ellenoec:  “Wow, I thought Magnus at best had a draw, what a turn of events. Or am I missing something!?”

No Ellen, you did not miss something, according to @rajachess:Really bad moment to go for this operation, at least later on with less time on the clock! Very brave decision but really wrong moment.” 

@GMAlexColovic: “Probably devastating for Anand to realise he dug his own grave with that exchange sac”

@chesscampeona:The Berlin in Game 11 is dead”.

@anishgiri: “Anand felt it, but Anand didn’t see it…”

The evaluation provided by @MadsStostad tells the story of the game:


@tpcourier: Magnus. Fucking clinical. No other way to say it.”

@erwinlami: “Just an hour ago I felt Vishy had good chances to equalize the match and press for more in game 12. Amazing turn of events.”

@pauldiggle: “White mates in in 74, apparently”


@reachvsara: “And this is where we get warm and say: Well Fought to Vishy and Congratulations to Magnus Carlsen.”

@GMjlh:“Extremely close today. Anand almost got into game 12 with white and a tied score! Well fought.”

@Vachier_Lagrave: “Congrats to Magnus Carlsen for retaining his title, even not playing at his best, he is a force to be reckoned with.”

@Unudurti: “Throughout the match Anand created more chances but Carlsen was far more accurate in seizing his chances whenever they came”. 

@LawrenceTrentIM: “Carlsen World Champion once again, deservedly so. Vishy didn’t push hard enough when he had very promising positions, that’s the bottom line.”

@theclosetgm: “Well, that’s it then. Carlsen retains the world championship title. Time to have some other, more serious, challenger to have a crack.”

@IVFSnoree: “Carlsen wins in11 games, as predicted. Congratulations!”


@ellenoec: “Still shaking, so proud! World champion x2”.

Malcolm Pein aka @telegraphchess:“Magnus’s Ke4 was the moment he kept his nerve Vishy’s Rb4 was the moment he lost his. Vishy: “obviously my nerves were the first to crack”.”

@EtienneGoud:“Well that ends a great world championship match. Both players did very well and we (still) have a deserved World Champion. Hail Magnus! ;)”


One last tweet for today by @kajasnare: “I have touched more levels on my emotional specter today than I did my entire high school career”.

Attention: There will be an extra “Carlsen-Anand in Tweets-Game Over” edition of Chess in Tweets later this week. Stay tuned! your playground




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