The Candidates in tweets – round 4

After the first rest day on Sunday, the 4th round in the Candidates was scheduled on Monday with the following pairings : Mamedyarov-Andreikin,  Kramnik-Anand, Karjakin-Topalov and Aronian-Svidler. Before we check the tweets of round 4, let us take a quick look back on this weekend. There was plenty of chess played in the German Bundesliga: @MarkTWIC: “Anatoly Karpov is playing in the Schachbundesliga today against Martin Kravtsiv. A rare outing for the former World Chess Champion”.  The leaders Baden Baden had to play without several stars, because they are in KM: Anand, Aronian and Svidler playing, Peter Heine Nielsen does the commentary and Kasimdzhanov is rumoured to be seconding Karjakin.

If you wondering why Nigel Short has not been active on Twitter these days, giving his view on the Candidates, here is the answer: @nigelshortchess “Off to Calcutta for the 19th Grandmasters Open Tournament”! Did you see his profile on Twitter? He describes himself as : Chess player, writer, coach, commentator, olive farmer, guitarist and sexy beast.

Let’s move on to Khanty Mansyisk: How is the weather? Galiya Kamalova, Karjakin’s girlfriend tweeted me a picture:  @GaliyaChess: “near the Chess Acadamy”. GK-KM Press officer Anastasiya Karlovich posted a picture: @nastiakarlovich: “Here in Khanty-Mansiysk we are still in the middle of winter))” NK-KM Round 4

@MarkTWIC: “R4 has started. Anyone else think they should in some sense get a swear box for commentator Peter Heine Nielsen?”  …and Mark explained his tweet later: “My point of previous tweet is about how many times Nielsen says in some sense. He said in R3 Aronian has stood up in some sense”.

Interesting question from the official Twitter account to Magnus orangejuiceCarlsen: @candidatesfide: Perhaps @MagnusCarlsen is preparing for the second match against @vishy64thekingAnd the champ answered: @MagnusCarlsen:  “I guess you could say so. I’m sleeping in and drinking a lot of orange juice. :-)”

Leader Anand had to play black against his buddy Kramnik: @arunmanick: “One of the best game in #CandidatesChess is on the way. Anand Vs Kramnik Great Personalities and Class people !!” Playing against friends is not always easy: @rajkashana: “Wonder how Vishy and Vlady would prepapre for each other. They r good friends and know each other’s games in such details”.  The game just lasted an hour or so, and ended in a draw: @anishgiri tweeted: “Suspiciously many games in the last few years between Kramnik and Anand when black has been better prepared. :D” @Indian_Zero tweeted: “most probably they have made pact. really disappointed today. i was expecting bloodshed between them 2day”.

No bloodshed in Kramnik-Anand today and an extra rest day for the players, but what was going on in the other games?  The game Aronian-Svidler quickly became the most popular game in this round with a lot of tweets.” Fantastic @LevAronian : four consecutive Bd3-c4-b3-f7!!! With prev Qd1-e2 and Qc4 it’s 7 consecutive white square mov”, tweeted by @dusanchess. @viditchess: “Svidler’s position already looks unpleasant.Maybe simplifying on 27th move by Nd4 was better.”@maltebricht: “At first sight it amazes me that Svidler is not completely busted. K in center facing 2 passed pawns, many pieces on board.” @OlimpiuUrcan : “What was the result of the last game in which Svidler’s remaining 6 pieces were crowded on 8 squares on the 7th & 8th ranks?”

The game Karjakin-Topalov was not that exciting for the Twitter community, although @candidatesfide tweeted: “After 26…Rd4!? the position in Karjakin – Topalov game became unbalanced. “Topalov decides to make things interesting in what has otherwise been an extraordinarily dull game so far”, tweeted @MathCasualty. A few moves later the game ended in a draw.

Another game without many tweets: Mamedyarov-Andreikin. Only at the end of the game we saw some comments: @Chess_Anyone: “Great drama during the zeitnot of the game Mamedyarov Andreikin. Shak is completely winning now #excitingchess“. @MarkTWICMamedyarov wins vs Andreikin. Has he put his bad start behind him?

It was difficult for the commentators to predict the outcome of the remaining games: @techraderin who was obviously irritated about the comments asked:  “mr. neilsen why do you keep saying, well i dont know, i dont know, carlsen also uses it, u learnt from him or he from u?” It is always amusing to see how other people react to those bold tweets: @vishalsareen, an IM, trainer, write, chess consultant and an very nice guy (I met him in Chennai) responded: “Just take it easy!”

On a positive note: @dgriffinchess: “Watched the commentary by @VCmilyte and @PHChess during lunchbreak at work. 🙂 Absolutely first-class!”

A Candidates tournament is all about details: Mark Crowther @MarkTWIC : Aronian-Svidler continues. Will someone please J’Adoube the d6 pawn which isn’t near the centre of the square!” @acepoint responded: “it must be soemthing with the pawn itself. On d4 it also was placed sloppy ;-)”. As the game continued, GM Gawain Jones tweeted, @GWGawain: Svidler’s position looks very unpleasant to defend to me, even if computers don’t yet give Aronian a winning advantage”. And he was right, Aronian went on to win the game. @finlip: “Rest of the World win 3-1 against Russia today. :)”

Meanwhile in Germany…Tobias Brendler @etschmia tried to follow the Livestream: “Es ist echt peinlich. Alle Welt kann live zusehen bei #Candidates2014. Nur wir nicht in Absurdistan.”

YouTube It reads: “Unfortunately live streaming is not possible in Germany due to legal problems. We are sorry”. I guess I do not need to translate “Absurdistan” in the tweet!

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