Carlsen – Anand in Tweets Twitter data

Now that the Carlsen – Anand is over, I want to share some data about the match on Twitter with you. I spotted a tweet on 20 November by @gauravinsan,  that I found rather interesting:

“29 thousand tweets already today on #CarlsenAnand.  Hats off to chess lovers around the globe”.

I think it is slightly unclear if he meant that on that particular day 29.000 tweets were written, or 29.000 tweets with the hashtag #CarlsenAnand in total during the whole match (until 20 November).

Dr. Gaurav Garg Insan aka @gauravinsan did not answer my question which hashttag tracker he used. 29.000 Tweets per day? Never! I did not believe it. This claim sounds like the 600 Million fairy tale AGON wants us to believe! If you want to read more about this subject, go to the Streathan and Brixton Chess Blog. Recommended!

I used to find out what was really happening on Twitter. Here is a chart:

You can see that I started tracking the official world championship hashtag #CarlsenAnand on Nov. 20, after I read the tweet by @gauravinsan. The first hick-up is on November 21, when the 10th game was played. A lot of tweets  were written on Nov. 23, when the 11th and last game was played.

Until November 26, slightly over 24.000 tweets were written (24.334) by tweeters using the official hashtag. Add the 29.000 tweets as claimed by @gauravinsan,  and you get around 53.000 tweets during the world championship. Sounds like a lot of tweets, but there is another interesting chart:

Rather interesting is the number of original tweets and the number of retweets: 8.839 tweets, 14.552 retweets, which is almost 60% of the total number of tweets!  Does that make chessplayers lazy tweeters?

Most tweets: A surprise: number one is not @TarjeiJS, the Twitter Guru from Norway. The most tweets came from  the official twitter account @AnandCarlsen14Number two is @riksec08, but he only retweeted, and did not manage to write one single original tweet! I have no idea why somebody retweets thousand of tweets, especially when you only have 68 follower. Lost on me.

Anyway, since I do not have all the twitter data of the world  championship, it is not absolutely clear if @TarjeiJS  not the number one tweeter. His data in november:

@TarjeiJS.” My last 28 days on Twitter: 2,9 % engagement rate 3M impressions 18,8K link clicks 3,4K retweets 3K favourites 1,9K replies.”


@ChessVibes: “Breaking! @TarjeiJS too busy to tweet! ;-)”

Platform: which device do tweeters use?

Not everybody used the hashtag #CarlsenAnand. Other popular hashttags used were #chess, #carlsenanand2014, #nrksjakk (for the Norwegians), #wish4vishy and #c24live.

Is it safe to say that somewhere between 60.000 and 70.000 messages were tweeted and retweeted during the chess world championship 2014? Quite a lot, right?

It would be interesting to compare the number of tweets to similar events, like as snooker world championship or a darts world championship final. Of course, it is not fair to compare the chess match to the Superbowl (American Football), but just to give you an idea: in 2014 24,9 Million tweets were sent during the game Seahawks vs Broncos!

Talking about millions: did you know that around 650 million tweets are sent…every day, which is about 8000 tweets per second. Crazy! Have a look:

Finally, a quick look at this site: around 750 to 1000 people visited this blog every day during the match. Most visitors (top 5) to this blog came from India, then USA, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands. Top 5 cities: Bangalore, then Chennai and Mumbai. Oslo came in 4th place,  London on 5, Sochi on 12! Did Carlsen and Anand read Chess in Tweets? Of course they did!

Suggestions needed!

How to continue Chess in Tweets? Would you like to see a weekly episode with the best tweets of the chess week? Do you prefer an event blog, like I did this year during the Candidates, Olympiad and World Championship? Other suggestions? 

If you have an idea, let me know! Thanks.