The Olympiad in Tweets – Hangover edition

First news on Friday, just after the Olympiad was over:

@europeechecs: “It seems that FIDE website  has been hacked”.


Since the day after the last round and closing ceremony was a travel day for most players and journalists, the number of tweets concerning the Olympiad was alarmingly low.  Everybody seemed to be at the airport: 


@ChessVibes: Early morning scene at Tromsø airport.”

Breaking: Now we know the real reason why Magnus Carlsen left Tromsø an day earlier!

Nice tweet about Magnus here by John Saunders: @johnchess“An article about the Chess Olympiad auto-translated from Norwegian referred to Magnus Carlsen as the “Norwegian wood champion”.

@backranktristan: “After his Olympiad he probably is pine-ing for the fjords… ” 

What did you do on the airport, @GMHikaru:” Had a lot of fun playing blitz with some of the African players at the Tromso airport!”

Some people obviously had a party after the closing ceremony, what do you think Jonathan? @GMJtis:“Looked out my hotel window this morning, saw full set of clothes and a pair of boots had landed from above. Someone’s been partying”. Sounds like @LennartOotes to me: “Had a wonderful time at the Olympiad. Thanks everyone! If someone happens to find my voice (maybe in no24), please send me a pm.”

Did you like the closing ceremony, Gunnar? @skaksamband:Good closing ceremony but it seems that No way forgot to have a bar at he venue! 😉 

A couple of people stayed another day: @GMJanGustafsson: “Still in Tromso. “All players left the Chess Olympiad. No.24 is now full of of middle-aged locals. Feels weird.”


@chess24com:“Would like to report that Tromsø is now a sleepy Arctic backwater again, but there’s a cycle race”.


Of course, loads of tweets on the timeline about the winners of the Olympiad popped up, e.g. this tweet by my dear friend Yochanan Afek, @afekchess:Big chapeau to medal winning teams especially the Chinese and Indian. A well deserved reward for tremendous efforts over the recent decades!”

@acciochess:”India won bronze at the chess olympiad! Lucky to have witnessed the history being created. 🙂 Congratulations team!”

Yes, India won bronze, and the Twitter timeline was suddenly full of Indians celebrating, @ChessNinja: “India winning bronze without Anand or Harikrishna is incredible. Also highlights bizarre pairing system in use. Played only 1 top 10 seed.” @polpodge: “How crazy the pairings were. China played 7 of the top 15. India 2. Thoroughly deserved top spot. Thoroughly undeserved 3rd.”

The press in India was overexcited, what do you say @asimpereira?


“According to The Hindu newspaper, India won a historic Silver!! News based on tweets?? = Blunder!!” 

@ChessNotes:“Certain @vishy64theking & @HariChess must now face scrutiny for not playing. India almost certainly could have taken Gold.” @orengross: “Whether 2nd or 3rd India had an outstanding tournament, especially not having their two top players”. 

@TraderDXB: “I am not sure if @vishy64theking and @HariChess had played for India, we would have done any better!”

But Vishy has to prepare for Sochi 2014: @Skrinath_Govind: “Vishy wins Candidates; India wins Bronze in Olympiad…. awaiting icing this already exquisite cake in Sochi”.



@SubhashishNandi: Often China, India are uttered in same breath as fastest growing economies; now both are fastest growing chess powerhouses!”


@Times_Chess:China wins Chess Olympiad in Tromso. A sign of things to come.”

We should not forget the winner of the silver medal in the Open section: Hungary!


@GMJuditPolgar: “The Happy Hungarian Team with the SILVER MEDALS!!! :)”

@ejhchess:” I’ve now made about a dozen attempts to work out how Hungary’s tiebreak score was arrived at and still not got the right figure”.

The Russian women know how to handle medals:  


@Pogonina: “Kateryna Lagno showing the right way to treat Olympic medals!”

@TarjeiJS:I wouldn’t say the Russian women team got a loud applause as they got their gold medals.” @PoisonedPwnPress: “Lagno controversy, Russia suing the Norwegian chess federation, Norway imposing sanctions on Putin … Not surprised.”

@ChessinT: “Natalia Zhukova responded to the “loss” of Kateryna Lagno: “Getting rid of parasites is a painless process”

And what about the Russian men? @SunebergHansen:Russia must hire a mentalcoach now! It was sad to see Svidler as the weakest link, think he is history in the national team”. 

Why, Russia was just a bit unlucky, right Sergey? @SergeyKaryakin: “In a hard tournament we tried our best, but were a bit unlucky with the tie-breaks.”

@Kasparov63: “Russian men got a “category prize” in Tromso? What is that? Consolation prize? I don’t remember us needing those when I played on the team!”

In case you wonder why I do not add tweets of Chinese players, the reason is simple: Twitter is blocked in China, North Korea and Iran. However, in the site statistics I noticed that many people from China visit this blog!

Tragic end of Olympiad

Im this final report about the Chess Olympiad 2014 I have to include some sad tweets (again). You may have read the news that two players died on the the last day of the Olympiad, and many tweets about this tragedy popped up. Here are a few:

Teymur Rajabov @rajachess: “Condolences to the families of two chessplayers,died in Tromso, Kurt Meier’s from Seychelles and Alisher Anarkulov’s,Uzbekistan”.

@SilvioDanailov: “My sincere condolences to the families of the two players who passed away on the last day of Tromso 2014. Sad finish for such a great event”.

@SuneBergHansen:“Chess is the most dangerous sport! A game takes hours and you can play untill you die, therefore dying during a game is ‘normal”.

Ellen Carlsen, @ellenoec: “Are two dead people and one disapperead team unusual happenings at a Chess Olympiad?”

One final tweet and a picture by @chess24com:


“The last remnants of the Chess Olympiad are almost gone from Tromsø”. 

Time to relax now, Garry? @Kasparov63: “Resting with family after very long and tiring FIDE campaign. I didn’t win, but my team and I did a lot of good to promote chess.”

@bbalgabaev: “It’s true. We are waiting for you in 4 yrs time. It’s real pleasure to beat such opponent like you. Sorry, not to beat, to crush”

More chess coming up… 

Some players do not seem to get enough: @erwinlami: “No rest after the Olympiad! Today gave a simul in Heemskerk -a town close to Wijk aan Zee”.

And @2700chess tweeted on Saturday: “Shirov (2712.0) lost his first round game at the Riga Technical University Open 2014 to Armbrust Florian (2268, GER)”

@theparasg: “Feels like the Chess Olympiad got over too soon. Where will I get my daily fix of fandom now?”

Well, Paras, the St. Louis Chess Club @CCSCSL has very good news for you: “We’re 2 weeks away from the strongest chess tournament in history. Will you be in STL to witness it?”

No, but I am sure many chess fans will follow the event on Twitter!