The Candidates in tweets – best tweet!

After the last round of the Candidates 2014, I asked you to vote for the “Best tweet of the Candidates 2014. I did pre-select 14 tweets (14 rounds). To all the readers who took the time to vote: thank you!

The result:

1. “Only in Khanty-Mansiysk’s halls you expect the janitor to step in with a bucket & a mop while two of world’s best dispute a rook endgame.” by @olimpiuurcan (26 %)

2. “Anand has played very much within himself. Some of the others have played like children who’ve eaten too many smarties”. by @MarkTWIC (12%)

3. “Today is the little-known Siberian festival, “National Bloodbath Day” by @Unudurti. (7%)