The Candidates in tweets – best tweet!

After the last round of the Candidates 2014, I asked you to vote for the “Best tweet of the Candidates 2014. I did pre-select 14 tweets (14 rounds). To all the readers who took the time to vote: thank you!

The result:

1. “Only in Khanty-Mansiysk’s halls you expect the janitor to step in with a bucket & a mop while two of world’s best dispute a rook endgame.” by @olimpiuurcan (26 %)

2. “Anand has played very much within himself. Some of the others have played like children who’ve eaten too many smarties”. by @MarkTWIC (12%)

3. “Today is the little-known Siberian festival, “National Bloodbath Day” by @Unudurti. (7%)




The Candidates in tweets – your choice!

We haven’t seen any tweets by the winner of the Candidates during the event, but after Anand arrived in Chennai, he had time to tweet the following: (and he did not forget to mention one of his sponsors!)

@vishy64theking: “Thanks everyone for your wishes.Back in Chennai . A 50 degree shift in weather minus 20 to plus 30″

Crocin_Cold_and_Flu_Max_Viswanathan_Anan_131580766_thumbnail“A warm day in Khanty was -5.keeping cold free was important. Crocin Cold and Flu Max totally helped me get rid of my cold while in Khanty”. 

You might have seen the Crocin spot with Anand, but it is also nice to watch the “making of” video.

The best tweet? Your choice!  

The numerous comments on Twitter about the Candidates 2014 have been great, silly, hilarious, sometimes provocative, but always informative. In the Twitter reports in this blog you have been able to read many tweets, and now I am curious to find out which tweet you liked best! I have made a selection of 14 tweets (14 rounds-14 tweets) and I want to ask you to pick your favourite tweet!

Of course, I have not been able to read every tweet about the Candidates 2014, so if you have seen a  tweet that should have been in the list, put your suggestion in the “other” box. Thanks.

I haven’t mentioned the author of the tweets, and I selected only one tweet per person.

Enjoy! The poll is open until 08.04.2014.